“Jesus loves me this I know……For the bible tells me so.” Isn’t that an awesome song? If you don’t know this song you are truly a deprived person. I love little kid songs. Actually I love everything about little kids. ( Ok, you’ve caught me on a good day with Mady. I DO NOT, I repeat do not like the crying and baby fits!) I remember in boot camp (which I hated big time John) that everyone would come to me if they wanted to find something about little kids. Like a kid show back in the day or a song that kids sing. Stuff like that.

Anywhoooo…..want to hear something creepy that happened to me yesterday? Well it doesn’t matter if you do or if you don’t because I’m going to write about it anyway. Here’s a little background. On Monday’s I ride the bus home from Javiers. He takes me to the Walgreens and then I cross the big old street all by myself and I sit at the bus stop for usually twenty to twenty five minutes. Ok the story. I was sitting there yesterday and as usual cars are honking and such but I saw this SUV honk and I watched it drive past and it pulled into a driveway not too far from the bus stop. I’m watching it trying to think who do I know who owns a SUV like that. I couldn’t think of anybody but I’ve had people from church stop by and pick me up so I thought it was someone from church.
The car is honking at me and the person is waving at me to come so I turn my music down on headphones and start to walk over there. As I’m getting closer I’m still trying to place who this could be in this SUV and no names are coming up. So I get within about ten feet of the SUV (ok, maybe I do need glasses) and this black guy is there behind the wheel. I’m like, ok I do not know this person and the guys asks me if I’m a school girl? I’m like no, and he asks me my name while I’m trying to turn around and go back. I told him I thought I knew who he was but I didn’t so I walk away. This guys is still firing question at me like where am I from and I just keep on walking!!! I was sooo scared because I put my headphones back on and walked back to the bus stop. I kept on thinking that he had gotten out of his car and was going to attack me or something. I don’t know why. I’m right there on Pleasant Hill Rd.

So that was the scary story. Awhile later I was still at the bus stop because the bus was way late and I see this lady walking towards me and I’m looking at her really hard (ok, ok, maybe I really need glasses!) and I’m thinking to myself: this looks like my mom. But I continue to read what I’m reading and then this lady keeps on walking towards me so I look up again at her and it is my mom. My dad had gone to the dentist that day so he had picked up my mom and they were picking me up as well. So we made it home safe and sound, after we stopped at Subway for a nice sub.

Ya know what? I’m almost done with Christmas shopping. Isn’t that awesome? Anywhoo….I guess I’ve written enough for one day and SNL is on! I love you ALL


“Whatcha waiting for” Gwen Stefani yells this out in her song which I believe is the same as my quote for the day. I’m not too sure so don’t yell at me if it’s wrong.

I’m at Javiers today. Nothing unusual about that right? Right. Did you think something was unusual? You guys are weirdos! Well let me tell you something interesting that did happen this morning! I get to Javiers house around eight am and the sprinklers don’t come on till then or a little after. Well today I was dropped off by mom at like seven fifty seven. And loe and behold the bloody sprinklers are on! Can you believe it. I must’ve stood there for like five minutes just waiting for the stupid things to turn off. But did they? NO! So after much deliberation I walked around the side of the house to the back door. Javier unlocked it and asked me if I had knocked on the front door and I was like “the sprinklers are one.”

I had to go with him to take Taylar to school because he had to take the car in which meant I had to drive the van to pick him up. Anywho….he takes Taylar into assembly (because of couse were late-shocker!) and I stay in the car with Mady. When Javier gets inside I see another little girl being brought-late- with her daddy. It’s funny isn’t it? I smiled when I saw it. And ya know what? The dad was wearing like a UPS uniform so I wonder if Javier told him his life story? (For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about ignore this small insignifigant portion of my xanga!).

Anywho…..thank you to everyone who prayed for great grandma. She is doing great and she is getting out of the hospital in a few days. I’m really happy about that but then again I’m like Lord just take her! She is soooo ready to go and be in all that glory. I don’t know why God wants her down here with us lowly creatures. I guess I don’t understand God alot but anywho…I think it’s because she wants to see my mom before she dies. My mom and her are like so tight. I want my mom to see her sooo bad. My mom misses her.

Hey Drew, I know you’ll appreciate this: You song (on your xanga) was just played on the sattelite radio station I’m listening to! Yo-Yo.

Ra-Ra is flopped down on the floor by the door to this room. It’s hilarious to look at. She is getting sooo big. I can’t believe she was just a little runt when Javier got her. Javier says she’s bigger than her sister, whom his mom and dad own.

Thanksgiving was great. We had John over as usual and everything was great. I normally cook almost everything but this year I cooked everything except the pies! Adam did get the crap out of the bird but I did the rest. See mom was going to do the noodles and the mashed potatoes but our older brother called so she was talking to him when the water started boiling for both of them. So I’m trying to add potatoe flakes and noodles. Well the mashed potatoe water was still quite hot so I’m adding those flakes as fast as I can when all of a sudden it bubbles up and splatters me right on my left ring finger burning the crap out of me. I was so mad. It hurt like crap. But anywho…everything looked great so all is good. What’s a little pain when the table looks magnificent?

Well I guess I’ve written enough! I love you ALL


“I love smiling….it’s my favorite!” Will Ferrell says this in Elf which a hilarious movie. Nils, I think you could even watch it! I just got done watching it with Mady. We kinda watched it in spurts. We would watch for a little bit, then go play then watch some more than have some lunch. We finally finished it. I love Will Ferrell though. He is soooo hilarious. He makes me laugh so hard.

I’m getting over this sickness. Yeah. For those of you who have got my sickness: So sorry. I have some cough drops left over if you want one. I can’t really give you any because this cough will not go away. I cannot go to sleep at night unless I’m propped up with pillows and I have some water and a cough drop by my bed! It’s ridiculous. I can’t stand coughing. I would rather throw up than cough for months and months and months! My nose is getting worse rather than better. I guess I’m not really doing too great than. My  nose was never bad in the middle of the sickness it just runs now. It’s like the shut off valve is broken!

I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, but who has? If you say you have, you suck. Me and mom are going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I’m excited because me, Adam, Candy and John tried doing that last year but it didn’t work. We woke up and all, we just didn’t make it to any stores on time. I don’t know what half my family wants. Aaaaaaaaaagh!

Thanksgiving this year I think will be great. It always is to me. It’s one time in life where things go according to plan and everyones in a good mood and we all help out. Well most of us. I asked Adam if he was coming home so he could help me with Thanksgiving meal and he was like: of course! He helps me out soo much. He likes to cook and even if he doesn’t know how to make something he’s still going to try it. Unlike some siblings! (I don’t know who I’m talking about!)

Anywho….  I went to this cool site called www.ellisislandrecords.com because I wanted to look up my heritage and all that good stuff and once I got to the site I was at a loss. I couldn’t think of any of my ancestors names!!  I haven’t been back yet but I emailed my mom the site. I don’t know if she likes it or not but I thought it was really cool. Even though I don’t know if I found anybody related to me!

For those of you who do not know which is everyone outside my family and Drew my great-grandma is most likely going to die soon. It feels like I’ve said that before but I think it could be true this time. She is 89 (I bellieve). She was just in the hospital last week for a colon problem. Believe me you do not want to know what happened! But get this she only weighs, are you ready, 67 pounds! Now to help you out heres how much Taylar Ling weighs: 35 pounds! 2 Taylars!! I was shocked. Now my grandma has never been big before but this is crazy. So just kinda pray for her and my grandma who lives near there helping them. My great grandpa is 91 and he doesn’t remember anything. You can tell him something one minute and the next he’ll be like “what?” The doctors think he’ll have a major stroke in his sleep and that’s how he’ll go because he has way clogged arteries! So much so it isn’t worth operating at his age! Well anywho…that’s my family affairs.

I love you ALL


“Her yellow SUV is now the enemy” Bowling for Soup’s song 1985. This song rocks and if you haven’t heard it yet please check out their site and listen to this song. Joanne thinks it’s funny too. If you’ve seen the video is it not the most hilarious thing ever? Well if you don’t think so your wrong!!

Well I’ve been sick this past week. My dad gave me this cold/sickness. It started on Sunday. I went to sleep with this massive headache and I woke up with a runny nose, a massive headache, and the same old cough I’ve had forever. It kept on getting worse. My throat now hurts and my nose thinks it’s a faucet! I think I’m going to buy stock in ib-profen(don’t know how to spell it). Me and my bottle (of pills) are quite happy. My mom thinks I should go to the doctor but I don’t really like doctors and I don’t want to go. Mom says I should go before it turns into strep.

For those of you who do not know (which actually is most of you). When I was younger (third grade and down) I got strep throat every month. Me and my mom would pass it back and forth to each other. It was horrible. Finally in third grade I changed doctors and he said we should take my tonsils out. My mom was like “heck yeah!” (She didn’t really say that!) So in third grade I went into the hospital and had the wonderful out-patient surgery. It went horribly! I was supposed to be out at like two pm and I didn’t leave the hospital till eight. And if you ask my mom she’ll tell you about my dieing incident! (The real and the funny one.) Anywho I don’t want to go to the doctors and hear that I have strep since I’m technically not supposed to get it.
So there you go with that.

I’m ready for Medievil Times. The last time we went there it was Johns birthday, which we all know when that is! It was only me, John, Candy and Adam but we had a blast. We sat in the black and white section and our server was awesome. I hope we have her again but what are the odds? My mom’s coming. She was sick last time she went so she didn’t really like it. So hopefully this time she’ll like it.

I have been copying down these great recipies. Some of them appetizers, some dessert, some of everything. I don’t know why. Well I do, I want to make them but I really don’t know when I have the time to. I love cooking but it seems like whenever I want to something comes up. Thanksgiving is coming and that’s my time to shine! I’ve cooked the meals the past two years and I’ve had a blast. Candace helped me last year to a degree. She doesn’t really know how to cook. Well she just wont try. I’ve asked her to help cook sometimes and she doesn’t really want to. She wants everything done for her…but anywhoo….getting off subject.

I’m going to get a bass guitar. I almost got one two years ago but I chickened out. Thinking back I should’ve because I had tons of money coming in. But now I am on the prowl again. Daniel Ball told me something to look for but I don’t remember. I’ll have to ask him again. If I can remember. You all know my memory! I think I have wanted to learn the bass since as long as I can remember. Well not that long I guess. When I was learning clarinet I don’t remember wanting to play the bass. I remember wanting to sing but life goes on……I will get a bass guitar!

I guess I’ve written enough for one day….Oh, Drew tell me how you got music to play on your site. I’ve been trying for the last hour and nothing is working……LOVE YOU ALL


“I’m a Survivor!….”  A line from Destiny’s Child hit “I’m a survivor.”

Well for those of you who have not heard and read my xanga: the wedding has been postponed! Bummer I know but like my quote I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up. Here’s the low down:

I called Andres Thursday (he was supposed to fly in that Friday). I wanted to know what time he was coming in. Well I got him, it was like 6:30pm there. He was still working and he said that him and his company had gotten deployed to Frankfurt. Now that’s still in Germany for you Geography losers. It’s about an hour form where he is stationed. So that’s pretty much it. I called, he’s deployed, no wedding on the 20th. Oh well I guess. You know I’ve been waiting for almost three years now so what’s another month or two?

I have had this cold bug for the past few days. My sinus’ hurt and my stomach keeps grumbling. Headaches come and go. It’s horrible and it’s all my dad’s fault. He has this cold thing too but he had it first. Like Tuesday I went to bed at like eight thirty and I woke up at twelve thirty to go to the bathroom but then I didn’t wake up till six thirty!! And I was still tired! Thats what’s sooo crazy. I cannot catch up on my sleep. I don’t know why. It kills me because I want to stay up late but then the one night I do I feel so sluggish the next day.

Well the big weekend is almost upon us. I cannot wait to go to Medievil Times again. I think it will be way more fun with all these other people going from the church. My mom’s thinking of going again. I don’t know if she just said that or what. I wouldn’t mind if she went at all.

And then we have the lock-in with HALO 2. Who isn’t excited? I can’t wait. David Adam has been playing it all week because some kid got an leaked out copy in French! Well it leaked out into France that’s why it’s in French. I gave it to him yesterday because it got sent to us and he was reading the whole little booklet thing and everything. It was funny.

I don’t know how I’m going to feel going paintballing the next day. I think were all going to be beat. I think it’s going to feel really weird because that was the day I was supposed to get married. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know. It just seems weird. I was going to get marreid on this day but I’m going paintballing!

Well for those of you who want to go camping I am sooo excited. I’ve wanted to go again since we went last time. I just emailed Walton to see about everything and I haven’t heard back from him yet but as soon as I do I will let you know. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about call me and find out! Your welcome to come but were buying our own stuff so just call me and find out!

I love you ALL


“I did what I must to protect the species……as I must do again.” Victor the head vampire from Underworld. Candace and I are watching Underworld at Javiers until youth group tonight.

Man alive. I cannot believe that everyone wrote on xanga like at the same time. I checked my email yesterday and like six xanga sites came up. I was like “wow!” I think I commented on most of you guys and if I didn’t that doesn’t mean that I don’t like you or anything. I’m just lazy and forgetful! How true, how true.

I’m starting to get really anxious over Andres coming! I can’t wait for him to get here but I’m soooo nervous because we haven’t seen each other since July 7th, 2002. I can’t believe it’s been that long. But it has been.

Man, Halloween was great. Everything about Halloween I love. Well I guess I don’t like the Satan worship people do but the trick or treating and all the candy I love!! I think the party was great. I remember the last two parties before that. We had some great times. I can’t believe this will be the last one with me here!! Tear, tear. But anywho……Christina that costume was sooo great. Your so funny. And who didn’t like Candy’s green fairy a.k.a. Tinkerbell. Kayte was eighties chick or did we decide on something else? I can’t remember. I won’t talk about trick or treating because I think everyone else already did!

I heard Andrew’s grandpa is in the hospital so if you read this before youth group give him a call and tell him your praying for him!!! (And actually pray for him!!)  I need to call him too.

Well I love you ALL. I’ll try to write some more later.