“Hi there. Good morning! How are you doing this morning?”  This was my nurse on Wednesday morning. Her name was Kathleen and she was way too happy for it being morning!! I had to stay overnight in the hospital because once my doctor opened my ankle open he saw that it was extremely worse than he first thought. He told us afterward that my bones were incredibly strong and if I would’ve been hit just a little bit harder my bone would have come through the skin. Yippee.

Here’s two pictures I got uploaded funally. There of the car afterwards:

You may be asking “How did Holly break bones when she was the one driving?” Well I asked the same thing and the doctor had no idea. So there you go. I love you ALL and thank you to everyone who was praying for me!




“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Get out of the car, get out of the car!!” This is what you would’ve heard had you been in our car on Sunday morning at 6am.

 Me and Candy were on our way home from dropping Michelle (xanga.com/chell_dehart) off at the airport. I had just pulled into the left turn lane when the turn light turned green, so I downshifted to second gear and turned. The next moment I looked over and saw a car coming straight for us. (picture the movie Forgotten when they get hit and you see it) I heard the airbags deploy(Candy’s new fave word) and Candace started screaming. I then started screaming and Candy yelled at me to get out of the car.

 I pushed the door open (which was quite hard to do) and I climbed out of the car; Candy right after me. As soon as I put my left foot down I knew I had hurt it. A cop car pulled up to the light and stopped. He turned his sirens on and then zoomed away. Me and Candy are screaming at him to come back. This happened twice. Finally about ten police cars came and a fire truck. Right before the cops came the other driver, a girl, came running around to our car and starts screaming “f*** me, f*** me. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” Me and Candy thought she was on something(though the cop said she wasn’t drunk).

 So a cop came over and told us that if we were hurt we needed to sit down. Let me tell you that was not easy at all. So me and Candy are sitting down and another cop comes over and asks us why we got out of the car. HELLO?? I told him we were a little bit scared. One cop asked us to move so he could get our insurance card out of the car. And then once he saw we were hurt he was like, oh I’m sorry. Finally a fire rescue vehicle came and checked my blood pressure and pulse. He looked at my foot and said that it was probaly sprained or strained! So he wrapped a pillow around mt foot and taped it. Those paramedics left to check on the other guy(who got medevaced). Another set of paramedics showed up and checked on us. They brought a stretcher over for me. I got into the ambulance; I was scared. The paramedics were cute (and they have my phone number). Oh yeah.

 Once at the hospital the nurse checked me over. Mom and dad burst through the door and I’m yelling at them. I got x-rays taken of my chest, wrist and foot. The hand x-ray came back first and the technician said that it was broken. Then my foot x-ray came back and he said that I had broken both my bones. So I get wheeled back in to my room. Funny story yet embarassing; but I have to tell it, it’s so funny. I had been at P.I. the night before so on the way home I asked Candy to unfasten my bra. So as I sit with cops around I look at Candy and say: Candy can you help me fasten my brazziere? I had to take it off anyway for the x-ray.

 The PA came in and he wrapped up my hand and then made me turn over on my stomach to wrap my foot. So by this time I’m only in my skivvies and the hospital gown and I’m trying to turn around without showing the doctor anything. Hard thing to do. So he told me I had to go to the orthopedic dr. today and now I have to have surgery tomorrow. For my foot. He said my hand wasn’t as bad so he put a cast on it. Hot pink! So now I’m going to bed because Candy is kneeing me in the back and it’s getting very hard to type with one hand! I love you ALL


“Everybody here, get it out of control. Get your back off the wall, caus Misdemeanor said so!” I have this song stuck in my head. And it’s in slow motion too. So I can try and get the dance right!! Probaly only a handful of people know about that. If your not one of them it refers back to Halloween Horror Nights and my infatuation with Willy Wonka!

Tonight were going to see the first showing of Harry Potter. I cannot wait. I’m pin-curling my hair so it’ll be really frizzy like Hermione’s. Yippee. It hurts like crap right now but hopefully it’ll be worth all the time and effort and pain that I’ve put into it. I am really excited. I didn’t get my cape made in time. I don’t know where all these weeks have gone too. It’s crazy. But oh well………

Short and sweet today. I love you ALL


“KIARA!! Quit barking at everybody that walks by!!!” This was roared by me today several times as Kiara was indeed barking at everybody that walked by Javier’s house today. It was getting a little old. Her barking; not my yelling at her.

Last night me and Michelle, Candace, Adam and John went out to Bennigans for Michelle’s 21st birthday. Yahoo!!! It was a blast. Our waiter was a bit slow but I’ll just chalk that up to his being a bit heavy. We recorded sooo much last night. Michelle and I were watching it today and we were still laughing about all that was said. Adam was a sexy cow last night and he called himself stupid. I’ve got it on film. Oh yeah! We sang to Michelle and the people sitting behind us kept on staring at us! Funny stuff.

Funny story from last night. I had told Brooke to buy her a CD that she wanted since I couldn’t So she did and she brought a bag and some tissue paper. So I went into the bathroom to sign the card that she had gotten. I put my purse and bag up on the counter to find a pen when the bag slid into the sink. Well I thought nothing of it until the water turned on. OHMYGOSH!! It was hilarious and noone was in the bathroom to laugh with me! So The bag got wet and it broke and it was hilarious still when I told everybody about it. They all laughed. Michelle liked the CD and it was all good.

So that was fun. Today has been the same old, same old. Michelle leaves Sunday morning. Very early. I mean very, very! We’ll probaly stay out all night on Saturday. Oh, she has a xanga now. So go to her site and sign her guestbook at least!! Chell_DeHart
Well, I love you ALL


“She’s got her feet on the back pedals!!” This was said by me yesterday on our way home from the beach. There was a girl on a motorcycle and she had her feet on the back pedals. I thought it was funny looking because she was sprawled out on the bike. It was like she was going to take a nap.

Our little beach trip was awesome. I HAD SO MUCH FUN! I think I said that like a million times while we were there. Maybe more. We got to Clearwater beach Saturday morning around nine thirty, ten. We parked by the beach and chilled for a few hours. Then we went and tried to check in to our hotel but we couldn’t yet but we parked our cars in that lot and then walked the strip. Nils was with us and he kept on calling me a hooker because I had this beach dress/cover up thingy on. It was funny. As we started walking down the strip though he realized I was like over dressed!

We went back and chilled at the hotel for awhile and then Nils left. Me, Michelle, and Candace went back up to our room and showered and then we went to the pier and watched a guy get out of a straight jacket and we saw lots of little craft tables. Interesting. Then me and Candace got a tattoo!! (hee, hee) We tried to go to this one restauraunt that sounded really groovy but we couldn’t find it so we ended up eating at Outback. We had a really great time. After that we went back and fell asleep.

At like seven thirty we were all awake. Michelle and I went down and swam in the pool until about ten thirty. We got all of our stuff out of our room and checked out. (But Candy left my shampoo!) We drove down and bought some magazines and some shorts and then we went back to the beach. We were there for a few hours. Long enough for part of my back (where my tattoo is) to get burnt!! Michelle got fried. But it was funny because she didn’t want any suntan lotion because she “wanted to get a tan.” Me and Brooke laughed about it.

When we got back mom drove me to Javiers, where I am house sitting/dog sitting fo them. John called and drove us to Olive Garden and then we came home and watched The Girls Next Door(I love that show!). But before it was over we ended up going to sleep. Funny story: Michelle got up at like four and went to the bathroom. Well, Kiara heard her and started growling at her and jumped off the bed(she didn’t sleep on the bed Javier; don’t worry!) and she scared the crap out of me!

I just heard that Eddie Guerra died. He’s a wrestler for you stupid people! I used to love watching him when they called him “Latino Heat!” Him and Chyna used to be an item and that was funny but then she kicke his butt. Man I miss watching wrestling!! Well, anywho…I love you ALL


“If you want to view paradise……simply look around and view it.” Gene Wilder in (I think) his most wonderful role ever. He plays Willy Wonka in, if you can’t guess it your really dumb, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!! I just watched it today with Mady. She wasn’t all that excited about it. I haven’t bought the new one yet. Can you believe it? I just haven’t had the time to, really. I will though. Don’t worry. Maybe then I’ll have a few friends over (Di……..?) She’s probaly not even reading this!!

Well this weekend were going to the beach. I know, I know! It’s November. You don’t have to tell me that. I know. It’ll be fun. It’s going to be me and Candy and Michelle but Nils is driving us up there on Saturday. He can’t stay the night but he’ll enjoy the day with us. And then on Sunday John is coming and enjoying the day with us. It will be a blast. I’m sure. Were going to be swimming all day. Hopefully the hotel pool will already be heated for the winter!!! Pray that it is….please!

On Monday is Michelle’s 21st birthday. Where have all the years gone. We were talking a few days ago about when we had gone to Mexico and I thought it was like two years ago. But no……it’s been like 5, 6 years ago. OHMYGOSH!! I’m getting old. But anywho….were taking her to Bennigans to celebrate. You can come if you read this. If you can’t read this: Your not invited!! (That’s right! I’m prejudiced against people that can’t read!!) Oh what fun!!

Interesting thing today. I found somebody’s myspace that I guess is interesting. Only to me but I’m really not interested in it. Only a select few will find it amusing. I think. We’ll have to see. Myspace sucks though so I probaly won’t be spending much time there anyway. Maybe I’m just a Bitter Betty? Nah! Well anywho….
I love you ALL


“I hurt myself today……to see if I still bleed.” This is a small portion of Johnny Cash’s song “Hurt.” I heard this song for the first time while I was at CIY a few years ago. I bought the CD as soon as I got home and I listened to it constantly. The whole CD is actually pretty good. It even has the video for the song. I’m going to have to watch it again now. I’m only talking about Johnny Cash because that new movie’s coming out. I can’t wait. I love Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix. I mean: HELLO! Who doesn’t? Did you know they  both actually can sing?? And they both play the instruments in the movie?? Candace told me that little fact.

I have been having a blast with Michelle!! We’ve been chilling out and wearing ourselves out all at the same time! We went to Disney the other day and then the next day we went to the car show. Disney was soo much fun. I recognized some people so that was interesting. We watched Cinderellabration and I have to say that I thought that show sucked!! Big time. I wouldn’t waste your time on that show if I were you! We got to ride up front on the monorail twice! That was really cool. I was like the only one not exhausted that day. I was still charging around at nine pm and I think John was ready to call it quits. I know Michelle was!! It was funny. I would explain but I can’t!!!

The car show was more fun than I thought it was going to be. I drove quite a few things. You had to drive a SUV or truck to go to the Hummer course so we went straight to the SUV’s I drove a bunch of them but my favorites were the Toyota Sequoia and the Rendevouz!!! Ohmygosh! I loved them so much I want to go out and buy them now. Both of them!! I definately want a SUV now. So when we got to the Hummer course were watching everybody in front of us go(the line was over an hour wait!). There is this huge hill made of dirt. HUGE!! Well we got up there and Candace said she would go first and then she was all like “I don’t want to go first, you guys always make me go first!” So anywho…she went first. And she’s driving and she comes to the hill and she stops and then starts up it and she stops going up it. And let me tell you it was scary!! You couldn’t see any ground. Only sky! So we go over it and going down was way more scary! It was like a roller coaster ride. Danielle went next and then I did and I beat the other Hummer!! (inside thing) and the instructor that went with us made me go up really high on the berm (??) thingy. It was like a hill that we had to drive up sideways. Do you get it?

Anywho……it’s been a blast. This upcoming weekend I’m going to the beach. And it shall be fun!!! I can’t wait. Here I come freezing water!! Be afraid. Be very afraid!! I love you ALL