“So Sweet, So Beautiful…….Everyday like a queen on her trone!” Who has not heard that song. Aicha from Gellie Man. This video rocks. If you haven’t seen this you better go to ebaumsworld.com. Good times.

 I’m going to copy Johns way of talking about camp instead of writing paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of stuff like some people(Steph!).

Sunday: Hectic and oh soooo long
Monday: Aicha was introduced to me. Steph got sticky and gooey.
Tuesday: Counselor hunt was fun hiding with Steph and Nils. Watched Aicha again. And again. Can’t get enough of it.
Wednesday: Simulation night; me a jewish secret agent! Crazy, hunh?
Thursday: I was a ditzy guide on persecution night. Nils was fun watching and hearing him say come check out these hot babes!
Friday: Last day! Whoooo! I finally have all the girls names memorized and I get to baptize Kristen. Awesome. Ingie left without us and we didn’t get back to the church till six thirty

On Saturday I had to wake up early to go to church. Candy, Kate and I had to practice for Sunday worship. I was sooo nervous getting up there but I think I did ok. Everybody I talked to said it was good. I guess I should believe them but maybe it’s a huge conspiracy against me. Who knows?

Sunday I had to wake up at seven to get ready for church. I went through so many outfits. Nerves! I hate them! I went to bed after lunch. At eight thirty I went to the church for our Wired Warriors thingy. Somewhat exciting. I’m glad I went. I got to go to bed at three am. Mom woke up everybody at seven fifty. Javier stayed up all night playing HALO.

Today I went over to Javiers with him. He went to bed and I watched Mady. We went outside and played with the dog alot. I didn’t want to wake him up.
I missed writing on this site. I hate it that I don’t have a computer at home. But hopefully we will get one this next weekend.
I love you all


Wow, a whole week without me writing!
“I’m afraid of heights!” Snoop Dogg in SoulPlane
Do not go see. I repeat: Do not go see! Horrible, disgusting, bad acting, and no plot line to follow! They could’ve done a better job. They could’ve lost the sex and the “f” word and it would’ve been a bit better. Man alive I cannot believe I went and saw that. I thought it was going to be so much more fun.

See mom, me, John and Adam went to see Stepford Wives at four forty but Adam wanted to see SoulPlane so mom was like(my mom said it!) that we could just wait around for it. So we went and Stepford Wives. Not bad. It had it’s parts. After that we went and found where SoulPlane was showing and right next to it was Day After Tomorrow which had just started so we went in and watched it. Can you believe it! Two movies in one day! Well then it was time for SoulPlane so we watched it. Wow! Three movies while only paying for one. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. I kinda do and I kinda don’t.

Well I hope you are all reading this because sometimes it feels like noone does!!! I can’t wait for camp!!! Woooo-hooooo. And for Nils: “Christians can be chickens too!” The shirts coming Nils, don’t worry!



Man alive, can you believe it’s already June ninth? Does anyone know who’s birthday is today???? Maybe you will after you read the quote of the day!!!      “Take what you can….Give nothing back!”   If you don’t know yet you are one sad human being!!!! It’s Johnny Depp of course. He turned the big 4-1 today. Can you believe that he is that old!?!? He sure doesn’t look it. And he’s got little little kids. Two to be exact!

Today on tv I’ve been watching the Ronald Reagan funeral. It has been awesome! The way Nancy put her head on the casket yesterday and today when she was getting on the plane and she turned around and waved….man I almost cried. It was that great. I’m glad he’s dead but I’m not. Know what I mean? I mean this: he had alzheimers so it’s a great blessing for him and his family that he’s finally in heaven. But it sucks to have to lose someone soooo cool and what a great president! I was born when he was in the White House. Isn’t that groovy? I thought it was. David Adam was born during his presidency as well. Grooviness!!

I was checking my email hoping for an email from Andres and I got one. He said that he did get the dates for CIY and everything I sent him via email but he thinks that he has to go to Sweden from the sixth till the twentieth. I hope he’s lieing and he doesn’t know. I kinda hope he’s teasing me and he’ll show up. I don’t think he would do that though. I mean he’s a really romantic guy but that’s kinda extreme. Anywho…..he gave me his phone number so I will be calling him tomorrow to talk things over with him. Please pray that he doesn’t have to go to Sweden and he can come with us to CIY!!!!! I want to see him sooooo bad. I really really really miss him.

Well did I already talk about Harry Potter three? I don’t think so, so here’s what I have to say: BAD, VERY BAD. I hated it. The book is great so if you haven’t read the book please go and read it because it is awesome!!!

 I love You ALL



 “A diversion.” Wow. That’s all I can say about that. Well not really. I can say alot and I will but first I’ll tell you who said that. For all you Lord of the Rings fans you know who said it so this is for the other 99%. Orlando Bloom a.k.a. Legolas says that in the last, thank you Jesus(I raised my hand there!), movie Return of the King. Can you believe people actually think he can act!?!?! I mean ok so you think he’s a cutie? Well I’ll give you that. Only a little though becuase I just don’t see it! So for me he can’t act and he doesn’t look good. A double whamy! Orlando Bloom is to me like Kate Beckinsale is to Candy! Even in Pirates….the boy can’t act. I haven’t seen Troy but my moneys on him doing a horrible job! So there you go. I said my part. I gave you my two cents. You don’t like it? Tough luck buddy….this is MY site. Not yours!

 I was watching Passions today; yes it is a soap opera. It was only part of it that I watched but as I was flipping to that channel Louise, who is a hottie swings on this rope dressed like a pirate. And not just any pirate but Capt. Jack Sparrow himself. If I do say so myself(and I am) he did a pretty good job! Quite a hottie! Did I say that already? Oh well this is my site again! I can’t wait to watch tomorrow!

 Have you ever been so tired but you had to keep going? Yeah me either! I’m just kidding! An example: today I was walking to my moms office with Mady in the stroller and my left ankle was killing me! I wanted to make it there but my ankle was really killing me. I kept on going. I know that is really a lame example but there’s one I thought of really quick.

 Oh here’s something to write about. You know I told you all about Andres is coming this summer. Well I didn’t tell him anything about marrying this summer. I did write a snail mail letter to him asking him to consider coming back the week of CIY and coming with us. I just asked Javier today in an email so I don’t actually know why I asked Andres without asking Javier. I emailed Andres today as well and told him the whole thing. (He probaly won’t get it till tomorrow.) I was such a chicken. I saw Javier twice today and both times I totally chickened out about asking him about the whole CIY thingy. Why is that? Any new advice for me….thanks to all who wrote about the other thing! I would love some help. I mean I know I’m OCD but this is kinda kooky, isn’t it?

Last thing, I promise. I’m reading Valley of the Dolls. Quite a classic if I say(I’m saying that alot aren’t I?) so myself. It has some scenes that I’d rather not be in there but in whole the book is great. It chronicles three girls lives and their addictions to pills. I think they all have addictions to sleeping pills and one girl actually kills herself with them. This will be the fourth or fifth time I’ve read it and it is still great!!!!

 Well I guess that’s enough for one day. I’ll try to write real soon about what happens.  I love You All