“No Daddy, no!!!!”

This is from Mr. Deeds. An Adam Sandler movie that is hilarious. It was
on tv Saturday night. We were in GA in a hotel relaxing. Me and Candy
were watching it when that line came on. It’s when the football
player’s father is talking to Deeds and he tells him that he’ll remind
his son where he came from. The football player yells this. So Candy
couldn’t stop saying this and then I couldn’t and we both couldn’t stop
laughing. So we couldn’t stop repeating this Sunday.

So we went up to Indiana this past week. Let’s take a trip down memory
lane…….On Tuesday we drove up there. Dad drove pretty much the
whole way. I got a bit sick. So much traffic. Darn you construction

We got up there at like one. Two. Sometime like that on Wednesday.
Grandma fed us some nice deer meat meatloaf!! I chose against the
meatloaf (before grandma said what it was) and had some ham spread. Oh
yeah. Visited a bunch of relatives. Had a great time. Saw Uncle Timmy,
Uncle Thomas, Aunt Sharon, Amber, Nathan, Emilie, Sarah, Tiffany, Aunt
Patricia, and Grandma Lee. We slept at Uncle Timmy’s and that was an
experience all itself. We slept in the loft and it was crazy. Didn’t
sleep well at all. Dad was scared of Uncle Timmy’s dog, Dozer. He
wouldn’t go to the bathroom because the dog was blocking his path.

Thursday we didn’t do much. Ate some turkey. Real Turkey. It was sooo
cool eating a big Thanksgiving meal with all our family. It was nice. I
wish we could do that every year. Mom would have a cow because she
doesn’t like traveling among other things. We didn’t leave grandmas
house till like six and then we went to Grandma Rita’s. She said she
wanted to go Black Friday shopping so since Danielle hadn’t gone before
we decided we would go too!! We had a nice time.

We got up at the butt crack of dawn and went to WalMart. It was a wee
bit chilly. I got to wear my coat. Nice. So when we got to WalMart the
line was all the way out to the end of the parking lot. Mom and Grandma
and Wendy stood next to the side door and me and Danielle watched all
the people. They opened the front doors first and then the side doors
so we got a clear shot of seeing everybody run (literally!!) into the
store. Amazing thing. I ended up buying a car DVD player and 32 DVD’s.
(You’ve got to have a selection.) We went home and jumped on the
trampoline watched some Ray Stevens, Grandpa Woody came over and we ate
some. Good times. We went to Poppy Bob’s and ate there too. Aunt
somebody and Uncle whatshisname were there too. Big surprise. Mom knew
them. So we had a great time. Saw a nice Porsche. Our pictures are on
the photo wall along with John Cougar Mellencamp. (And if you do not
know who that is do not tell me!!)

Saturday morning we got up and left for Florida. Drove to Georgia.
Traffic was horrible. Only made it past Atlanta. Then we stayed in the
hotel. We went to Fronteras for supper. Not the same place as down
here. It wasn’t very good. Definately not the same. me and Candy
watched Mr. Deeds, went to sleep. Dad woke us up at seven thirty. Made
it to Florida. Long, long drive. Wow. But what a great time.

Last night Cnady and I watched Happy Feet. I almost cried!! More than
once. It was incredibly sad. And it did not end well. At all. Candy
liked it but blah!!

Today and yesterday me and Candy went Christmas shopping. I’m almost
done. All I have to buy is Candy’s present along with Bobby’s and
Judy’s. That’s it. Like I’m donw. Is that amazing or what?? I guess
that’s it. I love you ALL


“If I lay here. If I just lay here. Would you lie with me? And just forget the world?”

Snow Patrol’s great song. Hopefully not one hit wonders. I don’t think
they will be. I got their CD and I think it’s pretty good. I have this
song as my ring tone for UnKnown callers. I like it alot. The video for
it’s ok. Not great. Not sucky. Just ok. It only has the lead songer in
it which is kinda like: whatever.

Anywho….what’s going on everybody. Everybody’s birthday is in
November!! (Well, except the best!! MINE!) Michelle’s was the 14th and
Drew’s was this past Saturday. And Danielle’s birthday is the 30th. Man
alive. Happy Birthday if I haven’t said it already!!!

So, It has been a year today since our accident. It sucks. Whenever I’m
in the car and I close my eyes I can still see the car hit us. And then
I hear Candace screaming. Not good. So…..anywho.

Were leaving for Indiana tomorrow night. I’m getting exciting.

Thanksgiving is Thursday and that’s cool. Eating at my Grandma Lee’s.
Oh yeah. Should be fun. We just found out our Uncle Thomas is coming
from St. Louis for Thursday. Yippee.

Guess I should go. Have a great Thanksgiving day. Be thankful your alive!!! I love you ALL


“What’s that?”

I said this last night around six thirty to Candy.
Let me start at the begining……..a long long time ago…….in a galaxy far far away.
Just kidding.
Go back, if you will, to Sunday night. Candace and I decide to go climb
on our roof. Something we haven’t done since a year ago. A little
longer actually. So we get the ladder out and climb up there and I
think we were up there for quite awhile.
The next night we decide to go up there again. So as soon as we get
home we make some ravioli and grab some root beers and start the climb
up the ladder. Candace goes first and she’s up there and I’m climbing
up the ladder when I hear this noise. What in the world???
It sounds like boom, boom, boom, boom. And it’s getting closer. And
closer. I ask Candy “What’s that?” And then all of a sudden I see a
dark object come flying right to the left of me and hit the ground.
Candace turns around and asks me “Was that my root beer?”

Why yes Candy it was. It was hilarious. Watching it come down. Funny.
Very funny stuff.  So we ate our ravioli and Doritos and root beer
up on the roof until dad came home and then we made sloppy joes for him
and mom. Then we got back on the roof. As soon as we got up to the top
we saw mom pull onto out street. So we didn’t stay up there as long.

We watched part of Dancing with Stars last night in between Gilmore
Girls (which was very confusing and stupid) and then we watched House.
John Laroquette was on it. Anybody remember Night Court?? What was the
judges name? Harry Henderson. That’s all I can think of.
Anywho…..after House they had this show called Show me the Money.
Anybody hear about that one?? William Shatner hosts it and it’s pretty
interesting. I don’t think it’ll make it. Ya gotta love William Shatner

So, were driving up to Indiana next week Tuesday to be exact. Tuesday
night. All night. All bloody night long! We’ll get there on Wednesday
morning. Propbaly early early morning. (Knowing how I drive.) Were
spending the day and night with Grandma Lee and also Thanksgiving day
with her too. Then on Thursday night were going to drive up to
Plaineville. I guess it’s kind of south. Not up. So were going to spend
the rest of our time down there with them. It’ll be a blast. Everyone’s
excited about going except mom. (If your reading this mom; don’t try to
deny it. You know it’s true!) It’s probaly going to snow. That would be
something. I don’t know if that would be a “cool” something or not. Not
yet. This morning it was cold and I wore shorts and sitting on my cold
seat in my Expedition was not fun. So today a snowy Thanksgiving would
not be “cool!”

Has anybody heard Gwen Stefani’s new song?? The yodeling one. I think
it’s called “Wind it up.” I was talking about that yesterday to Candy
and then I was yodeling all night long!!! I couldn’t get it out of my
head. I need to watch Sound of Music now. Maybe not right now. But
soon. Yodel eh, yodel eh, yodel ooh.
I love you ALL


“Pop, Pop. Hope no one see’s me get freaky!”

Weird Al. What a guy! What a guy!! That song is hilarious. He has a new CD out and I want it NOW!! The video for “White and Nerdy” is soooo funny.  They play it on VH1 all the time. All the time.

So I haven’t written since before Halloween What’s up with that?? Last night of Halloween Horror Nights was really really good. We saw the show and it was hilarious (“I’m a pretty pirate!”). We were being melodramatic the entire time we were there. (“This is the last time were going to watch this show at HHN.) After the show (that we got amazing seats yet again to) we went to the Caretakers house. Screamhouse I think. It was great. Fun times. So we wanted to end things on a high note so we left after that. I’m sad just writing that it’s over. Even though it’s been over for like a few weeks. I’m sad.

Halloween night was amazing. Why does it always seem that were rushing around with our heads cut off?? The haunted house was amazing. AMAZING. We scared qutie a few kids. We actually had kids that remembered us from last year!! Candy was cat woman, The rest of us just wore costumes and it’s questionable as to who each of us were!!!! We all had a great time. And afterwards we ate hamburgers and Danielle made this dessert that was awesome!!! When I was cleaning up the garage and this mom and two kids were walking by and the little boy said: “That’s the garage that was scary!”

What’s been happening?? You may ask yourself. Maybe not. Anywho…..I’m going to tell you whether you read this or you don’t!! November started out nice. Got a little chilly!! Today I’m going to Universal with Ya Ya. Oh, what fun that will be. It will actually. Because I can ride all the kids rides and not get looked at strange!!!!

Were driving up to Indiana for Thanksgiving. Big news. Danielle’s coming with us. I think that’ll be fun. Hope she likes our family. Our strange/dysfunctional/hickish/lovable family. I guess that’s it. I love you ALL


PS Happy Birthday Kayte. And an early one to Michelle.