“Lean with it, Rock with it. Lean with it, Rock with it.”

I heard this song on my way home from work last night. I was dancing along until I noticed that the driver next to me was watching me weirdly. Hopefully he didn’t think the car was on fire or something like that. Just some crazy girl inside dancing away. It made me remember “cruising” down 192 (when we lived in the apartments) with Candace. The music was up as loud as it would go and whenever a good song would come on we would both be dancing and singing away. The good old days………..The best song I remember from that “era” was Petey Pablo’s: Take your shirt off. Good times.

I haven’t been feeling well today. I woke up at eight since I had to call work and see if they needed me today. No one was there, like I knew. But you see, I was on call and when your on call You have to call work. Not the other way around. It’s a screwed up system sometimes!! So, I dozed in and out dreaming I had already called work. Very dangerous. Almost as dangerous as when you dreamed when you were a little kid that you were actually getting out of bed to go to the bathroom but you were still snoozing…….(If that didn’t happen to you, it didn’t happen to me either!) So, I actually woke up at nine of five and called work. No answer. A few minutes later Rick comes back to the bedroom and tells me I need to call work; so I did. Finally someone picked up and I was told that they didn’t need me today. So, I went back to sleep. At like ten thirty I woke up still not feeling very rested.

So, I grabbed the book I was reading and laid in the bed and read. Tippy and Dewey were snuggling with my feet which made me feel very warm and loved!! It’s nice having doggies sometimes! I had to go to the bathroom so I got up and went. I checked on Rick and he was downstairs studying away so I went up to do the dishes which I had neglected the night before. I washed them and prepared some grilled cheese sandwiches with some tomato soup!! Yummy…….

Rick came up just as the sandwiches were done and we both sat down at the table to eat. Halfway through my sandwich I lost my appetite and I couldn’t eat anymore so I gave Rick the rest of my sandwich. I finished the last few spoonfuls of soup and then took my book over to the couch. Rick opened up the blinds for me so I could “get” some sun. I read there for a little bit but the sun was hot. Go figure. I decided that the bed was way more comfortable so I went back in there! I finished my book and wanted to get online. So I dragged my computer and wires with me to the bedroom where I now sit typing away. I already checked my facebook page and my twitter account. Doing good.

Wanted to recap the last few hours. Good to get it down on line……I guess. I can’t wait till Thursday so I can go to lunch with mommy!!!! I love you ALL