“Why did you throw the map away? Why?”
“I needed something to put my gum in!”

Just a little itsy bitsy bit of CIY memories for ya. That’s from me and Diana as were making a re-make of the Blair Witch Project with Stephanie and Jen. Good times, good times!

I have to say that for me personally this is the best CIY I have ever been to. Honestly. I’m totally not even joking. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Milligan it was the best. Wow, there is just sooo much to say, I don’t know where to begin.

Sunday: We take off and the girls turn into the “playaz club” and we learn the “tootsie roll!” Ate at Chili’s and watched some golf. Got to the church and played a kickbutt game of basketball. Well, many games! Maybe too many? Anywho….we know who’s violent and who can’t play!!

Monday: John woke up way way too early and woke everybody else up. Him and Nils cracked me up with their Lord of the Rings/Star Wars battle. Good times. I’m rooming with Andria, Stephanie and Jacqueline. Yeah! Went to Wally World and got a butt load of snacks. First night of Celebration rocked! Foundation Red is really groovy. After His Time us girls have our own bonding and then when we got Diana, Jen and Kayte out of our room we got the tape out!! We taped their door with clear tape. It was funny. I don’t think it was great but I had forgotten my IcyHot at home!!

Tuesday: Breakfast at seven? Kiss my butt! I slept in; well tried to. Jacqueline cleaned our room before she left to eat!! Very disturbing. Anywho…I taught D-Group today thinking it would be my only day teaching. Bone, this comedian idiot, came today and since I don’t like black humor it was boring. I think though that he didn’t want me to record him. During free time us girls went back to our dorm (in hope of a nap!) but we ended up talking which was groovy. Everything rocked! After girl bonding me and Steph, and Andria stayed up past one talking. Scooby-Dooby-Doo.

Wednesday: Even though breakfast was later today I slept in again. Got up just in time to make it there. Worshiped, listened to Fritz. I think he’s a good speaker. Went to D-Group, which I taught again. Scary stuff. During free time I went and played ultimate frisbee with Javier and Ryan and some kids from other church’s. Good times. Met John, a youth minister who needs some prayers, but who was, in my and Diana’s opinion a hottie! Got some pictures of him. We represented PCC and kicked some OHIO butt!! Oh, we met Zach that day too who Diana thought was also cute! John got slushie on his butt and wasted too much of my tape on random crap! Celebration was groovy. I love Christmas music! I’m going to get my CD’s out now. Well when I get home. Once we had our girl bonding time, my Steph, Diana and Jen made our little Blair Witch spoof. Good times. Good times. We stayed up way way too late but boy did we have fun!!!

Thursday: Still teaching D-Group. I’m having fun with it. But are you kids really listening?? I don’t remember anything really sticking out today except something that I’m not going to write about. Oh! um, we took group pictures today. I think they look super! That was some fun: Nils! Walk like a model! Good times.

Friday: Last day! Boo-hoo. The “This is Me” skits were great. I’ve had a blast. At Celebration I tell Javier this is the best CIY and what  perfect ending and then all of a sudden Foundation Red starts “Dance in the River!” What amazing times?! We didn’t get to sleep till 12:15 which actually was the earliest any of us had gotten to sleep!!

Saturday: The alarm clock goes off at four am. Is it really morning? We pack up and we all, except Jen take our bags out. We go back up to the door to get the rest of our stuff and we realize the door to the dorm has locked. So we had to wait a few minutes for Jen to come unlock it for us!! Once we were under way I made the girls listen to BOND. It’s classical music with an edge. Good stuff! They all fell asleep except Steph I believe. Once they all woke up we listened to everything else. Did Tootsie Roll so many times I will never ever forget it. Not even if I wanted to!! Got to the church and after everyone left and me and John are waiting for my parents to get out of church that we finally relaxed! My mom and dad wanted to go to Sonny’s so we did and then we finally got home at nine. I wanted to watch my tapes that I had made and we did. So I didn’t get to go to sleep till 12:15 again. And then I woke up at eight am on Sunday. I miss my sleep.

I love you ALL
I’m anxiously awaiting Wednesday night. (Blair Witch is coming…..dun, dun. Dun, dun!!)


“From the hardcourt, to the gridiron, to the hills of Hawaii.” This is from that new Gatorade commercial. I am sooo in love with it right now. It plays House of The Rising Sun at the very begining. And it has the guy twirling the fire batons around. I love that song. My mom plays it on the piano all the time. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Tomorrow we leave for CIY. Isn’t everybody excited? I am. We got the Expeditions and that is way exciting. I can’t wait. We picked the SUV’s up last night. Good times, good times!

Tally is going to miss me soooo much while I’m gone. I’m going to miss her. I’m going to miss my mommy too. But I’ll be having a blast so I won’t have time to miss either one!!

I cleaned my room today and I put all my CD’s where they go. What a challenge! Now I have to go through them and pick out the ones that I want to take with me. That’ll be a task in itself. I’m taking my big CD case so it’ll be interesting. I’m sure it’ll all work out good.

Well I love you ALL


In lieu of missing Johnny Depps birthday and not writing on it I will quote him saying: “Elizabeth, it never would of worked!” Dunh if you don’t know where this quote came from. Pirates of the Carribean which I haven’t seen in eons it feels like. That was such a good movie. I need to get it off my shelf and dust if off and pop it in the old DVD player. Yes indeedy.

Well, CIY is only three days away. I can’t wait. I’m sure it’ll be great and wonderful. I’m praying for the Tahoes over the Durango’s!! I love the Dodge Durango but the 2005’s are sooo ugly. Have you seen them? Have you seen the old ones? Then you know what I’m talking about. Definately.

Today I helped Javier and John and Andy and Drew with the church’s yard work. Ohmygosh! I hate manual labor. Why did I say I would help? I’m like the laziest girl in the world. Indeed. But all in all it didn’t look too bad when we were done. I had to hall butt back to my house and take a shower before other work. I made it on time. I’m like sore though already and I’m really scared about tomorrow because I’m sure it’ll be worse!

It’s only 2 pm and I’m ready to go home and catch some more zzzzz’s. Well, I love you ALL


“Taps.” Can’t very well type out the words to that one. I seem to be having issues with this. I called somebody today to see about my mobilization which I should be leaving in 2007 or 2008 and apparently things there are all messed up. I don’t know. Have I said how much I hate the army? Nobody picked up the phone when I was transfered for the third time so after waiting seven minutes listening to taps and I hung up. Blah!

Yesterday I went to work and then John and I went to the Outlet Mall on 535. We went to Old Navy where I needed to get another shirt and John picked up another one as well. Then we headed over to GAP. I wanted to try on something but the line was way way too long so I put it all back and we left. We then went to the new WalMart over there and I was looking at the graphic tees that are in the guys section. Scary story here: I went and showed John this shirt I was looking at and when I turned the aisle and started walking to put it back the sight alone scared me into turning back around. I called “John,” and he was like “what?” I said go over there and tell me what you see! John did and he came back and was like “what?” So I told him that that big fat guy by the t-shirts had just taken off his shirt to try on another one!! Scary as all get out. We waited a moment and he did it again so John knew I wasn’t lieing! Scary, is all I can say.

We left there and then went to my house where I made chicken casserole and John went to Blockbuster to pick up some movies. I wanted to see Too Cool but they didn’t have it so John got David Blaine and Lemony Snicket’s. We watched David Blaine first and that was ok. We figured some things out. Then John left and me and my mom watched Lemony Snicket’s. Boy did that suck. I’m glad I didn’t waste money on it in the theaters! Boring, boring, boring. I hope the books weren’t that boring. But oh well.

I’m back at work right now and like two people have come by. Blah. It’s starting to sprinkle and I hope that stops because I have to ride my bike home! Oh well, I guess I won’t melt. I at least hope I won’t. Or maybe I hope that I would. Whatever.

I love you ALL


“Your biting my butt! No I’m not!” That’s from Madagascar. I haven’t seen it but I like that preview. I got another mask for my collection. I couldn’t really think of any song or anything to write but that. My mind is going, going, gone.

I haven’t had a very busy week. Watched Taylar and Madyson. Went to skate night, picked up my mom from work, went to youth group. Wow! I’m exhausted anyway. Sad, isn’t it?

ooooooh! I just thought of a song. “Hey ladies, when your man want to go buckwild. Just go back and hit up style!” I just got this CD. Hits of 2001. Good times, good times. That’s like the first song. When I was looking at the paper that listed all the songs I was like Blu Cantrell? That name sounds famililar but I can’t think of the song. So I’ve listened to that CD alot this past week. Again, good times.

2001 seems so far back there. It’s only been a few years but it feels like ten or something. Know what I mean? I can’t really remember much that happened in that year. Only like the middle of that year and the very end of that year. I can’t remember 2002 either. Is that weird or what? What traumatic thing happened that I have blocked a whole year out of my memory?? I can’t think of one but apparently I’ve blocked it, so there.

My mommy went to the doctors earlier this week and she found out she’s severely anemic. (All that means is she’s got an iron deficiency.) So she’s taking all these vitamins and pills to get her better. Oh, she also has some kind of bronchitis thingy-mer-bobber. Don’t ask me. I don’t know.

Today John came over and helped me clean the house. I have been wanting to clean in awhile. Is that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard, or what? I cleaned the bathroom really really really good and then I did all the laundry. I then proceeded to organize our hall closet while John vacumned  (I hate vacumning!). I unloaded the dishwasher, ran it and emptied it, then I loaded it again. I organized all my earrings(I have OCD, leave me alone!) and all my makeup. It was a productive day. Now I know as soon as my dad gets home, he’ll fix himself a drink(non-alcoholic) and go sit on the couch and mess up the blanket and get prints all over the glass table and it’s going to tick me off! But I guess the only thing I can do is just clean it again. Isn’t life grand?

I love you ALL


“It’s a little old place where we can get together!! Love Shack baaaaaby!” Good times. Good times. The B-52’s. Good times. I think that’s all I can say about that. Awesome.

Well I was looking at my post from yesterday and I started writing about something and I didn’t finish it. I said I was watching The Devil’s Advocate and I was. Well I was sitting on our love seat and if you don’t know where that is in our house I’ll tell you. If you walk in the living room the back of it is facing you. So I’m sitting there with my back to the front door and I’m in the middle of the movie. Probaly farther. Well Keanu’s in his dad’s office and I realized I didn’t have surround sound on so I hit the button and right then Al Pacino starts talking and you can’t see him!! It’s extremely loud and it sounded like it was right behind me so I jumped off the love seat and turned aorund. Only to find nothing there. My heart was so far up my throat is was crazy. I was soooo frickin’ scared. Anywho…I thought I would finish the story.

Last night my mom and me had some technical difficulties hooking up the XBox, which I haven’t played since Adam left. I made John quit watching Star Trek or whatever he was doing and come over and help us. Hee, hee. It was funny. He got it working and now I can play DDR whenever I want to!!

I think Gummi Bears are my friends.
I love you ALL


“Rain, rain. Go away. Come again another day.” I don’t really know where this song originated but I was looking this song up and it was intersting. There was this guy who sang it and his name was Bobby Vinton or something like that. The song was really sad. It chronicled a boy’s life meeting this girl, dating her, going away to college and then she breaks up with him. Kinda sad.

The rain will not stop!! I cannot believe it. It has been raining all week. I guess the meteorologists were right for once! Well Tom Terry is always right. (If you don’t understand that comment, then it must be an inside joke.)

It’s been a slow day. I watched The Devil’s Advocate today. I absolutely love that movie. Al Pacino as Satan is as good as Morgan Freeman as God!! It’s sooo powerful and it’s sooo true. It is rated R for a Reason though! I just bought it last night. (I heard Andy bought some DVD’s so I had to buy some to catch up with him!!) I actually got a few. They were cheaper than five dollars at WalMart yesterday. So I got that one and a few of the Lethal Weapon movies. I thought about the Bone Collector but I thought I had enough already. I’ll save that for another day.
OH! Funny thing. I was buying them and the cashier guy (who looked 15; maybe he was!) asked to see my ID because I was buying a rated R movie!! It was sooo funny because my mom was right next to me and she was all like “oooooh Holly, your getting carded!” It was funny. Just wanted to share!

I put my cameracorder in layaway yesterday as well. I can’t wait to get it out. I will definately have it by CIY. You can count on that. I want to record everything!!!
Well, I love youALL