“Whatcha waiting for” Gwen Stefani yells this out in her song which I believe is the same as my quote for the day. I’m not too sure so don’t yell at me if it’s wrong.

I’m at Javiers today. Nothing unusual about that right? Right. Did you think something was unusual? You guys are weirdos! Well let me tell you something interesting that did happen this morning! I get to Javiers house around eight am and the sprinklers don’t come on till then or a little after. Well today I was dropped off by mom at like seven fifty seven. And loe and behold the bloody sprinklers are on! Can you believe it. I must’ve stood there for like five minutes just waiting for the stupid things to turn off. But did they? NO! So after much deliberation I walked around the side of the house to the back door. Javier unlocked it and asked me if I had knocked on the front door and I was like “the sprinklers are one.”

I had to go with him to take Taylar to school because he had to take the car in which meant I had to drive the van to pick him up. Anywho….he takes Taylar into assembly (because of couse were late-shocker!) and I stay in the car with Mady. When Javier gets inside I see another little girl being brought-late- with her daddy. It’s funny isn’t it? I smiled when I saw it. And ya know what? The dad was wearing like a UPS uniform so I wonder if Javier told him his life story? (For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about ignore this small insignifigant portion of my xanga!).

Anywho…..thank you to everyone who prayed for great grandma. She is doing great and she is getting out of the hospital in a few days. I’m really happy about that but then again I’m like Lord just take her! She is soooo ready to go and be in all that glory. I don’t know why God wants her down here with us lowly creatures. I guess I don’t understand God alot but anywho…I think it’s because she wants to see my mom before she dies. My mom and her are like so tight. I want my mom to see her sooo bad. My mom misses her.

Hey Drew, I know you’ll appreciate this: You song (on your xanga) was just played on the sattelite radio station I’m listening to! Yo-Yo.

Ra-Ra is flopped down on the floor by the door to this room. It’s hilarious to look at. She is getting sooo big. I can’t believe she was just a little runt when Javier got her. Javier says she’s bigger than her sister, whom his mom and dad own.

Thanksgiving was great. We had John over as usual and everything was great. I normally cook almost everything but this year I cooked everything except the pies! Adam did get the crap out of the bird but I did the rest. See mom was going to do the noodles and the mashed potatoes but our older brother called so she was talking to him when the water started boiling for both of them. So I’m trying to add potatoe flakes and noodles. Well the mashed potatoe water was still quite hot so I’m adding those flakes as fast as I can when all of a sudden it bubbles up and splatters me right on my left ring finger burning the crap out of me. I was so mad. It hurt like crap. But anywho…everything looked great so all is good. What’s a little pain when the table looks magnificent?

Well I guess I’ve written enough! I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    they said im outtie in clueless??? i didnt know that. but i did watch clueless waaaay back when i was like 6 or 7. i got im outtie from somewhere else though. i cant remember where.

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