“She’s been up there for 500 years?!”  
“The years haven’t been good to her!!”

This is from Brothers Grimm; a movie that Candace and I saw this past weekend. It wasn’t too bad. I would see it again just to be able to spot everything in it that I missed the first time. I guess John went to because I just remembered that he didn’t like it. So there. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger were in it and I have to say that Heath Ledger with his hair short like that is hot. In my opinion. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t know. Jonathon Pryce is in it too (He’s from Pirates of the Carribean-the Govenor). I noticed him right off the bat and was telling Candy who it was. Funny.

Sunday, before we went to the movies mom, me and Brooke joined the YMCA. Exciting, isn’t it? We went last night for the first time to work out. My picture turned out the best. Anywho……me and Candy were kicking butt on the treadmills! When I first got there mom and Candy were already on the treadmills and someone was showing them how to work them when I came over to say hi. She looked at me and asked if I brought tennis shoes because at the moment I was in sandals. I was like yeah! Duh! She was blonde but how stupid do you honestly have to be to ask someone who is at the Y that? I don’t know; mom said maybe she thought I was going swimming or something. Anywho….

I have all four wonderful kids today. Today is “I want kids day.” Last Tuesday was “I never ever want children. Ever!” So you could say today is much better! I have all the kids fed and down to bed. It’s quiet in the house and as soon as I finish writing this I plan on doing a little dusting. Exciting, isn’t it? (Javier or Joanne: If your reading this and you see that I haven’t dusted, it’s because a kid woke up or after I wrote this I forgot to.)

Well, I lied right there because as soon as I write this I’m going to look for a car online. Cutting it kind of close I guess.

Oh, some big news. Holly is getting awesome at playing her bass!!! I have three books with great songs in them and I’ve been working almost everyday. Sometimes twice a day!! I have “All The Small Things” by Blink 182 memorized. Well pretty darn close to having it memorized. Almost. I will though by this next week.

Oh, some more humungous news!! I got my left ear cartilidge pierced on Saturday. Did I write that already? I don’t think so there it is. Me, big old chicken of a girl got it done. Finally. I have really missed it. I first got it pierced when I went to Venezuela on a missions trip!! Good times, good times. So there you have it. News about Holly. I love you ALL


“I took her out….it was a Friday night….” A lyric from one of the greatest bands ever Blink 182!!! I told you guys I bought a book of their songs for bass. Well I have been practising like crazy with it and I’m getting pretty darn good. At least I think so! My mom came in my room last night and was like “was that you?” I was like duh! it was me. So anywho…I’m having fun with that.

This past Saturday I went to Disney Quest with Adam, Andy, Candy my mom and Cheryl F. What a blast. Well the second half of the day was. The first half was boring to me and Brooke. Me and her kicked some butt at DDR!! That is the only thing that people actually took turns with! We both had some fun in the Buzz Lightyear ride. Kind of exciting. Then the best ride of all there was Pirates of the Carribean. We had so much fun doing that! We must of done that ten times or more. Maybe. I was always the captain. Because I’m the best!! Candy kicked more butt with the cannons. You should’ve seen her on Sunday complaining about how much her hand hurt! Funny stuff.

We left there at eight? I don’t quite know. We went to Bennigans and had some food. Mike “the balloon guy” stopped by and he made Candace a sea horse and me a teddy bear in a heart. Good times, good times. He was quite a hottie! And he actually went to church. Somewhere up in Orlando. So our waiter, though was the slowest I’ve ever seen. Ever! It was worst than Poinciana’s Denny’s! That’s how bad it was. Bad.

Then on Sunday Brooke and me went to Christ Community in Winter Haven. We got there before Andy so we were eating a donut and standing and talking. (It’s amazing that I was able to do all that!) Well the youth minister/young adult minister came over and started talking to me and Candy. He looked at me and was like “Where’s your husband?” Refering to Andy. I was like “ummmm…..he’s not my husband. He’s dating my sister actually.” It was hilarious. He said sorry like a hundred times and I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it was funny. After church we went to J’neas house to welcome her home and we swam a bit. Good times. John like had all the floaties at one time….it was weird. Anywho…..I think that’s it.

Oh, last night we went to Denny’s again but it was minus Adam and Danielle. So the four of us had a blast trying to find Nils’ room at FCC. We were asking random people and nobody knew him but finally we found him. Biggest quote from last night “Why don’t you go here? It’s the best place ever!” OHMYGOSH! Freshman! It was ridiculous. After the third person I started telling people I worshipped Satan. I’m just kidding. But boy that would’ve been funny!

Well I love you ALL


“I’m not your partner. I’m your handler.” Candy, mom and me were watching Agent Cody Banks last night. I just go it yesterday. I think it’s a cute movie. I remember watching it when it came out on DVD and liking it so I bought it. Groovy. Anywho….Angie Harmon, I believe, says that. I think it’s a funny idea. Having kids train to become agents at summer camp. Funny…..hum….

I went and saw Sky High finally. I wanted to see that when it came out but nobody else wanted to go. So finally mom, me and Candy went to see it. I thought it was funny. It was predictable but I liked it. I like Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston. And the real Wonder Woman was in it. When I first saw her I was like “she looks familiar!” And then during the credits, well actually right before, I was like it is her, it is her. Lynda Carter, right? I think that’s it. Anywho…it was a good movie. If you haven’t seen it, go see it.

While we were at Downtown Disney we stopped into Virgin, which is what you have to do of course! I picked up a bass book. It’s a Blink 182 songbook for the bass guitar. I think I’ll practice more with this book because it’ll make it interesting for me. At least that’s the idea! It was a little more than I wanted to pay for it but I really wanted it. Is that bad? Anywho….as I was checking out the cashier was flirting with me. He was probaly like 18, I mean hello! It was funny because Candy had just came up and when we were walking away she was like “oooooh, he was flirting with you!” It may have been one of those you-had-to-be-there moments. Don’t know, but it was good. Good times.

So I’m driving to Javier and Joanne’s this morning and all of a sudden a light comes on. Ok, if you know me, you know that I’m scared of vehicles falling apart on me. If we look back in Holly’s history I think we can figure out why!! Let’s start with the ugly old van we had. Jenny, as Adam named her. Her transmission went out while I was driving it. It was dead at an intersection one time and then it died ten minutes down the road again. Not a good day there. My old Sunfire: The alternator died at an intersection at five thirty in the morning. It was foggy and I almost got hit a few times, and when a police man helped me all I could do was cry. Definately not a good memory! And finally the stupid white truck: Meg. We were garage saling in her and all of a sudden a light comes on and we don’t know what it is. Well, long, way long story short…..she died later that night. Capoohey! So there you have it. I’m scared of vehicles. But back to the van this morning, Javier said it just looked like it needed some transmission fluid. So that’s not too bad, right?

Anywho….I love you ALL


“I’m too sexy for this song.” Andria and Diana had some fun singing this one this morning. I have it on film as I’m sure you all realize that since I record everything.

Our little slumber party last night was a blast. Andria and Diana were the only ones that came over besides me and Brooke but it was still good. We ate a bunch of pizza and breadsticks and we watched Saved. Kinda funny. Then we watched the last half of the Blair Witch. I wanted to show them when the kids were hitting the tent. After that we watched Heartbreakers. Candy and Andria fell asleep during it. Me and Diana didn’t even watch the whole thing. I told her how it ended (since she hadn’t watched it) and I turned it off and we went to sleep.

We woke up this morning at I don’t know when. It was funny though because John Dough, my kitty, wanted out of my room so I let him out and then I had to go to the bathroom. Well, as soon as I got back into my room, Candy got up and left and then eventually everyone woke up and we moved into the living room. We watched the beginning of the Blair Witch and then we did a little karoke!! It was soooo funny. Diana and Andria totally cremed the song “Pretty Fly for a White Guy.” I love that song! I think the highlight was when Candy and I sang “Summer Nights” from Grease. That was great!

So the girls left at noonish and later I took Brooke to church and now I’m back at home watching High Crimes with Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman and typing on here.

Can you believe it’s been a year since Hurricane Charley was here? I’m like shocked myself. I can’t belive it’s already been a year!! I miss those hurricanes. I don’t miss the damage but I had fun. Sticking my head out of my window while Candy, Kate, Drew, John and Mom were in the hallway. Good times!! Anywhoo…..So I’m going to quit here and finish up the movie. I love you ALL


“I did what I had to do to maintain the species. As I am forced to do again!” This is by far the comment that I have used to most. It’s from Underworld and “Victor” says it pretty much at the end. Good times. Candy just watched that a few days ago and we were talking about this quote.

So since I’ve used that one quite a few times on xanga I shall say something else: “I see clouds. White clouds.” Can you guess what movie Mady, Yasmin and me watched today? You can’t? Well I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a “P” and ends in ocahontas!! I don’t really like that movie at all. I don’t really know why. Well I take that back I do know why. I mean Pocahontas just throws her love around like she’s down on OBT. I mean hello! She falls in love with John Smith, risks her life for him and then decides not to go back to England with him. Maybe poor old Johnny boy should’ve learned his lesson right there. But no. A few years go by, a group comes again and this time Pocahontas comes back with John Roalfe. (However you spell that name!) And guess what? She falls in love with him and marries him. Hello!?! Poor John Smith. I just don’t understand it all. It’s craziness.

On to more interesting topics. Last night we went to Denny’s. Good times. Definately good times. Candy got to meet Danielle; Adam’s girlfriend. We laughed and laughed some more and then we complained about our slow waitress and then we laughed again. Candace threw a spoon at me. Don’t belive me? I have it on film. Oh yeah. I was video recording her when she did it!! Then Adam started laughing so hard he was wheezing! Remember when he used to end up on the floor laughing so hard we all that he was going to pass out?? That was some fun! So we had fun, you could say. We didn’t get home till eleven thirty but it was worth it.

I woke up at freakin’ seven am and I forgot why I had set my alarm so early. I tell ya, my memory sucks!! I took a shower, I remembered eventually why I was up! and I got out the door a little earlier than normal but I still ended up at Javiers at the same time. Go figure. Anywho…..Baby Jay (that’s what we call him) is here today and he’s starting to get a little fussy so I’m going to go and give him a bottle. Because that seems to help! It’s time for one anyway…..Gotta GO
I love you ALL


“A, B, C, D, E, F, G………” I have been hearing the alphabet song all day from Mady and Yasmin. I don’t think I can take much more. They sing it so slowly too. It’s driving me mad!!! Well that’s not the only song they have been singing. They both know Twinkle, Twinkle. So that’s another one that’s stuck in my head.

This past Sunday after we got back from Andy’s house I decided to finally finish cleaning my room. If you haven’t heard, my room has been messy since right after CIY!! Yes I know. That’s a long time. Thank you so much. Like I didn’t know that! So I was looking for something and I decided to look in my closet and then I thought, well I should just take everything out and rearange everything. So I did. An hour or so later I emerge from going to through everything in my closet to not find what I was looking for. Blasted!

So I thought since I rearanged my closet I should just rearange my whole room. And if you know how OCD I am I had to keep going at it until I was done. It was funny. But I found out that I have one hundred and twenty six DVD’s. Does that beat you yet Andy?? So now my room is rearanged and clean and I haven’t spent much time in there at all.

I bought Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 at a flea market and I’ve been wanting to play that every chance I get. I play that while mom and Candy battle each other on Mario Brothers 3. I just got that this past weekend at a garage sale. No I take that back it’s been two weeks! But there finally playing it. It’s funny because mom doesn’t really remember it and she’ll be playing and then she’ll die and then Candy will play. I think when I was actually watching them Candy was staying alive better than my mom. Oh well. I’m sure she’ll remember it. Anywho……

Nothing too exciting today. Just a little story about days past. I love you ALL


“Your a superstar………to nobody……….but me!” I don’t know the title of this song but the Killers sing it. I was listening to their CD on the way to Javier and Joanne’s house this morning and that line is stuck in my head. I’m not sure why. It was probaly the last song that I heard. I don’t even remember.

I’m having issues with my sleeping again!! I keep going to bed early and I actually go to sleep right away but now I wake up at 3:30 and I’m wide awake! Blah! I can never sleep the whole night through. I have such issues.

Last night “the gang” went to Denny’s again. It was hilarious. We were laughing so hard. My stomach was killing me. I was begging Candy to stop talking because my stomach hurt soo bad! She didn’t. So I laughed some more. It was really a great time. Anywho……I think I will always go to Denny’s on Wednesday!

I’m watching a little baby now twice or so a week. His name his Jay. He is the cutest!! He eats, sleeps, poops then eats, sleeps and poops again! It’s funny but really weird. I feel like I’ve gone backwards though because I started watching Mady when she was quite young and now she’s a big girl! Now I have to go back and start all over again. Weird but fun!
Well, I love you ALL