It Stank!

Yet again I’m behind. (I was singing “on the road again….” just now. Just so you know.) I will catch up. Make it a priority. Make it a priority. I’m going to keep repeating that to myself until I get it in my head.
(Trying to remember what I’m supposed to remember…)

Today I’ve read through Chapters 15 and 16. Didn’t really pique my interest, but that could be because I’m so far behind I’m struggling, and stressing about reading to catch up. I want to SOAK these scriptures in and get something out of them. Maybe I’m just having an “off” day. Anywho… while reading Chapter 15 Oceans by Hillsong was playing on Pandora so that did put me in a very “holy” place, and verse 1b says it all:

“I will sing.”

Perfect. I will sing to MY Lord. He will hear my song and I will sing it loudly. So that all can hear it and, it may not sound great to others but to my Lord and King it is wonderful. Saying that reminds me of the show Touched by an Angel. Roma Downey couldn’t sing but Della Reese told her that when she sang God heard beautiful music and it made him glad. I think of that when I sing!

But, can you imagine being an Israelite at the time? They see God lead them through on DRY land and then take care of Pharoh and his armies? Miriam pops up with a song and THE WHOLE Israelite group SINGS praises to the Lord. They were happy God saved their behinds, I’m sure. I need to remember to sing to the Lord when I have battles that are conquered with Him. I also need to remember to sing when I’m still going through those battles and I may not win them…. I can’t remember where the verse is but the one about The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.
In Chapter 16, ohmygoodness, I just shake my head at this chapter. I feel like I barely trust God with my life sometimes and these silly, un-trusting people cannot even handle the bread. They go to Moses and gripe to him that they’re hungry. I guess that is a legitimate reason to be angry. At least I understand it to be. So, they go to him and complain about him bringing them out to the wilderness and there’s no food….he must want them to die in the wilderness because he didn’t think this one through.

Moses goes to God. He calls the people of Israel “the people,” not even “his people.” I’m thinking because they were ready to stone him. Can you believe that? It only takes one person to turn the crowd! So, he asks God to help “the people.” And God says no. That’s it. They die and we’re all done.
Yeah, right. God of course says, why of course I will feed you my whiny complaining kids. I love you anyway. Here’s some manna. Pick it up after the dew and before the sun burns it off the ground. Only get enough for one day except on the sixth day to make enough bread for the sabbath. Simple enough instructions. Some people, and I’m guessing the same people that got the group to want to stone Moses (just a guess…) took more than enough for them. The next day what do they get? Some stank butt, wormy manna. Yum. Doesn’t that sound appetizing? No? Well, then maybe you should have listened to God and only got your portion. Greedy people.

What did I get from this chapter? Listen to God. Duh, right? Well, I really understood it to say to me that I need to trust God. Even in my tiny, itsy bitty, insignificant life. All the tiny details; even food. Trust Him to provide. Trust Him to help me, heal me. Trust Him for everything, everyday, without fail. No questions asked. Just do it. Because I don’t want to wake up one morning with a stank smelling life!