“Stop, hey what’s goin’ down? All the mammoths are in the ground!”
“And Diego’s the uncle that kills the kids that annoy me!”

I’ve watched Ice Age 2 today. Can you tell? That’s a good movie. I’m not sure if I like it better than the first one or not. There both soooo funny. “Doesn’t anybody like Sid the sloth?” Candace you need to do your Sid impression this weekend. “It’s still green, they headed east two hours ago.”

So last night I think I almost killed my dog. Yeah, didn’t see that coming, did ya? I didn’t do it on purpose. Let me tell you how it went down. She jumped on the bed and she was snuggling with me with her big butt by my head and her head by my stomach. Well during the night I feel the covers moving and I wake up and I look down. Tally’s head is under the covers and it looks like she’s breathing but the covers are over her face. I was scared. I ripped the covers off didn’t put them back on me at all. I ended up having to go to the bathroom so she jumped off the bed and thought it was time to get up. When we got back to my room she curled up in her bed and me in mine. And we slept peacefully apart for the next two hours!

So I just got back from watching Becky’s house and I spent the night in my room last night and now I’m watching Yazmine and Bobby and Judy’s house. Just till Friday night till Judy gets back from Missouri. It’ll be fun I think. Tomorrow me and Yazmine have our “gym” class and another one on Friday. I think the days are gonna fly. I hope so at least. I hope she doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night either. Hopefully if she does, though, I’ll sleep right through it. As I have in the past!!

Next Thursday, Candace’s birthday, I’m flying to New York!!!! And while I’m up there I’m going to see Wicked!!! Ohmygosh. I’m soooo excited. I really can’t wait. I bought some long sleeve shirts at Old Navy this past weekend so that got me more excited!! Yes sirree bob! I am going to New York. I hope I do alot of stuff while I’m up there. Last time we were there we did the tourist thing and that was fun but I’m sure it’ll be alot better with someone who knows there way around.

So anywho……I’m getting tired. It’s only nine twenty and I’m tired. What a shocker right? Oh!! Totally forget. Last night I was heading to bed when on the tv this show came on called: “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” It was hilarious. The first guy was a UCLA grad and couldn’t answer one question on his own. He ended up leaving after three questions. He didn’t know who the first president was to be impeached!! Hello, even I knew that one!! Johnson. So anywho…..if you guys have a chance to watch that show: WATCH IT!!! You’ll laugh at how stupid these people are! Gonna go. I love you ALL


“You ripped off my shirt and my shorts!!!”

I can’t tell you who said this because they might kill me. I can’t explain it but I wanted to put it up here. I’ll think of another quote instead:
“Don’t wanta think about it. Don’t wanta talk about it. I’m just so sick abou it.”

I bought the CD so I’ve been listening to all the songs. I like number 6! It’s Justin Timberlake if your still thinking “who the heck says that?” So anywho….I like the CD. I like the song. Live with it.

I didn’t watch all the Academy Awards last night. I thought what I did watch was way boring. Alot of crap. So I switched the channel to Dog Bounty Hunter. What a show!!! Wish I had a couple of seasons on DVD to watch. Don’t you guys think my dad would like that show?? He’s hilarious. I love watching it. Funny stuff. What a life.

So……I’m staying at Becky’s house for a little bit while she is off in another state watching a Nickelback concert!! Must be nice. Wish I could do that. She got a new hot tub so that’s rad!! (I’m bringing “rad” back. Oh yes. I will.) The other night I didn’t even turn on the jets. It was like a huge bathtub. It was still a little light out so I had my bathing suit on!! (I wear my bathing suit at all times in the hot tub.) Gotta love Becky’s house. That’s my time to watch as much junky tv as I possibly can and eat junk food to my hearts content. Though I have to say that this time around I haven’t watched nearly enough tv or eaten enough junk food!!

Sunday I wanted to go to the mall to buy some long sleeved shirts since I’m going to New York soon. (I’ll write about that in a minute.) Um….did you know that the mall doesn’t open till noon on Sunday’s?? I didn’t!! Danielle and Candace came with and Danielle pointed that out as we pull into the parking space!! Good to know. So we drove over to Publix and drank some chocolate milk and some cookies!! Once the mall opened we went to Old Navy where I bought like ten shirts and some pants. All on sale!! Went to Bath and Body Works and bough some shower gel and some body wash! Somebody is gonna have to tell me the difference!! (Adam: If your reading this; Danielle didn’t buy anything.)

Afterwards we grabbed a pizza at Papa Johns (the best) and went back to the college to share with Adam. After pizza time we went back to Becky’s and the hot tub. And the pool!! Brrrrrrrrr. It was freezing but I think Adam, Candace and me jumped into the pool like three times and then got back in the hot tub!!! What were we thinking you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Back in ’93 on our one and only family vacation at our hotel we jumped into the pool then we would get in the hot tub and then the pool and then the hot tub and then the pool……and you get the idea!

Oh, New York. I am going to New York.

Like that’s all I could write about that!!! I’m leaving on Candace’s birthday, March 8th. I am flying up there with Yazmine and I’ll be up there for I think two weeks!! I cannot wait. I’m gonna see Wicked while I’m up there. If you don’t know what Wicked is then you are a bit loser!!! It’s Broadway baby!! Holly is gonna see a Broadway show!!! Oh yeah!!! Can’t you tell I’m excited!?!?!?!

So anyways…..Candace’s birthday is March 8th so were gonna have a “party” the weekend before. She wants to go bowling for her birthday so were going bowling. I think were gonna go on Saturday night. You’ll have to get in contact with me if you wanna go so I can tell you where and when. If you don’t come still go and say Happy Birthday to her!!! Well I guess I will end it here. I love you ALL


“People killing. People dieing. Children hurting, you hear them crying. When you practice what you preach, and turn the other cheek. And would you turn the other cheek. Father, father, father help us. Send some guidance from above. These people got me, got me, questioning where is the love?”

Where is the love from Black Eyed Peas. I just found that CD and I’ve been listening to it all morning. So…..

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! I love you ALL


“On the radio……whoooooooaaaaaa, oh. On the radio.”
“A little bit of that?”
“What was that?”

All quotes from this past weekend. The first one is from the Donna Summer concert. Amazingly awesome woman! Funny and boy can she sing. Awesome. Pure awesomeness.
The second one’s from Epic Movie which we saw right after the concert. Hilarious!! We were laughing all the way through that!! (Was the fight over? Oops.) Crispin Glover played Willy Wonka and that was sooo funny. Candace picked that out right away. I was like are you sure? And sure enough it was! Creepy thin man was Willy Wonka!
Last one’s from me. I said that on the way to take Candace to college when something fell out from my visor!! I can’t tell you what it was because then you would have to play the game. Anywho…..

So last Friday I picked Candace up from college and took her home. And since I had munchkin with me we stayed a little bit and watched when we went to Disney. That was cute. Yazmine kept on saying “Let’s find the animals!” After a little while we left for the airport to pick up Bobby and Judy. They were in Kansas City looking at houses. So after we pick them up it’s late and I head home to bed.
I woke up Saturday morning at like ten thirty. Somewhere around there. I watched Superman Returns. I actually thought it was good. I think they could’ve gotten someone better to play Lois Lane but that may just be me. I mean really: Who is Kate Bosworth?? It was predictable but cool. Going back to Epic Movie: Ouch!! You just shot me in the eye!! That really hurt!!

I took dad to church and mom stayed home because she wasn’t feeling well. So I waited around for Candy to get out of church so we could go to Universal. We got there and found a spot for the parade right away. We thought we were right at the end of the parade and turns out we were. See, we thought the parade started by Jimmy Neutron and ended by Beetlejuice. Turns out it starts at Beetlejuice and ends there as well!! So after like twenty minutes I was like where is the parade?? Then I look to my left and there it is; going the wrong way. These two little kids were on either side of us so I felt wrong about jumping in front of them to snatch the beads!! Candace had no qualms about it!! But, we only got like ten pairs between us. Lousy night.

As soon as the parade was over we RAN over to the concert area which was already completely full of people to watch Donna Summer. “Queen of disco.” The first “diva.” She was amazing. I’m glad we went and saw her and I wish mom could’ve come to see her too. We only stayed for thirty five minutes because then we were off to the movie theater and watching Epic Movie. Ohmygosh. Hilarious. I want to watch it again!! So funny. Soooooo funny! We were laughing all the way through.
We got home, I think, after midnight. Good times.

Sunday morning we woke up at nine thirty. Why can’t people be quiet in the morning?? Ate a really really good breakfast and then we lounged around. I watched the original Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.That was really good. I think that Audrey dances more in that movie than Fred does which is kinda weird. Does anybody remember those GAP ads a few months back with Audrey Hepburn dancing in them. Well Funny Face is the movie if you didn’t know where it came from. After that we turned on the Grammy’s.

Very dissapointing. I missed the Police singing. I can’t believe John Mayer won best pop album?? I mean HELLO!?!?! Did someone forget to vote for Justin Timberlake?? Or Christina Aguilera?? How in the world did John Mayer win?? How? That kinda ruined it right there and the fact that he looked drugged didn’t help me not liking him. Did anybody else notice that? I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers performance, I only wish they would’ve done Dani California. I went to bed before it was over. Right after the RHCP played and won I went to bed. I think the Dixie Chicks won the Album of the year, right? Anywho…….I love you ALL


   “I will praise you in this storm. And I will lift my hands. For you are who you are. No matter where I am. And every tear I’ve cried, you hold in your hand. You’ve never left my side. Though my heart is torn, I will praise you in this storm.”

Casting Crown’s amazing song!! I love it. Z88.3 does not play it enough. I remember when it first came out they played like every other song, now it’s like maybe once a day. And usually when I’m not in the car!! Of course. Isn’t that how it always is??

So what’s up everyone?? Not much, hunh? Well, February 3rd started Mardis Gras at Universal. Woop-woop! I went to church with mom and Danielle and Candy so me and Candy could go to Universal afterwards. I had gone on the website and it said the parade started at eight so I told Candy to hurry through choir practice!! She got done at seven twenty and we zoomed over to Universal. We got there at like seven fifty eight. It was close. We started walking the parade route to find a prime spot but none was to be had!! We finally settled on a nice spot behind some girls that were sitting down. Were ready for the parade to start but nothing. Then it starts to sprinkle and we think maybe the parade is delayed because of the rain?? Eight thirty is upon us and no parade and now it’s pouring!! POURING!! So we hear some noise and everyone starts looking around and loe and behold: The parade has started!!

The trucks that are pulling the floats are zooming by us!! Zooming!! The people on the float are sucking at throwing the beads!! It’s not helping that were standing under a tree in the second row!! And standing right next to some crazy dads that think there kids have to have a millions beads! I mean hello! Share the wealth! Seriously! As soon as the last float passed me and Candy took off running for the other side of the parade!! We ran! So we got some more beads and then we ran a little farther down too. I think the total for each of us was fifteen necklaces! I think that was pretty darn good!!

Los Lonely Boys were there. I’ve heard of them but don’t know what the heck they sing. We listened to a few of their songs but nothing sounded familiar and then they started singing “Very Superstitious.” I was like, let’s just go home! So we did. But we had an awesome night at Mardis Gras. This week Donna Summer, the queen of disco, will be there. I want to go and I probaly will!!

Oh, a little side note about the people sitting in front of us. Fifteen minutes before the parade starts they decide to stand up!! Oh yeah, not nice. Candy keeps giving them dirty looks till one of them is like “sorry.” Then their little brother comes and joins them. And he can’t stop complaing!! About everything. It starts raining: “I’m getting wet!” “I’m not having fun!” “I want to get out of here!” “I don’t want to be here!” “When can we leave!”
Ohmygosh!! Me and Candy were asking each other if anyone would notice if we kicked him in the butt!!
I love you ALL


“Youuuuuu. Don’t wanna be just like youuuuuu! This is the anthem. Throw all your hands up. Another loser anthem!! Woo-hoo!”

Good Charlotte. Haven’t heard much from them lately, have ya? Hmmm? I love that song. That one and Lifestyles of the Rick and Famous. Funny stuff.

Superbowl Sunday yesterday!! Who didn’t watch the game?? If you didn’t (Nils) you are a LOSER!! Colt kicked some Bear butt!! The begining was a little rocky with the Bears getting that first touchdown. Man alive though. That was crazy. So were all those turnovers!! It was raining. I’ll give them that. It didn’t stop raining the entire game. Holy Cow. Can you imagine playing the biggest game of your lives and it’s raining!?!?!?

What about the Bears QB? Was a loser or what?? He couldn’t hold onto the bowl long enough to throw it!! And he certainly wasn’t a pretty guy either. He better do better at football because he has nothing else going for him!! Did you guys hear about one the Bears players being convicted of a few felony’s? Anybody? I think mom was telling me this: One player was/is? on trial and the judge let him off so he could play in the Superbowl!! What is up with that?? Go USA judicial system! Oh yeah.

Did you guys know the Tony Dungee was a Christian?? So is the owner of the Colts!! Isn’t that awesome? I think it’s pretty cool. Go God!!

So on to the commercials. Which one was your favorite?? I have a hard time picking one because this year it really sucked!! Big time. I mean Budweiser always has the best commercials. Always. The dog one was cute; with the white mutt getting mud sprayed on him and then he’s a dalmation. Cute. The crab one was kinda funny. I think though that the Taco Bell one with the Lions was pretty darn good. “Carrrrrne.” That was great!  I think the big losers were the Coke ones. They were like all old ones that we’ve all seen. Boo!! The other one that sucked was that guy with the sports car. I don’t remember what it was for. Something about online selling. Oh, the truck commercials sucked too. Let’s drive our truck at breakneck speeds and then stop all of a sudden, in the desert. Or on a beam?? What is up with that?? That’s realistic!! So which one was your favorite??

I went to IOA/Universal yesterday with my mommy. Spent some quality mommy/daughter time. Let’s see….we went to Universal first and rode the Mummy. 5 minute wait!! Then we went and rode MIB which my mom loves!! We were the only two on our car! It was two against six! We obviously lost. But oh well. Then we went and saw Terminator 3-D. Mom hadn’t seen that in awhile. I just wish Eric Roukey still did that show!!! After that we went over to IOA and rode the Hulk front row!! Went on Dr. Doom where this guy had to get off because he was too fat! After that had some yummy pizza and rode Dueling Dragons. Gotta ride both sides so we rode Fire first(and I think I like the back the best) and then we rode Ice(where I think the front is the best). Mom realized that she wanted to ride E.T. So went back over to Universal to ride E.T. On the way over I saw Scooby Doo and Bullwinkle and I got my pictures with them. We rode the ride and when we came out Scooby and Shaggy were out!! So I got another picture with them!! I’ll have to get them on the computer so I can put them on here!! Well, I’m gonna go. I love you ALL


“I’ll touch every star in the sky. So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of….mmmm…..so this is love.”

No stars in the sky last night were there? This is from Cinderella. Yazmine is listening to the “Princess” cd and this one just came on. Anywho…back to last night. Man Alive!! It was windy, wasn’t it? All that rain.

I had to wake up early to take mom to work since it was raining. Side story here: dad’s truck is acting up so he took mom’s car to work and mom was going to take the bus to work. Unless it rained. Which it did. So were driving along Pleasant Hill and right after Poinciana Blvd we stop. Completely. Stop and go all the way to John Young!! Ohmygosh. We were on that road almost an hour. So on the radio they keep on going on about a tornado that touched down and all the damage. Holy Cow!! And then they were saying that the storm cell was heading towards Haines City and North of there(or whatever direction Poinciana is from there). Man alive, I hope Tally is ok!!

Today is Madyson’s 4th birthday!!! I cannot believe she is four. Where have these past two years gone?? Now, they don’t even talk to me, let alone acknowledge me. I got Mady some neclaces. It seems like there never home so I’m not sure when I’ll give it to her. I am just so dumbfounded about that whole situation but holy cow: Mady is 4!!

Still on the subject of little kids: Yazmine has learned to do a little flip! I know, I know. Not that exciting, but it’s hilariuos to watch her push her little feet so she can flip.

Has anybody seen The Black Dahlia?? I’ve seen the first hour and I’m wondering “is it worth it to watch the rest?” Anybody?? Did anybody actually watch this movie in theaters?? Anywho…..I love you ALL