Hey chica’s and chico’s! “J bless you!” That is a wonderful quote said to me today by my good friend Massiel. We were talking about Pirates of the Carribean and she said that and I was like “ohmygosh! I am soooo stealing that!” The J, if your a total retard and don’t know anything, means Johnny Depp. Ok. There. So there you go; if I remember that tomorrow I will start saying that all the time.

 Ok. My birthday party was way cool. It was the Sunday after my birthday. I turned twenty two so I made everybody wear tu-tu’s! The pictures are hilarious. What’s really funny is that after my birthday party we played football and we were all out in front of the church playing with our tu-tu’s on!!!! We only had one cake fight so all was good. We all had a huge foosball tournament. I can’t really remember who won but I do know that it wasn’t me! What a surprise right?  I want to say thanks to everyone who came! You all rock and if you didn’t come you suck!!! (Just kidding! I love you all!)

 Alrighty……We all went and saw Shrek 2 this past Friday and I didn’t think it was better than the first one. Am I the only one out there? I hope not. I mean don’t get me wrong I loved this one. But with Shrek I saw that twice in theaters and I really don’t plan on watching this one twice in theaters. It was super-de-duper but I’m telling you how can you love the second one better than the first. The second one didn’t have a karoke number. You just can’t get any better than that! I’m tellin’ ya’! Yo-Yo. (I was just trying to be black there so pardon me!)

On the other hand on Sunday we went and saw VanHelsing. What a movie! I cannot believe how good it is. I am planning on buying it as soon as it comes out on DVD. Isn’t everybody? I am definately telling you that this is a movie that you need to see. I don’t care who you are you need to see this!! If you think it’s going to be gory you are wrong! Barely any blood! Barely. I mean there has to be some; there are vampires in it! Kate Beckinsale did not do a good job. If you saw Underworld where I thought her performance was quite good but this movie just didn’t do her good. She sucked. Big time.

 Well I’m trying to hurry so Candy can read this while were in the library so I’ll talk about  one more thing.   I got a few emails from my ex-fiance/fiance. He is hopefully coming back in July. That is when he thinks the papers will come through. (If anybody can think of anybody he can stay with please tell me.) But here’s the thing: he wants to get married when he’s down here. What do you think of that? I mean I really love him still. I want to get married to him because I really see a future with us together. Advice please!!!!!

I love you all



“I swear………”     Just a tiny itsy bitsy piece of Eminem’s song My Band. Do you guys thing my language is bad? We were at the softball championships last Monday and it seemed that everytime I would say something mom would elbow me and say(loudly) watch your language. Implying that I was using language I shouldn’t. I mean sometimes I say MoFo and Mother Trucker but I’m not saying the actual things. Isn’t that better?

 I just dropped Candy and John off at the school so they could go to their senior meeting. They have one tomorrow as well. Oh the life of a chauffer! Oh man on the way to the school I let Candy drive and I saw my life pass before my eyes! (Not because of her bad driving) We were about halfway through Poinciana Blvd. and this big Rooms to Go truck came over the line. And I MEAM CAME OVER THE LINE! All the way over the yellow line. I didn’t scream, I just gasped loudly. We didn’t get hit obviously because if we were hit I would be dead because I was sitting in the middle and there is no airbag! John kept telling me that I over-react to things but man there was no over reacting here! I don’t think he saw it because he just jumped a little. It scared the crap out of me!

 Tomorrow morning after dropping the seniors(finally John!) off at their meetings mom and I are going to the house expo show thingy over at the Silver Spurs Arena. Mom’s quite excited and so am I. We’ve never been to one so it’s kinda cool. Then in the afternoon I’m going to a car wash. I can’t wait. I hope everyone is there that is going! Last time there was only three people in the morning. It was fun but hard work and if you know me I HATE hard work.

Did you guys watch The Bachelor last night. My family has become addicted with the show and tonight was a two hour girls tell all special. Superb! I loved it! I can’t wait for the next one which is the finale. It’s going to be a good one. I think I know who it is going to be but who really knows except him and the girls? Well if you are not watching this show I think that you should because it is good.

Well theres my life for the week. Who knows when I’ll write again.



“Stacie’s mom has got it goin’ on……”  Have you noticed they haven’t played that song in awhile? I have…and I miss it. That was hilarious. Did you ever listen to the words? Great lyrics!!     So it’s been like eons since I’ve written. I just haven’t been able to get to a computer. Sorry…. I have been busy. We had a car wash Friday for fun…….HeeHee(to those who know!) 
    I can’t believe summer is just about upon us. Isn’t it amazing how time flies whether or not your having fun or not?!? I mean when Candy went to prom it felt like we had just gone to prom last year! Can you believe it? Man, it’s crazy.

 I can’t believe camp is almost here as well. Keli and I are way excited. Were camp buddies! Hey and Lindsay is coming back….YEAH! What a blast year was. I hope this year will be great even though some little tykes are coming along who are sooooo immature and slow!!!!!(just kidding steph!)

 I love You All

GOD LOVES YOU(don’t forget it!)