“Late night, come home. Work sucks, I know. She left me roses by the stairs. Surprises let me know she cares.
Say it ain’t so, I will not go. Turn the lights off, carry me home!”

I love Blink 182. Who doesn’t right? Well, I don’t know actually. Work sucks. If I was working!! I have been helping Rick with all the paperwork that he doesn’t know how to deal with. So, the taxes are done and that is a relief because that was a pain in the behind! Now, we move on. I actually  have to work on this project with the wedding pictures that I keep putting off because I get frustrated with it. Let me tell you about it……..

Rick does a lot of trade for his services. One of the customers makes memory books as part of her living. She’s also a dog trainer and breeder. Anywho, she said that she would make a book of our wedding as part of the payment. So, she told me to get the pictures together and form the book. (Put the pictures in a file in the order that I want them in.) I started working on it. I had twenty one pages to fill. Now, I was a little peeved that I had to do all the “work.” I thought she should put the pictures where she thought they should go. So, I worked and worked for days and I had it almost done. I had about seventeen pages done. Then the program crashes and I lost it all!!! So I didn’t touch the computer for quite a few days! Now, I was slowing going back and trying to remember where I had things. Well, the lady comes over and asks if I’m done and I told her what had happened. She then proceeded to tell me that all she needed was the pictures and she would put them together. Well, that is not what she told me at the begining of this!! I was kinda mad. So, now I am still trying to pick the pictures and put them on a CD. That is what I have to do.

So, I’m going to broadcast this Thursday. Can’t wait. http://www.picturepacket.com  Enter Holly’s World. I’m going to say nine thirty again. That seems to be a good time. Then on Saturday night we’ll be doing a broadcast and there will be a few extra hosts!! I can’t wait, It will be fun. Everyone tell their friends!!! I love you ALL


“It’s been one week since you looked at me threw your hands in the air, and said your crazy.
Five days since you tackled me, I still have the rug burns on my both of my knees.
Three days since the afternoon you realize it’s not my fault, but only too soon.
Yesterday you’d forgiven me, and now I sit back and wait for you to say I’m sorry.”

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written. I had a broadcast on Thursday night. That was fun. Had more viewers than normal. That was super duper. If you are reading this and you still haven’t been to my site, you should be ashamed of yourself!!! http://www.picturepacket.com You have to Enter Holly’s World and create an account to chat with me which you should definately do so you can chat with me. So there. I’m working on learning Flash so I can add some stuff but that will take a few more days of learning! It’s not as hard as I thought it was.

Yesterday I went to Old Navy with Sammi. While we went out, Joe came over here to our house so he could help Rick mow the lawn! They got the whole back mowed but once they got to the front the mower died. Apparently the transmission went out. Or whatever. So it stayed there overnight and today this afternoon Rick and me tried pushing it back to the back yard. Well, that didn’t work out too well, so we backed the Expedition up and tied them to each other. It worked very well. Rick was steering and I was driving!! It was fun! Once we were done I made Rick watch Pride and Prejudice and he ended up liking it. It was awesome, because I love that movie.

In a few days is July 4th. I can’t believe the year is half over already. That means Rick and I have been married for six months!! Woo-hoo! It’s been good. I like being married! I had better, right? Anyways…….. Were going to Poinciana for the fourth. I love fireworks so I can’t wait to see them since last year we didn’t get to. Long story, but this year hopefully will be better! Then on the fifth is Nils’ birthday and he and some friends are coming up here to broadcast!! And then party!!! I can’t wait. We have the seat out of the Expedition but we have to put it back in! Yeah……..

I am going to go so I can look at Rick’s website and tell him what I think he should change!! I love you ALL


“Ooh baby, I love your ways. I wanna be with you night and day.”

Rick has ITunes Radio on and this song is playing right now. It’ll probably be in my head all day. Well, I don’t know. Maybe not. My head is hurting right now, so I’m going to try to clear everything from it! I don’t know how that will work.

I haven’t been getting much sleep this past week. Me and Adam got back on Monday very early. I did take a little nap on Monday afternoon. But not a very long one. So that night I slept the same as usual. Nothing more. I needed more! Then the next night and every night since then the little doggies have been waking up every hour and needing to go outside. They have upset stomachs (That’s the nice way of putting it!). Every hour. Ohmygosh. I am dieing. Me and Rick have been taking turns getting up. The first two nights Rick got up every time and then the third night it was him rolling over and pleading, begging me to get up with them!! So I did. Yucky. I really hate dogs right now. I just want to sleep. I like to sleep. I need it. NEED IT!!!

Tonight we are going to the Moose to eat dinner. And apparently karaoke. So, I’m a little anxious I guess. Not anxious nervous. Just kinda can’t wait to go. See what it’s all about. We’ve been to the “bar” section before because Rick had to pay dues or whatever. They have a really nice tv there. Anywho…..I love you ALL


“She’s the girl all the bad guys want….”

I have this Bowling For Soup song in my head and I have been singing it for while. I just put ITunes up and running and I’m listening to some Enya right now so maybe that will get that out of my head. Hopefully, right? So I was thinking about my UStream TV channel online and I realized that I hadn’t mentioned it on here. So I will. I have a UStream channel. It’s a TV channel online that when I do broadcasts you can watch them live and you can go to the site anytime and watch past shows and comment on them and all that. You can go to UStream.tv and search for Holly’s World. Or you can go to http://www.picturepacket.com
You go there and Entere Holly’s World and that should take you there immediately. Chat with me when I’m online. I’m told you don’t have to create an account but if you do it’s easy and no hassle!!! Create one just to chat with me! There. Thought I would mention that.

Today I woke up at five thirty to Rick asking me when I had gotten up to go to the bathroom because the toilet had been running since then. I was a bit irritated at that and it took forever to fall back asleep. Then at eight thirty Dewey came and jumped on top of me to tell me he had to go to the bathroom. Well, my headache and my sleepy body didn’t want to wake up, but Dewey let me know it was serious. So, I got up and let him and Tippy out. They really did have to go. Don’t doubt the doggies and their bladders!

I’ve been learning Flash. It’s quite interesting and fun sounding. I’ve done about an hour on an introductory course and I’m now overviewing that so I can start actually making things. I tried on my own and it didn’t work out. I missed a step. I don’t know which one so now I have to go back to the lessons and try to figure it out. I will though. So that’s what I need to go do. I love you ALL


Going to Indiana

“This is the longest we’ve ever been away from our spouses.”
“No, I guess it’s not.”

Me and Adam drove up to Indiana on Friday night. We were discussing how long we’ve been away from, well, our spouses and came to the conclusion that Adam has been away from Danielle longer than I have been away from Rick. Adam’s been away a week and me, this is the first time I’ve been away a night. So, there were many calls to and from Rick on the journey! The reason for our trip? To pick up my Grandma Lee and bring her back down to Florida to stay at mom and dads.

Adam came over on Friday afternoon and we set to getting the Expedition ready to go. It needed an oil change and they rotated the tires as well for us. That took awhile though and we didn’t actually leave our house until after three. Or was it close to four? I don’t remember now. It didn’t take us long to get our of Florida. It seemed like we were filling the truck up for the first time in no time! We switched drivers with Adam taking over. (Adam only does the speed limit……) We were driving for a little bit and then all of a sudden: CONSTRUCTION AHEAD!! We were stop and go and stop and go for a long time. I spent some of it trying to sleep but I only got a few minutes worth. Adam drove until past Chatanooga and then I took over again and when I drove there was no road construction!! It was funny.

I drove on into Indiana and all the way to Granmda Rita’s house. Well, I guess it’s Sheldon and Wendy’s house. Got there and they weren’t there. They were doing laundry at Sheldon’s other grandmas house. We kind of slept. Kinda of didn’t. When we got there we walked in the house and Eli was sleeping on the couch so we were walking really quietly. I had to go to the bathroom so I did and me and Adam sat down at the table for a little bit. Then we went back out to the truck and I laid down in the back and catnapped. Or at least tried! Adam talked to Uncle Leeroy and after awhile Sheldon and Wendy got back. We sat and talked for a little bit and then mom called and said we had to go and see Poppy Bob. So we did.

Once we got to Poppy Bob’s we parked and walked down to the barn where he was mowing and we saw someone pull up and Uncle Nathan stepped out! We haven’t seen him since we were little kids at the Bloomington house. We talked for a bit. His kids were there and they look just like the pictures they send at Christmas time. Grandma Donna came over from Spencer; I guess. We chatted about this and that and then we said goodbye and left to go back to Sheldon and Wendy’s. As soon as we got back we piled back into the car to go to Washington to see Grandma Rita at work. We didn’t stay too long. We cooked out that night and the hamburger I had was yummy. We watched TV for awhile but I was exhausted so I went to bed. Slept pretty good. The dogs kept whining and the flies were bothering me but I did get some sleep.

The next morning we waited for Grandma Rita to get out of church so we could go bury Grandpa Woody. He donated his body to science and they creamated him and sent him back. So Sheldon dug a hole and we put the box with the ashes in it in the ground. Afterwards we were looking around the cemetary at the other gravestones. Grandma was telling us history and all that. Interesting. Me and Adam left straight from the graveyard and went to Grandma Lee’s. We stopped in Bloomington to get gas and some food. We cleaned the car up a little bit and drove to Grandma’s. It was a little tense because I was scared that water was going to be covering the road even though everyone had said that it was off. We pulled down the driveway and we got out and went to Uncle Timmy’s house to say hi. We said hi, he said everyone was in the house and we went in. Hugged and kissed everyone. Aunt Sharon handed me stuff to take out and I put in the car. Grandma came out and showed us what was going and we packed up, Uncle Timmy loaded the trailer with the lawn mower for dad and we said goodbye. That was it. No lengthy stay at all.

We pulled out and didn’t stop again until Evansville to get some White Castle for mom and dad. Ninety burgers. Yup, that’s what I said. 90! I miss White Castle. I miss their onion sticks. Oh. But I digress……. We didn’t stop too many times but it seemed to take longer than coming up. We got into Clermont at eight fifteen and Rick and Adam drove the truck to our house while me and Grandma were in my baby. We filled up the gas tanks and we were home in no time. Candy was there and while Grandma settled her and Conner in, the rest of us got the stuff out of the car and put the trailer in the garage with the mower on it!! That’s what Candy said dad wanted and apparently it wasn’t because dad kinda laughed about it when he got home. They ordered pizzas for us all and after we ate Rick and I drove home. I fed the dogs and went to sleep! I woke up a little too early for my taste this morning but I’m going to take a nap!!
I love you ALL