“She’s the girl all the bad guys want….”

I have this Bowling For Soup song in my head and I have been singing it for while. I just put ITunes up and running and I’m listening to some Enya right now so maybe that will get that out of my head. Hopefully, right? So I was thinking about my UStream TV channel online and I realized that I hadn’t mentioned it on here. So I will. I have a UStream channel. It’s a TV channel online that when I do broadcasts you can watch them live and you can go to the site anytime and watch past shows and comment on them and all that. You can go to UStream.tv and search for Holly’s World. Or you can go to http://www.picturepacket.com
You go there and Entere Holly’s World and that should take you there immediately. Chat with me when I’m online. I’m told you don’t have to create an account but if you do it’s easy and no hassle!!! Create one just to chat with me! There. Thought I would mention that.

Today I woke up at five thirty to Rick asking me when I had gotten up to go to the bathroom because the toilet had been running since then. I was a bit irritated at that and it took forever to fall back asleep. Then at eight thirty Dewey came and jumped on top of me to tell me he had to go to the bathroom. Well, my headache and my sleepy body didn’t want to wake up, but Dewey let me know it was serious. So, I got up and let him and Tippy out. They really did have to go. Don’t doubt the doggies and their bladders!

I’ve been learning Flash. It’s quite interesting and fun sounding. I’ve done about an hour on an introductory course and I’m now overviewing that so I can start actually making things. I tried on my own and it didn’t work out. I missed a step. I don’t know which one so now I have to go back to the lessons and try to figure it out. I will though. So that’s what I need to go do. I love you ALL


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