“Let my lifesong sing to youuuuuuu!”

I think I’ve actually had this as my quote before. But, I don’t care. It’s from Casting Crowns. Lifesong.
I was doing my daily devotional today. Just finished it and I thought of this song. Probably because I just listened to that CD earlier today. So, it’s in my head. The devotional was on making sure you have your daily time with God. Your quiet time.

I have noticed that lately I haven’t had daily time with God. It’s saddening. Especially to me! I haven’t been working as much as before. Slow season, I guess. So, I’ve been home. And I’ve been slacking on religious-ness! I realize how badly I need it. It really makes me feel more run down than usual…..not doing my devotionals. So, I really need to work on it. I told Rick I wanted to get a couple’s devotional. I think that would be cool, if we did it together.

He’s becoming sooo paranoid about money lately. Today he got in the bill from the credit card company from the whole year of 2008. Everything we put on there and he gave it to me and told me to look at all the stuff we spent money on. So I did and it’s interesting to see how much “he” bought compared to “my” spending……..but he doesn’t see it that way. If it’s a high bill it must be my fault. Anywho….

He has been studying an awful lot and I’ve been the worker bee! I don’t like it one bit. And since I haven’t been working a lot it’s putting all this pressure on me because I feel like I’m being worthless. And I know I’m not. I just need to focus on God, and it’s all good. Well, in Him it will be!

My store manager told me that I will be learning the camera sooner than I think. Which is great. I want to. It’s taking forever. FOREVER! I want to take pictures and then sell to the person too. I want to do it  all. Well, not everything. I don’t want to be a manager. That wouldn’t be up on my priority list. I want to work, I don’t want to have all that pressure that they have.
Well, I love you ALL!!!