“I ain’t no holla back girl!” Candy has been singing this for as long as I’ve been around her today. She will not stop singing it. Somebody make her stop. PLEASE! It’s not that I don’t like Gwen Stefani, it’s just that I’ve heard that song sooo much lately. Don’t know why but there it is!

Well I watched the girls today. Just Mady and Taylar. Had some fun. Cleaned some floors. Good times. Good times. I don’t do windows! Actually I have washed them before. We watched some Spongebob. Can’t go wrong with Spongebob! Oh no siree bob! I watched the episode today that was the “Alaskan Bull Worm!” Funny stuff.

(Candace just put on the Gwen Stefani CD so were listening to what else? Hollaback girl!!)

Adam is coming home tonight with John and then tomorrow we are going to go garage saling. Doesn’t that sound fun? It does to me. Were actually going to wake up early and go. We haven’t been in such a long time.I’m looking for a bookcase…..and a sleigh bed. I don’t think I’m going to find the bed but I can certainly try to find one!!

Well Candy wants to call Nils. I’m going to get off the internet. Bye, I love you ALL


“Lucky for my lips not only mumble. But they spill kisses like a fountain.” This is from Shakiras album Laundry Service. I got this CD like three Christmas’ ago and I still love it. I’ve been listening to this new CD I got that has her new single “La Tortura” on it. I have been playing it over and over. I really like it. It makes me want to get up and dance. Which is kind of hard to do when you driving.

I’m feeling so much better today. I’m wearing some new jeans and a new shirt and I love that feeling you get when you wear something new. I don’t know how to explain it. It just makes you feel all good. Well I’m feelin’ it!

Last night my mom and me and John watched Crocodile Dundee. The first one. That movie rocks. If you’ve seen it don’t you think Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) is hot in a weird sort of way? I mean he is in no way comparable to Johnny Depp’s hotness but I think he’s cute. Can you believe that after that movie came out Paul Hogan left his wife for the girl in the movie? Is that ridiculous or what? Then they went on to make Crocodile Dundee 2 and then twenty years later number 3! Number 2 wasn’t as good as one was and three wasn’t that good at all. It was weird.

Anywho…..I’m watching Taylar and Mady today. Along with Xavier and Ya-ya (Yasmin). It’s a full house. Mady’s been kind of jealous. Javier and Joanne were telling me that on Monday night that Mady told them that “Holly doesn’t love me anymore. She loves Ya-ya!” Isn’t that cute. So all day today I’ve been telling Mady “I love you!” She just gives me this puppy dog face. It’s funny!

Yesterday morning my mom called me up and told me to go outside and watch the space shuttle take off. So I hearded all the kids up and as soon as it took off we all went outside and watched it. It was cool because that was the first shuttle I’ve ever seen take off. Taylar was like “That was soooo cool!” Funny stuff!
Well I love you ALL


“You don’t want to make me angry!!” Ben Stiller says that in Mystery Men. I do not know why I like that movie. It’s really not that funny. But I guess it is. I’m smiling just thinking about it so I guess it is funny to me. Who knew? Well that is definately how I am feeling right at this moment. ANGRY!

I am beyond ticked and that makes me more angry just thinking about being angry! OHMYGOSH! I am freaking out (as Taylar would put it!). Too many things going on in my head to focus. Craziness. Why can’t everything just be peaceful and Brady Bunch happy? Why? Hunh? I long for that. But I’m sure it’ll never be that way. Maybe I attract this kind of whatever. AAAAAGH!

I’m sure you know why I’m angry. If you don’t you can ask. Doesn’t mean I’m going to tell. Neener, neener, neener! I can’t stop thinking about it so I’m going to quit writing so I can get my head cleared! I love you ALL


“Leapin’ Lizards!” I haven’t seen this movie (Annie) in awhile but as I sat down to write something it came to mind. I really have no idea why. It’s not even one of my favorite movies. Anywho….on to more important topics. (Yeah right!)

I just watched Emma today. It has Gwenyth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor in it. It was soooo incredibly awesome. I love Jane Austin -esque movies. Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. My goodness, those movies are great. It really makes me want to live in those time periods when everything was wonderful; as long as you were rich! (Which I would’ve been of course!)

The movie had the sweetest love story. It’s been told a million and two times but it’s still so darn good. Two people who don’t think about loving one another and then DUH! by the end of the movie they are engaged. (I know I just gave it away didn’t I?) It almost had me balling at how wonderful it all seemed. I’m such a wimp. Or does that make me a romantic? Anywho….I’m going with wimp.

I got the Bowling for Soup CD I ordered finally. It has the videos for 1985 and Almost on it. They are soo funny. When I went to their concert I had only heard like two of their songs and now I have two of their CD’s. Crazy world we live in! I really like their sound and I want to find out the exact colors the lead singer uses in his hair. I love it! If they ever come back to Florida I would surely love to go (sans que un sur homme!!!)

I guess I shall end this fantastic post for today and say that I love you ALL


“Your really weird!” Johnny Depp as “Willy Wonka” says that to Barucka Sweets (however you spell that) dad. Oh, it was about the peanuts and the dad was asking how many people he had working or whatever and yadda yadda yadda the squirells push them down the hole.

Obviously I went and saw the remake of this movie. How many of you had seen the original 1974 (whatver year it came out) classic? I’m sure not many of you. Or if you did, you don’t remember crap: JOHN!! Gene Wilder cannot be replaced. Yes you just read correctly. I, Holly Tompkins, Johnny Depp lover and obsessor has just written that. Johnny Depp did an exceptional job as Willy Wonka but you just can’t remake this classic. It was too much like the original. Maybe if it was different yet the same I would’ve liked it alot more. Don’t know, it didn’t happen, so we’ll never know.

I want to go and see Madagascar. I still have not seen it and I really want to. Crazy, isn’t it?

Question: If you block somebodies xanga site does your name dissapear from their site? Do you understand what I just said? Well if not, email me and help me out.

Well, I can’t think of anything new to write about. So I guess I will end things here. I love you ALL


Guess what came out today???? I know, I know! If you guys do not know what came out today I DO NOT consider you my friend. So there. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came out today. Yeah! I am definately going to see it tonight. I have to, I have to, I have to. My obsession is driving me to do it. I have no power against it!!

I guess I haven’t written a quote yet for today so I will use a quote from a movie that the great Johnny Depp was in: “I don’t think I deserved that!” It’s so obviously from Pirates of the Carribean. Duh! I haven’t watched that in awhile. I’m going to have to go home and watch it.

Last night I was going to watch it and then I decided on watching “The Hot Chick” with Rob Schneider in it. But actually I didn’t because it was storming and Shotzie would not shut up. She barked everytime it thundered which was every two minutes. She was sooo scared, poor little baby. Baby wasn’t scared at all. She was just sitting next to me on the couch and we were watching VH1.

There was this show on called “Strip Search.” It’s about like 18 guys that get picked to do this strip show in Las Vegas. But the number get dwindled down to 7 during the last day. It must have been a marathon of the show because I watched alot of it. Oh! Duh. I am sooo dumb. It was just leading up to the fianle (which I also watched!). It was actually pretty good. I don’t think I’m going to go and buy a ticket to see their show right after I right this (I’ll wait a few minutes!). I would rather see the Chippendales!! Hello!

While I was watching this show I was pin-curling my hair. (I was really bored!) So I actually got it all in pins and I slept (painfully!) all night. This morning I took them out and I brushed it. It is hilarious. I had this huge afro!! I wanted to wear it to work but I thought that might scare some people away. I don’t know, maybe the black people would’ve felt a little more at home. (Did that sound racist?) I’ll have to afro it up again for everybody. I’m telling you this. I sure can make myself laugh!

I love you ALL


“Breathe…….Just Breathe.” I do not know who sings that but that song has been in my head all week. I really do not know why! It’s kind of annoying now because out of nowhere I’ll start singing it or humming it. Craziness!! I’m a weirdo. I know it!

Yesterday was Wednesday and it felt totally strange to not go to church last night. I know we wouldn’t have had anything anyway but still it was weird. Does that make sense? Well to me it does, so if it doesn’t to you; oh well! Last night though me and John, and Nils and Brock and David Adam went to Denny’s over by the college. We have to keep our tradition alive! It was interesting because it was just us. We just talked and talked. About everything really. Learned some interesting things that happened to some people (you know who you are and what we all learned!) I think the funniest thing was when we were paying to leave and were all up by the cash register and Adam, I think told John he was gay or something to that effect and the cashier was like “ok.” It was funny because we all turned to her and were like “were joking.” It was funny. One of those “you had to be there” times!

I’ve been staying at Becky’s house for the week and it’s really gone slow and flown by all at the same time. Is that possible? Well it is for me now!! I’ve watched like five movies and swam everyday. That pool is too cool. I love pools. (I feel like that retarded guy in Anchorman who says “I love lamp!”) I’m going to go swimming when I get back there again today. Yippee! If I ever get to leave here!! (Today is dragging on for me.)

The other day I was waiting for my mom to get done with work so I went to that Christian book store by the 99cent store. It’s right by the Pet Supermarket and Staples or whatever that store is. Anywho…..I went in to kill some time but they were having a sale and there were 50% off signs everywhere. It was a dream come true. A sale! Hee, hee. So I was looking at this book table and I saw this book about decisions Christians should make about abortions and euthanasia and tough stuff like that. So I bought it and it was a buck and I took it back to Becky’s and I’m reading it and it’s pretty darn interesting. Not that I”m learning alot but it makes you think and that’s groovy!  I got another book but I don’t remember the name of that one. Sorry, you’ll have to wait for another post about it when I start to read it. I’m sure your on the edge of your seats waiting for it now aren’t you?

Well I guess I’ve bored you enough today. I love you ALL