“They call me Thumper!”
Ya-Ya’s watching Alladin and Bambi is a preview. So ,obviously, I got the quote from there.

What’s new? Um….I just started going to a girls bible study. Were
studying the book of John. And I was telling Candace that I feel like
I’m the smartest one in there. I mean, I know I’m not, but biblically
smart. I know that these girls are all Christians. Some have been for a
very long time, some a few years; but still. Some of the questions they
were asking like: “Did John the Baptist write John?”  Maybe I’m
just being stupid. Whatever. I really like it so far. I can’t wait till
next week because were having a cook out. Mark’s going to be grilling!
(That’s the pastor at the church!)

Diana, D to some, wanted to get everyone from PCC together for a get
together so I (along with Candy) thought that a huge picnic would be
awesome. I wrote this on my myspace page(http://www.myspace.com/HollyDepp)
and noone has commented about it yet. So I need some feedback. Do you
guys want to have a get together?? Do you not?? Write me. Tell me.
Please. I’m thinking possibly the third week of September. Again, write

I’m going to Rock the Universe next week. I’m super excited about
that!! I mean hello; I get excited every time I go there. I’m going to
buy one of those iron on things that you can print something on. I’m
going to put a pic of the Beetlejuice show and then I’m going to write
“Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue Groupie!”  What do you guys
think?!!??! I think it’s going to be a little weird because I’m a youth
sponsor again and that’s kind of weird. I got to know alot of the girls
at the slumber party but the guys are another story. It’s weird jumping
in, in the middle of things. Weird. I don’t think I can say that
enough!! But a good weird.

Did I write about the slumber party?? I don’t think I did. Christ
Community had a girls slumber party last Friday night that I went to. I
got there a little late but it’s all good. We had a lot of fun. Played
alot of games and stayed up way late!! They put on a movie around one
am: Pride and Prejudice. Normally I would be watching that like a hawk
since Matthew McFayden’s in it but I zonked out while Elizabeth was
playing piano for Lady Whatshername?!! I woke up again when they were
married at the very very end. Then they put on Prince and Me 2 and I
didn’t even make it through all begining credits!! I woke up at like
seven. Blah! Overall a great time had by all.

So….Ernesto’s here. Whoopidy doo!! It’s raining. Wow. I’m shocked.
Amazed. Awed. Whatever. Hopefully we’ll get a good hurricaine to come
and blow us away!! (No damage just some amazing wind and storm! Bring
it ON!!
I love you ALL


“Does you chain hang low,
Does it wobble to and fro,
Does it shine in the light,
Is it platinum, is it gold?
Can you throw it over you shoulder,
If ya had to make it go,
Does your chain hang low?”

JIBBS. That’s the “artists” name. I use that term loosely!!!
I think this song is hilarious. It made Yahoo’s number 1 download for ringtones this past week. Wow. Amazing.

So what’s new?? Not much. Someone sent me this site. It is awesome and
everyone should go check it out. As long as you can watch short clips!!
It made me jump. I hope it works for everyone!

Did everyone see that they have a new season of Laguna Beach?? Did
anybody else care?? I saw about five minutes of it before I had to
check on YaYa. Interesting. Jessica was there and Taylor and Alex. They
were badmouthing Kristen and Lauren and Jason. They said that Lauren
and Jason got fat!! How funny!!!

So that’s about it for now. I have choir practice tonight so that should be fun.
Oh, go to my myspace page and check it out. I’ve changed it up a little!!! http://www.myspace.com/hollydepp
Check out my latest blog!! Please!!!
Love you all


“That guys looking right at me!”

This was said by me on Friday night while I was at the airport picking up Bobby. I had just pulled in to the arriving flight section. I had shut the engine off and was standing beside my car while Candy sat in the front seat with two dozen roses! I looked to my left and there about 70 feet away stood this rent-a-cop (John) and he had a whistle and looked right at me. So I got back in the car and had to circle the airport. Long story short: Had to circle again before Bobby got out.

Saturday I woke up and me and Candy went to UCF so she could figure out where her classes were and so she wouldn’t get lost. So we ran through her itenary a couple of times, checked out the reflecting pond (not as bad as I thought originally) and then we left.

We drove over to Universal but first we stopped at McDonalds and had some lunch. Then on to Universal where we had a great time. Saw the show (of course) and that was awesome. (I don’t think I can go to Universal and not see the show!!) Rode some rides. Went and saw Barnyard.

Funny, interesting, and scary. That is how I would describe this movie! It did have some funny parts  (The mule kicking the vegetarian farmer three times!), it was really interesting to see a male cow with udders, and scary as crap becuase of those stupid coyotes!! Candace and I jumped when they first came out. They jumped right out of some bushes and it was frightening. To me and her at least. Maybe you guys wouldn’t think so.

So got home….watched Little Women (with Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, Claire Danes, Susan Surandon and Christian Bale!!). I saw Christian Bale’s name and I sat up and said “Holy Crap!!! Batman’s in Little Women!!!” Very interesting right there.  Very. Went to bed and then on Sunday I went to church.

I’m in the choir and we sang. I wasn’t really nervous because I still don’t know many people that go there. I saw the Bakers and that made me a little nervous. But, I did fine. Nothing exciting there. Drove home expecting to go to IOA with mom but she wasn’t feeling up to going there so we ended up watching some tv and then I asked mom if she wanted to go to a movie. She did so went and saw Zoom. The one with Tim Allen. It wasn’t bad at all. I really like Tim Allen so it was good. Definately a family film. Everyone can see that one! I can’t wait for Santa Clause 3 to come out. I love Martin Short. So put him and Tim Allen together in a movie and you can’t go wrong!!

So after that I went back to church because I think I am going to help out with youth again. They were having a back to school event so it was kinda crazy. I wasn’t shocked or anything but they only had like 50 kids. Normally they only have 40. But, um….not too exciting. I actually can’t wait to start helping out again. I miss hanging out with the youth group. There planning on going to Rock the Universe. I can’t wait for that! But they meet on Sunday nights. Which really isn’t a problem. I used to wish that PCC met on Sunday nights instead of Wednesdays.

Now I am at work. Got a new desk so yesterday was really straightening up the office but Judy wanted it another way so we are working on that today as well!! Oh, what fun. (It actually is.) Went and ate at Fronters yesterday. I didn’t tell mom because I didn’t bring her anything!!! Sorry mom. Maybe I’ll get to meet Prince Ali (as Judy calls him!). Have to see on that!! I love you ALL


“Where’s the boot?”
This is from some silly little princess book that Yazmine just got.
It’s one of those, it gives you a list of things to find, and you find
them! Well, a boot is one of them. Yazmine’s pretty smart. She’s found

So what’s new? Um……not a whole lot. I mean I go to work Monday
through Friday and then on Saturday I go to IOA and Universal and then
on Sunday I go to church and sometimes IOA and Universal. Exciting life
I lead! I know.

Oh, I joined the choir at Christ Community. That’s pretty groovy. I’m
really nervous because were going to be singing this Sunday and I’m in
the front row. Kinda nervous. Big time. But it’ll be alright.

I joined the church. That’s kind of old news. It’s been a few weeks. Well, thinking back, it’s only been two weeks!

I’m thinking of getting back involved with the youth group there. I’ve
spoken to the youth minister a few times. I’m going to check out the
youth group this Sunday night. There havinga big back to school thing
so I’ll be there. Sounds fun now. I’ll probaly be pretty nervous Sunday

I saw Talledega Nights. Can’t remember if I said that last post or not.
FUNNY!! Something I’m sure I didn’t mention: There was a group of guys
that were all dressed as Will Ferrell charachters! Ron Burgundy, Elf,
Robert Goulet…..the list goes on. It was very funny to see. I wish I
would’ve taken a picture because that was hilarious!!

I guess I can’t think of anything to say…..I won’t talk about
Universal or Beetlejuice at all. So that’s it then….I love you ALL


“I feel like I have just been violated!”
Where else did this come from? The show you might say? But no. It came
from me……while watching the Beetlejuice show! Hip, or Hop, did this
like dip/bow right in front of me and I got a glimpse of her “upper
torso!” Not cool. Way too much!

That day me and Candy saw the show three times. Once to record it and
then once so I could actually watch the show. And another time just for
fun. Different cast the third show. Anywho…the second show was
hilarious. Beetlejuice dropped his teeth! Right in front of Bride and
then again when he’s trying to hold back Frankenstein. It was
hilarious. Very very funny. And then Dracula kept looking at
Beetlejuice and Beetlejuice kept looking at Dracula and they both
couldn’t stop laughing. Dracula at least had his cape to cover his
face!! We were laughing through the whole thing!!

Oh. Dracula touched my arm. Oh yeah. I don’t think I’ve written about that but if I have; sorry. It’s exciting stuff for me.

We all went to Bennigans last night. Interesting stuff. Good
time….once we got our food. The waiter tried to tell me something
about Pirates that I already know. Stupid idiot! He liked to talk and
he did have an awesome pirates belt on.

Then we helped Adam move to his new room. It’s nice. It’s supposed to
be an R.A.’s room but they didn’t want it so Adam gets it. There’s
three bedrooms and he gets one to himself. Nice. It’ll never be clean
I’m sure.

Can’t wait for Talledaga Nights/ The Ballad of Ricky Bobby to come out. I want to see that opening day!! Go Will Ferrell.

Windy C. If your reading this happy anniversary!! Wow…..seems like it
was yesterday that we all missed your wedding! (That sounds kind of
rude but I meant because of our van’s flat tire….)

On the radio yesterday they were talking about some news cast up in NY
that happened live. These two guys were demonstrating that you can
steal a bike from anywhere. Doesn’t matter if it’s chained up or not.
So this lady anchor is outside with them (live) and there cutting
through the chain and all of a sudden one of the guys drops down on the
ground and you see blood on him and the lady starts freaking out.
Yelling at the guy sawing to stop. The guy on the ground who’s
screaming jumps up and is like: “It’s just a joke.” The anchor is like
“that’s not funny. There are kids watching. Not cool!” It goes on and
on. Funny stuff. Go to  http://www.mjmorningshow.com to watch the whole thing.

So I’m really tired today and tonight I woke up thinking that I was
going to go to bed early but then I remember that I’m joining the choir
at Christ Community so I have to go to practice tonight at seven
thirty. So I won’t get home till probaly nine if it’s only an hour
long. But who knows? I guess I will find out tonight. I’ll write more
some other day….I love you ALL