I’ve been trying to think of a quote and my mind is, as usual, drawing a blank. I know that’s a big surprise to everyone, isn’t it? Anywho……..let me think. Could be awhile. Oh, ok. I’ve got one.

“That looks bad.”
This was sad to me on Saturday afternoon by my loving husband Ulrik. He had just seen my stupidity as marked on my arm by the oven. (I burned myself.) Not on purpose mind you…..accident. Stupid me!! See, I had just taken the casserole out of the oven to cool and like an idiot lifted my hand a little too soon!

Mom and dad and Ursula came over on Saturday to eat dinner with us. The first time we’ve had anyone over. Exciting stuff. So I thought I would make something new. Saw the pictures in the recipe book and tried them out. Chicken lasagna and Sweet potatoes with apples. Very yummy stuff if I do say so myself. I was a real idiot when I first put them in the oven. I was trying to time it just right for it to be done when people got there. I put them in the oven and I turned it on. I waited and waited and the light didn’t come on. The oven didn’t get hot. I went to down to the office and asked Ulrik if there was something special you had to do to turn the oven on. He was like no. But he came up to the kitchen and looked at it for me. Loe and behold, Holly forgot to turn the other knob (the one that actually turns it on) on.

So anywho things got cooked and everything turned out really good. Mom and dad brought me some jelly beans which I am eating now. Yummy, yummy!! And Ursula brought me some flowers from her garden. Very pretty ones with thorns….ouchy again. They actually did the dishes when we were done too so everything was great. Hee, hee. I think they should come over more often!!!

I made this awesome breakfast casserole this morning. Well I think it’s awesome. Ulrik had an emergency call and he had to leave while I was making it so he’ll have to eat it when he gets back. I was cooking the bacon for it when he got his call and he kept on eating every piece that would be done. As soon as I’d set the bacon on the paper towel he’d snatch it up! I quit making it till he left!! Not actually. I just quit taking it out of the frying pan! Maybe tonight I’ll try this chili recipe I saw in the same book as the lasagna casserole. Maybe. It sounds easy enough.

It’s about one so I guess I’ll end things here. I have to leave in thirty minutes to go pick up Yazmine and then head into work….oh the life! I love you ALL


“How’s married life?”

This is the question I have been asked more times lately, and with good reason I guess, than I can count. It seems everyone, and I do mean everyone seems to ask me this. I swear in one day I got asked it four times and twice by the same person. Oh, what in the heck does it all mean? Well, I don’t know. I guess I do know. People are curious. Candy and I were just talking today about a friend of ours who is married and without thinking I asked “how’s married life treating her?” It just pops out without thinking. Or honestly caring what the answer is. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I want to know how she’s doing. I just don’t care about the whole “married life” thing. Does that make sense? Probably not but does that matter? Anywho…..point of the story is I don’t care that people ask me; just only once a day please!

I haven’t gotten everything organized yet. I know, I know. Those that know me and my OCD tendencies are probably going “what on earth is Holly doing with all her time?” And for those of you with dirty minds, no that is not all I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong……anywho…………I won’t go there. I have been SLOWLY organizing things. Like yesterday I accomplished cleaning the kitchen. Well, when I say “clean” I mean organize. Technically I did clean a little bit. I’m sure I could’ve cleaned the floor but hey who’s counting……or whatever. I kicked butt on it too. I moved stuff like there was no tomorrow; now Ulrik won’t be able to find anything!! Yeah right.

The bedroom is almost done. We both did some serious arranging yesterday. I ended up dropping the dresser on his foot so that was some excitement. Not really for him, but for me. If your reading this sweetheart, I really am sorry! Anywho. There’s still one container kind of in the middle of the floor that needs moved but to where? And what do I do with the stuff inside it? So many questions. So few answers. Finally got the PS hooked up. Didn’t play anything on it yet but it’s hooked up!! Hoorah!! Hooked up the Xbox and when I say it got hooked up, I mean Ulrik did it. I sat on the bed and watched. Looked for the cable so I can at least say I helped, right? After it was all up and running found DDR inside and that’s it. I have no other games for Xbox. I was hoping I had HALO. Where is HALO Adam?? Do you have it? I want it. Now. I want to show Ulrik how good I am at it. And then I can have someone to beat!!!!! Hee, Hee!!!!

The other day I was very homesick. I missed my mommy. I miss you mommy!!! I saw her today and that was good and her and dad are coming over on Saturday so that’s good. It’s really weird, ya know? I’ve always, technically, lived with them and then in one day I move everything (okay, so it’s an ongoing move) and I don’t live with them anymore. Strange. I’ve lived in a college dorm but it wasn’t the same. I knew that eventually I’d live back with them and see them like everyday and now I don’t. It’s a strange weird reality. Tough to get used to. Not really tough, well yeah, it is actually.

I got an awesome new recipie book at Borders the other day. Only two ninety nine. What a deal! Can’t wait to try out some recipies. On Wednesday, Ulrik is off his fruit and vegetable cleansing diet (don’t ask) and gradually he can eat “real” food. So it’ll be a few days still before I can think of cooking fun stuff!! I can’t wait. I’m actually very excited about cooking. I’m sure that’ll get old kinda quick because I don’t get off work till six most nights but I hope it doesn’t become old, or boring. I want to love it forever. I think I’m going to end it here. My eyes are getting tired and I have to go to the bathroom. I love you ALL


“Here comes the bride,
all dressed in white………”

I honestly have no idea the other “real” words to that song!! “Where is the groom? He’s in the dressing room. Why is there? He’s in his underwear.” Those are the words I know………and love. Well, the big day has come and gone. One week today. I can’t believe it’s been a week. It actually feels like it’s been longer. Not very long, just longer.

Me and Candy spent the night at Ursula’s house the night before……fun times. We woke up at seven forty five I think. We had to pick up the cake at eight, but we were actually going to pick it up at eight thirty. Ursula woke us up at forty five after so we decided to get up. She made us some amazing toast with the greatest jelly on it. I’m telling you, whatever jelly that is, I want it!! Big time. Ask Candace. I loved it. So anywho…..we went to Bread and Bun (where the cake was made) and picked it up and then we went to Gaby and Faith’s (where the wedding was). Brought everything in that needed to come in and then we got back in the car to go set up signs.

On the way out of the driveway Ulrik called and said he was close so we were dodging and weaving around back roads trying not to run into him. We were successful and we didn’t see each other. Me and Candy put up one sign and then we decided to go to WalMart to look at flowers. Side story: I had sunflowers ordered and some major crisis came up at the florists and they didn’t order them so I didn’t have real sunflowers. Which is ok…..just a side story there on why I had to go look at flowers. We looked around. Bought some. Decided to go to Chic-Fil-A for a morning snack. Ended up seeing someone I knew in the drive thru and that was nice. Got my sandwich and Candy’s and we headed back towards the house. We put up signs along the way (Hard place to find!).

We arrived back at the house and I set to work putting ribbons on bubbles while staying away from Ulrik two rooms away. I watched everyone else get the food read which was nice but a little frustrating since I wanted it my way. Though Danielle did an excellent job cutting the wraps!!! Not to thick, not too thin!! Everyone that helped was amazing. After I finished the ribbon I sat down and just chilled.
I didn’t move till about an hour before the wedding when I went into Faith’s room to start getting ready. I had Danielle do my hair and it turned out awesome. I put on my makeup while the photographer, a friend of Ulriks, snapped away. It was awesome. What a great time I had. I didn’t stress at all. I wasn’t nervous or anything. Good times. About ten minutes till one Faith came in and said everyone was ready. I told her I was too!!!
So finally at one I head the music and my dad walked me down the aisle to my soon to be husband. I kept my eyes on him the whole way, while trying not to let my heels sink into the ground!! My dad hugged me and walked back to his seat and Pastor Tom started the service! It was great. Everything was wonderful. We did the unity sand and that was hilarious because Pastor Tom would say pour some and then he’d say STOP! Funny. Neither one of us cried which was great because I think I would’ve started had he have cried!! Once were announced as Mr. and Mrs Ulrik Naujokat we walked back into the house and I was smiling sooooo big!!!! It was great! After everyone came in and we signed the license we went back outside for pictures and that took awhile but who cares. I’ve got awesome pictures now!!
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We cut cake. We got toasted. Awesome.
Honeymoon was awesome…….good story. Funny story. Can’t write it on here but if you ask me I might tell you. And no mom, I’m not telling you. I mean Candy or Danielle!! Well, maybe I’ll tell you. I’ll have to think about it!!
I love you ALL