“What will people think?”
I’ve been listening to DC Talk’s greatest hits album! Love it. Three times and counting!!

This weekend was interesting. Friday I was on call and ended up not going in to work. So, we spent the day packing up the truck and getting ready to go to Leesburg. It was bikefest there this past weekend and we had planned to go. We went to Joe and Sammi’s house so we could pick them up and take them. Once we got there Sammi and Jeanne were packing up her car so they could drive seperately. They went ahead and left and Joe and me and Rick headed to Subway to get me a sandwich. I was hungry. Then we headed to the nearest store to pick up a few things. And after that we started our trip to Leesburg. Joe was showing Rick how to get there and Rick was funny. He missed a turn because Joe didn’t tell him to turn until after we had passed the street.

Once we got there I put the tent up and then I put up Joe and Sammi’s. Only because I knew how to do it and Joe acts like he does, but he really doesn’t!! We were hanging out and then some of the “bikers” showed up that are friends of friends. They didn’t know how to put up their tent so I ended up doing that as well.

Dewey and Tippy were having a great time. Until people started showing up. Tippy was barking at everyone. Dewey didn’t know what was going on and acted like the stupidest animal of all time. I had to put Tippy in our tent because she wouldn’t stop barking at everyone. She actually did really fine in the tent. After that I asked Sammi if she wanted to go to the store with me so we could buy stuff for dinner. We decided on hamburgers and got all the fixin’s and then I bought breakfast materials. Eggs, bacon, bread……all the yummy stuff. Joe cooked and we all got full!!

Later that night we were all sitting around the campfire and I had Tippy and Dewey tied up by a tree. One of the “bikers” went inside and as she walked by Tippy, Tippy snapped at her. Amy (names have been changed to protect the annoying) was like “ouch.” Then she went into saying how it didn’t hurt. She was fine. Then the next thing she said was that stupid dog and back again to how cute she was but how annoying she was being. It was driving me bokers so I ended up taking Tippy with me around the yard for a walk. I think a little too much alcohol does nobody any good!!

On Saturday we woke up way way too early. Stupid dogs and having to go outside! And the air mattress ran out of air and we were on the floor in the morning. At nine I called into work to see if I had to go in. Judy told me no so I started to relax. An hour later Judy called me back saying that they did indeed need me in that day. I hurried up and got ready and headed off. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get there!! And it was busy all day!! I didn’t get to sit. Very rough. I was relaxed and then I was thrown into a whirlwind!! Once I got back I was tired.

Apparently while I was gone a whole bunch had happened. Rick and “Amy” had gotten into a tiff about the night before and she started yelling, and Rick started yelling. Everything was blown way out of proportion it seemed. I was trying to keep everyone cool and no one said anything else that night!! We went to bed early that night and two hours later I woke up with the sickest feeling ever!!! I was stuck in the house. Unfortunately there was only one bathroom amongst us all!! Not a good night for me! I drank almost a whole bottle of pepto bismol.

When we woke up on Sunday we were just lounging about and around ten thity the “bikers” packed up lickity split and left. Joe was still sleeping and they didn’t even say goodbye. It was really weird and we didn’t know what to think about it! So, everyone that was left had a good time. We walked into town and watched this awesome dog show that I had seen years ago at Celebration’s Dog days. It was with frisbees and Dewey and Tippy were crying. They wanted to go up on stage soooo bad!! Dewey saw those frisbee’s and he was trying to break free!
Well, I guess I’ll write more late, alligator!
I love you ALL



What have I, in this life
But the love, in your eyes
This empty world, will one day fade
Only your truth, will remain

Jesus all I have is you. You’re the hope I’m holding to
I might weep, but still my faith rests in you
As the heavens hold the skies, It’s your hand that holds my life
And you love will lead me on when all else is gone

That song is called All I have by Tim Dobbelmann and some other guys. Very good song. We played this at church this past Sunday. It is very powerful. All about hope and that has been the theme of the sermons this month at church. Hope.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU5ZrcqdVDw

It gave me hope. Sometimes I don’t feel “spiritual.” And this song really spoke to me.

So, Easter Sunday was definitely not like it was supposed to be!! We were planning on going to Sea World for the sunrise service and we did not make it. Friday night I called Adam and Danielle to talk to mom and dad since they were going to be there. Well they weren’t. The truck had broken down and they had to take it to the dealer to be fixed. So on Saturday mom called me at work and told me that they were going to go up to Adam and Danielle’s that night instead and they weren’t going to go to Sea World. Ok, I said. I would drive up to Adam’s after work. I didn’t get off till seven thirty. Well, I actually didn’t get off till nine pm. I called work and told him I would be home in an hour and wondered if he wanted to go to Lake Butler with me. He went on about how he didn’t have much warning.
 When I got home he was on the phone so I went up and packed a bag of clothes for me and one for him. Once he was off the phone I asked if he was going. He said he didn’t think so so I said bye. Took my bag out to the car and I kissed Rick goodbye and told him that I wished he was coming with me. He said he wanted me to stay with him and not go. We went back and forth with him laying a huge guilt trip on me practically telling me that I loved my family more then him. I was feeling bad anyways and he just toppled more on top. He asked if I had put oil in the truck at mom and dad’s house where I reminded him that I hadn’t gone to their house.
 So, after that I head in the house because I know I only have a quarter tank of gas and I doubt I can make it there and back with that! I called mom and dad and told them I wasn’t going to make it up there. I was balling my eyes out. I wish I could’ve gone. Life is soooo frustrating some times. So mom and dad came over after church on Easter Sunday. I cooked some yummy spaghetti alfredo and baked potatoes. I’m glad they came over so I could still see them!!

 I stopped taking the pill. Woo-hoo. I’m hoping my mood swings stop completely!! Doesn’t mean were planning on getting pregnant right away. So, if your reading this and thinking that; get it out of your head!!! I think the thought of being pregnant kind of scares me now. I want kids, sure. But being pregnant scares me. I hope I get over that soon. Really soon!! I’m sure God will help me out with that! I have to have some hope!
I love you ALL