True Surrender

Matthew 19 today and boy what a culmination of the whole week’s worth of teaching rolling together in one huge ball today! Complete and true surrender. That is all it takes.

Sunday during Bible Study time we are going through Lisa Terkeurst’s book “The Best Yes.” This lesson was on “one wise woman” in second Samuel. Making godly decisions and being wise. What is the best yes for me at this time and what can I cut back on or out completely out of my life to help me make those right and wise decisions? We’ve learned that God’s Word is wisdom. True and complete wisdom. Nothing hard to believe about that. But actually putting things into practice is always another story, right?

Well, then on Wednesday night we’ve been going over True Spirituality (w/ Chip Ingram) following through Romans 12. Last night we dissected verse one. Just one verse, but oh so powerful. Sometimes there are risks in Christianity but the rewards may be great. They are great. Heaven sounds pretty awesome and great. That being the major reward, I think. But what does it take to be a Romans 12 Christian? Risks. And being able to say yes to those risks and trusting in God. Having a complete surrender towards Him. And only Him. Not to ourselves and our earthly desires and pleasures. Surrender = True Commitment.


We learned also how to deal with risks in your Christian life. You need: Truth, Knowledge and Faith.

So, moving away from last night’s study and then this morning I get out my bible to read the chapter I’m on: 19 in Matthew. Reading through the story of the rich young ruler really brought things together for me. This guy thought he was all that (and a bag of potato chips) and said that he kept all the commandments but when Jesus tells him to SURRENDER his earthly-no-good-probably-pricey things he leaves saddened because he had “great possessions.”

All it takes is surrendering to Him. Everything, every part of my life, every item that I own, even my own children. I surrender them to the one who makes me whole, the one who gives me life, the one who stores up our riches in heaven. The ONE and ONLY. Jesus.
True Surrender? Yes please.


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