“I’m just a sweet transvestite
from Transexual Transylvania………”

I mentioned this movie earlier to Ulrik and now it’s stuck in my head. The whole movie!! I can’t say what he thought of the movie or else he might be shunned from my family……

On the Friday after Thanksgiving everyone…….well not everyone…..came over and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Candy, mom and me rocked!! We did all(the ones we could remember) of the audience participation. Some we aren’t allowed to say. I have to say that I miss the Tribute show alot. I miss Riff Raff! I just want to hear him sing one more time!! That was soooo good.

Anywho….after the movie we played “Psychiatrist.” And before you go off and think we were playing “doctor,” let me just say that my mom was there!! The first time everyone’s problem was that they were the person to the left of them. And Ulrik was to the right of me so he was pretending to be me. Following? During the game mom, I think, asked him (and he was actually me) if he had any mental illness’. And he said yes!!! I don’t remember exactly what I did but I thought it was funny afterwards. I remember asking him if he thought I did have a mental illness! Mom didn’t really get the game. She thought we actually had “problems!”

Today is Danielle’s birthday. That’s all I have to say about that. That and there will be no alcohol Danielle, so if your reading this……don’t worry! Or should you worry??? I’m sure I’ll have more to write tomorrow…………..

I’m soooooo extremely tired. This week has been crazy and it should be the last week of craziness!! Hopefully. The play starts on Sunday and that’s awesome. I swear I do have like ten people coming……Um……mom and dad, Ulrik, Adam and Danielle…..Candy and Nils……Wow, seemed like a lot more. Anywho. I can’t wait for it to start. We practiced with our mikes last time and tomorrow morning is our dress rehearsal. I’m really really excited about that. I can’t wait to try on my outfit. I’m wearing my black sexy sexy pants (Sarah called them that…..I don’t walk around calling them that!!). I’m wearing this long sleeve red shirt (that’s brand new) and a jacket like thingy that’s greenish and has a red line it kinda…..(it’s also new too!). I think I’m just wearing black socks and no shoes. Unless I find something between now and tomorrow morning. Which I doubt I will. Sarah said I could go shoeless and I think I will!! As long as I don’t go shirtless!!

Tomorrow night I’m going to watch some friends of Ulriks in Leesburg? I can’t remember where……it seems like it’s far away. Anywho….this one friend, James, is in a band. And there performing. So I think that’s cool. I’ve heard two of there songs I think. Well, I mean I know I’ve heard two of there songs. I don’t think I’ve heard more than that. Oh, and I’ve seen a music video they did. So I guess I’ve three songs. Holy cow. I can’t get it right.

On Sunday I’m going to be wearing a skirt. Isn’t that crazy? It’s not really, but it’s the first time I’ve work one while playing my bass. I just find it funny I guess. I don’t know why at all!! It’s kinda stupid to be writing about……while am I still writing about it???
I’ll end it here then. I love you ALL


“Your making my stomach sick!”

This is what my mom said on Monday night as I was up on the roof putting Christmas lights on. On the roof, not me! It went really fast. Ulrik came over too and that’s a good story right there but I won’t go into details! Um….. I had a blast. I still have to work on them. Maybe tonight. Maybe not. I’m not going to leave Winter Haven till after nine so it probaly won’t be tonight. But I’ve got high hopes……high in the sky apple pie hopes. (That’s an old Religious Ed. song that I’m sure nobody but mom and Candy knows!) Christmas time is sooooo much fun. I love decorating and getting everything ready and putting up lights and setting up the tree. I love it all. Buying the presents……I LOVE IT ALL!! I am behind on my shopping. I still have six people to buy something for and I know what I’m getting for each person. So, I think that goes a long way right there. Me knowing what I’m buying for them. Well, I will admit that I don’t know what I’m getting for one person but it’s more of a I can’t choose between this or that. Maybe I’ll just get both. We’ll have to see.

Well, I have to say that I know that I’m going to marry Ulrik. And I’m not the least bit nervous or anything. Isnt’ that awesome. I was re-reading some old blogs back in the old days when someone else was on my mind and I was writing that I was nervous and all that:  “I’m starting to get really anxious…” and “…is it normal to be sad and anxious and scared…” So, anywho…….I’m not any of those things. I’m excited, elated. Ecstatic. Overjoyed. Ready. In love! Now the question is when. But that shall be another blog…..possibly after the question is actually asked. (Which if your reading this and I know you are….I don’t want to know when!)

I’m going to end it here. I love you ALL


“I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’mmmmmmm ready!”

This is from Spongebob Squarepants. I’m pretty sure there are only a limited few that know where and who says this. I’m sure most of you can guess who. Spongebob says it. I can’t exactly remember when. I’ll have to get out season 1 and 2 and re-watch them! I’ll have to get Ulrik into watching them with me. I did make him watch one episode the other day. I don’t think he enjoyed it very much. He says it’s ok, but he didn’t sound enthused about it. We’ll have to change that.

I took the day off today and Ulrik is over here relaxing with me. We watched Black Knight earlier. It’s a funny movie. Martin Lawrence is pretty funny. Were going to check out his camera after we eat something. I can’t wait.

The dogs will not stop barking. I can’t believe how weird they’ve been this week. Usually when Becky leaves there really good and just sit around and not much else. This week they’ve been rambunctious and barking and fighting with each other non stop. I am getting tired of it. But oh well. Such is life, I guess. I love watching Becky’s house. I can’t believe there selling it.

The Christmas play is coming up fast. Ulrik came on Saturday with me and watched practice and took some pictures. It went really well. We had the case of the giggles for awhile but hopefully that will go away during the play. We have practice Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Saturday morning. This Sunday is the first night and that’s cool. I can’t wait for it to begin. It seems like we’ve been working on it forever. I know everything will go well. Practice’s have been going good. On Wednesday night we have to practice with the choir, so that should be interesting.

At least after the play things should slow down a little. I’ll have more time with Ulrik. That’ll be good. Things are great. Things are super duper.

Next Sunday were going to Dixie Stampede to see the Christmas show. John is amazing for getting us in or whatever part he played in it. I’ve only been once. This past May and that was awesome because we got them to say Happy Birthday to me over the announcements. Pretty fun time. The picture they took was hilarious because Bobby and Judy went with us along with Danielle and Adam and it has my mom and dad in these rocking chairs and it looks like Bobby and Judy are there slaves. It’s hilarious. They say the Christmas show is way better than the normal show so that is something to look forward to.
Well I love you ALL


“I’ll praise you in this storm.
And I will lift my hands,
For you are who you are.
No matter where I am.”

I’m listening to it while I type. This week has been crazy. Judy’s dad is coming in as we speak (as I write) and Bobby’s brother is coming down tomorrow. Holy cow. It’s crazy. I don’t know what other word to say. Or words to describe the craziness that’s been going on. Getting everything ready is blah. But we’ve had our “breaks!”
I told Sarah once that since Bobby and me don’t smoke and take smoking breaks we take “PS2 breaks.” We’ve been playing this game Black which were tyring to beat on Black Ops which is the hardest level it has. Anywho……..we decided to switch games yesterday. Bobby got out Starsky and Hutch! He drives while I shoot!! Hilarious. We were cracking up….. in between him yelling at me to shoot straight and me yelling at him to drive straight!!! Definately had a good time.

Went to Ulriks last night. Looked at some photos. I have to say it was great. Just reading through what other people wrote about him. And let me tell you……no boys wrote in his yearbooks! (Ok, maybe one.) But all the girls wrote things like “Your such a sweet guy,” “Your such a nice guy.” Stuff like that. It was sweet! And nice! Fun times. Then we watched some old Three Stooges videos online he had downloaded. He thinks there hilarious. It was fun seeing him laugh that hard! I didn’t find them as funny as he did but that’s ok.

Tonight is play practice and it’s coming down to it. Only a few more practices left. I’m soooo excited.
I’m gonna go. I just found out that Ulriks mom is going to come to our house for Thanksgiving and that makes me super excited!! I love you ALL


“I said: what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
And she said: I think I remember the film

This used to be my favorite song. When it came out. It kinda just popped into my head. Now the lullaby song is in my head. “I’ll sing to you a lullaby.” I love that guys voice. So nice to listen to.

Did I write about my guitar drama? If I didn’t, and I can’ remember right now, I will give you the cliff notes version: Played Sunday, feddbacky noise my fault, bolt loose on the inside. There ya go. So I was telling Ulrik(Rick) about it and he said to bring it over. So on Wednesday night I brought my baby over there and he had bought me new strings and he set about tearing my guitar apart. Just kidding. He did have to take pieces off but so would’ve anybody. So he did it perfectly. Since I have new strings I apparently have to re-tune every freakin’ day!! But isn’t that amazing?

Thursday night practice was good. We knew all the songs. I had mom help me tune in the morning before I left but we still had to stop during the songs and tune again. It wasn’t frustrating or anything. Everyone was cool with it. I’m in a new spot on stage which is exciting. I’m kinda in the middle next to the drums. I’m excited about it because now if anybody comes to church with me they can actually see ME and not the tree I stood behind!! Not that that’s why people come to the church…..I know.

So Thursday night I think it was mom asked if me and Ulrik were boyfriend/girlfriend. I was like we haven’t even been out on two dates. Though I will say that it feels like we have. She was like, well you’ve been over to his house so I think that bumps your relationship status up. (She didn’t say it as cool as I just wrote it. Trying to make mama T sound cool!) So, I don’t know if we are or not. I’m going to ask tonight. Is that in itself stupid to do? It’s not, right? People other than jr. highers ask, right? Well if not than oh well.

I’m excited about tonight. I was telling Sarah I was thinking about it (tonight and Ulrik) and I sighed. She laughed and laughed. It was more giggling than laughing but anywho you get the point.
I’m going to end it here. I should be trying to figure out the stupid printer but I’m slacking off right now. I love you ALL


“Jesus,  bring the rain.”

This is by MercyMe. I heard it on Z88.3 this morning. I really like it. What song has MercyMe came out with that wasn’t a hit? So, the radio stations do get a little over zealous in playing them. If I hear I can Only Imagine again I’ll scream. I swear they play it all the time. ALL THE TIME! Anywho…..dragging that out there a bit.

Tent day was awesome at church. I had a really great time. Most of it anyways. I got up extra early so I could be there at seven thirty. I made it in time and I went right on out to the stage and set up my bass. I noticed my screw was loose and I tried tightening it. Helped get things ready…..wrote numbers on tickets. Joy to the World. 250 of them. That’s right. My poor little fingers. While I was writing this one guy came up and he’s kinda slow (or something) and he would not stop talking to me. Lucky Sarah got away from him but then he started pestering me. My goodness!! Finally he left and this girl, Samantha?, came over and said she was just coming over to save me from him!! She’s soooo sweet.

Playing was good but right at the beginning the sound guy came up to change my chord since I was making a “noise.” Well, he just ended up tightening the screw and didn’t change the chord. So, there was some tense moments up there because I would hear a noise and think it was my bass making it. Which I don’t think it was my fault 100% of the time. So when I sat down I was frustrated because I thought I was horrible. Turns out people could actually hear me this Sunday. That’s good.

So now this Wednesday I’m taking it to be fixed…..hopefully. Rick, or Ulrik (can’t decide which one I like better) said he can fix it. So we shall see……..I trust he can. He’s really smart. And were going on another date. So…..

I’m going to end it here. I love you ALL


“Turn me around
Pick me up
Undo what I’ve become
bring me back to the place of forgiveness and grace
I need you, need your help
I can’t do this myself
Your the only one who can undo what I’ve become”

This is Rush of Fools: “Undo.”  http://www.youtube.com/v/fVIMd_E8VS0&rel=1

Heard it on the radio. Liked it.

Was listening to Z88.3 this morning. Don’t really like the station because I’m not in their demographic (30’s soccer mom).

Short blog. I love you ALL