“Laffy Taffy…..shake that Laffy Taffy……”

This is a song that Kaylee, my niece, knows. So me and Candace and her were singing this the other day. Fun stuff. My older brother, Sheldon, his wife, Wendy, and their two kids: Kaylee, 6, and Lane ,4. Kaylee is up to Candace’s shoulder. No joke. I kid you not!!! Well, her daddy is 6′ 10″!!

They got her Saturday…….We didn’t do anything that day. Sunday we went to Disney. Had a very good time! Lane, Sheldon, me and mom rode Splash Mountain and Lane wanted to go again!! What a cutie. We went to Magic Kingdom and then we went to Animal Kingdon and then back to Magic Kingdom. We didn’t watch the fireworks or the Spectro parade.

Monday we went to the park in Poinciana. Oh, yeah. Cool beaners. Then we went to Congo River Putt-Putting. That was really fun. Sheldon hadn’t been since he was fifteen so it was quite an experience. He actually won but with ten over the par!! I got thirteen over and Wendy got sixteen over. It was fun stuff and we all had some fun. We didn’t find all the things your supposed to find on the little scavenger hunt but oh well. We rented one of those little paddle boats and that was more work than I care to do ever!!! Ever again!

Tuesday we went to Clearwater. We probaly spend a half hour looking for a parking spot. No joke. (I think that’s my new phrase!) We went in the water and just about froze right there. Cold water!! But we went out pretty far, at least for me, and we saw some dolphins. About five. It was really worth the whole day.

Wednesday, today, we went to Downtown Disney and chilled there. Played in the water. Saw the aquarium. Rode the little ferry. Went in the stores. Lane got a little gun. Kaylee got an Aerial wig. It’s sooo cute! I put it on when we got home.

Tomorrow were going to chill, and then at night were going to Old Town. Mom and Adam are going to ride the sling shot. And I may go on the Sky Coaster. I really want to but we’ll see. Sheldon and Wendy aren’t really “ride” people so……..We’re having fun. Lots and lots of fun.

I just got an awesome letter from my little little sis Sylva in Indiana!!! Go SPAM!!!
I love you ALL


Yesterday I took my mom’s Convertible to the dealer to get some work done. (The check engine light came on.) So I took it early in the morning (eight thirty!) and I waited while they checked it out. I was in the waiting room with a gazillion chairs and a tv mounted on the wall. Blaringly loud!! On CNN, I might add! Blah, but anywho…..

I brought Jane Eyre to read since I was about half way through. I was reading it and trying to block out the tv but my little head couldn’t block it all out. So occassionally I would stop reading and glance at the tv and be disgusted. CNN was playing the same stories over and over and over. Every hour (and I was there a few) the same stories. One story was the war in Iraq (like we’ll ever quit talking about it!) and the station had two opposing people on. One, who I assume was a Liberal Democrat; who was a boy. The other I assume was a Conservative Republican; a girl. (Not for sure; don’t quote me.)

First the Republican talked and it was pretty good. If I didn’t believe him before, I would believe him now! Then the Democrat talked and his tone was so angry and mean, it was disgusting. He practically yelled everything he said. And it wasn’t even new things. He was arguing everything the other guy had said. When he was done the R. tried to say something but the D. cut him off. This happened three times and then the commentator said that they had to leave. Bye!

Next hour the very same thing comes on. There talking about the war and this time it’s a D. girl and an R boy. The commentator asked the guy, Mark Williams a question about winning the war and he answered. Again, very nicely. Not forcing anything on anybody. It was good. Then the girl whose name was Leslie Marshall talked. The first words out of her mouth were, and I quote “I think you and the President are smoking crack!” I swear it! So, I was like, holy crap!! Then she yelled, no joke, everything she said about how we should get our troops out and that we shouldn’t even be over there.

The commentator guy asked Leslie “So your saying we should cut and run?” She quieted down immediately and said “I’m not saying that ______, I’m not saying that at all.” It was sooo funny. I wanted to shoot her all the same. (Just kidding) She was really annoying but the guy tried to say something and she was just butting herself into the conversation. The guy, who is actually a radio talk show host, just smiled and let her talk. Do other Democrats and Liberals see that kind of stuff that Leslie Marshall did??? Hello!! That does not speak highly of your side! Duh

Onto other news! We took the car to get some new tires; Candace and me. We walked in there and first you have to know that we are both wearing spaghetti strap shirts (modestly!) and we walked up to the counter and waited for somebody to help us. This guy asked us what we needed, we said tires, he asked us if we knew the tire size and we both looked at each other. We said no um…there black……and round……and they spin. He was like, let’s go out and look. And when we got back inside he was saying that they wouldn’t be a certain brand and we were again like: are they black? are they round? do they spin? Funny stuff. I’ll go for now! Love you ALL


“Oh, you have dogs?”
“How many?”
“Two Labs. One white and one black.”
“I love Labs.”
“We got them for breeding.”
“Is that how you get chocolate Labs?”

Yes, that was a real conversation I was privy to. That last question was from my mom being the blonde that she isn’t! If you are still scratching your head at that, that is not how you get chocolate labs. It really isn’t. The conversation was in my mom’s office so, I think that speaks for itself!

We finished painting the living room and the kitchen. Yeah. Finally. I am sooo glad for it to be over! We kicked butt today. My dad just about fell through our plant shelf!! Funny story. Now all we have to do is put the chair rail up. Oh boy, can’t wait! Actually I can.

Sheldon and Wendy and Kaylee and Lane come down next Saturday. Yippee! I get to see my niece and nephew who are six and four. Kaylee, who is six, is probaly up to my shoulders! No joke. I can’t wait to see how big they are. Mom and dad are excited too. Of course they are. The grandkids are coming! There only grandkids. For awhile. Maybe a long while.

Hopefully I will be getting a little bit of money this week!!!!! And maybe a Lincoln Navigator???!!!! Who knows. Maybe I do. I can’t decide between the Navigator or the Expedition XLT. Oh, the choices. I really can’t decide……..oh what to do?

Deseperate Housewives is a re-run tonight so we are watching Family Guy. Next is Grey’s Anatomy. Can’t wait for that. We’ve become addicted to that show. I bought season one on DVD awhile ago and we still haven’t finished it yet! We only have one more episode to watch. We only watch it when Candy, mom and me all have enough time to watch the full episode. The other night we watched three at once!! We were all wiped out! Can’t wait to watch McDreamy!! Go Patrick Dempsey!! And George! Who doesn’t love him?? Darn you Meredith!! Darn you to Hades!

Well I guess I have gotten that out of my system! I love you ALL


“Brush your shoulders off.”

This was one of the songs playing today on the radio on my mom’s new car!!! Well, used new car. Cool beaners. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. If not……you need to see it!

I’ve started to volunteer at this Christian Outreach place on Union St. Fun stuff. I helped there one day at the soup kitchen and then from then on I’ve helped in their “clothes closet.” The people get clothes every month and it’s fun to organize and hand out things. My OCD is really useful in this setting. I’ve really had a blast helping out. Some of these people are funny. I almost saw a fight last Tuesday. Oh yeah!!

I went to an auction a few Friday’s ago. With mom. It was soooo much fun. We bid a few things but no purchases. Too bad….maybe next time. It was exciting watching people bid on things. We only stayed for an hour but the actual auction lasts four, I think. Maybe next week we’ll stay the whole time. We’ll see.

I’m extremely tired…So I’m going to go eat some poached eggs and toast, take a shower and go to sleepy poo. Oh something I did today: Went to the Loop and watched some movies there. Not too impressed. I love you ALL