What kind of platter do you want?

Reading through Matthew has been an eye opener and I’ve read so much that I’ve never read or read and didn’t remember. Like I didn’t know there were TWO instances of feeding thousands. I always thought (or was taught) that there was the five thousand and there were the twelve baskets left over and all that. And the little boy. Remember him? The one that had the fish and loaves? I always thought he belonged to feeding of the five thousand. Ha! Gotcha. It was really the feeding of the FOUR thousand. (Men, that is.) My mind has been blown, right? Well, maybe not.

What I found interesting is how much sex is a part of daily life, today and yesteryear. Even in the bible times. Case in point: the beheading of John the Baptist. If I can, and I will since I’m writing this, I want to back it up just a little bit and talk about how vail Herod was. The first one. He named his sons after him. More than one. Very interesting little tidbit for you. So, this story takes place with a Herod (a son) and his niece doing a little dance that was lascivious aka: naughty! Now, this girl was as wicked as they come. She married her Uncle and then when she went into his brother house, the brother convinced her to divorce the other guy and marry him! Wow, someone was a little misguided…..

So after this naughty dance the king who is sooo under her spell asks her to name something, ANYTHING, he can give her to repay her for this awesomeness. So, since she’s pretty wicked and knew this was going to happen and having a wicked mommy who already told her what to ask for she’s set. John the Baptist’s head on a platter. Doesn’t that just scream: HAPPY PARTY!! ? What, no? It doesn’t?
Well, the king (Herod) is actually a little saddened at her request. I think that’s one of the questions I want to ask God when I see Him. Why was he sad? Because he didn’t really want to kill John or because that’s what she asked for instead of maybe sleeping with him or jewels or something really cool?

Today I was reading in Chapter 16 about the Pharisee’s asking for a sign and Jesus telling them off that they know they shouldn’t be asking for a sign. They should be believeing.
What has been getting to me is the many times that Jesus tells his disciples and people He meets that they shouldn’t tell anybody what he does, or has done or will do. There are numerous times He says this and it really makes me question it. What does he mean by it? I know earlier in the book of Matthew He was saying that He didn’t want his death to come too early but is that still the meaning of it? Maybe it’s something really simple and I’m just not getting it.



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