Faith will rise as we wait upon the Lord……
we will wait upon the Lord, we will wait upon the Lord!

I went to Deeper Still conference this past weekend. I had an amazing time. A religious women’s conference here in Orlando at the Amway Arena (I kinda miss it being the TD Waterhouse…….anyone else?). The church me and Rick go to now, Liberty Baptist, had a group of girls go. About twenty, maybe? Not a real organized group but a group nonetheless! I actually was able to get off work and that was great. The speakers were: Kay Arthur, Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer. Awesome Godly ladies who know what there talking about.

 They had some amazing stories about their lives and how they’ve lived. Great testimonies! It was really inspiring to know that there are REAL Christian ladies out there who love the Lord and want to spend the rest of their lives serving Him! Kay spoke the first night and she is 75 years old and that alone is tremendous. She has had a rough life but through it all she taught us that we still serve an awesome God who loves us. So awesome to hear her speak. She really made a lot of sense with what she was saying too.

 I stayed the night with two pretty cool ladies from LBC and after an extremely short night! (only five hours) we were up and atem again and back in the arena to hear more of God’s teaching! Priscilla was the next lady to speak and she is energetic. She was walking around the stage and then got off and walked around by the women. (There were taping the conference for their bible study that will come out later and Orlando was chosen as the site to record it!) Her husband is amazing that he just gave up his job to do exactly what God told him to do. Very cool. And she was brave enough to just listen to His word and go with it!!

 Beth Moore was the last one to give us a message and it was pretty funny! She’s hilarious. Talking about getting Punk’d and all that! You’d have to hear her say because she has this accent and she was saying “I was punk’d y’all!” Funny….. Her message was about listening to the Holy Spirit inside us when he tells us to RUN, we had better run! Just about everything. It was great and I’m sooo awesome that I was able to go and hear them speak!
I’ll write more later…..I love you ALL!