“Your singing too high at that part.”
“You aren’t doing that right.”

These were said a couple of Wednesdays ago at choir practice by an annoying lady. Let me start at the begining of this whole little story. (Not that much to tell anyway.) I am going to choir practice again which is, I don’t want to say difficult, but it’s kinda nerve wracking. Mainly because I don’t want to sound bad and have someone tell me in front of everyone that I sound bad. Get it? Got it. Good. So I sing sort of softly because of that. I blame MOM (Yes you read that right; you have messed up my life!!!!!). All those years of saying or telling me that I couldn’t sing. Or if I wasn’t told that then it was always Candy is the singer in the family……anywho; getting off subject.

I was singing softly, and sometimes, not at all during this difficult song we were practising. This lady was sitting next to me, I think her name is Joy. Don’t remember, don’t care. (Isn’t that mean?) She sings alto too, or so she says. Her voice is sooooo loud and I can only hear her. Noone else. At this one point in the song I quit singing because it goes really high and I don’t want to sound bad. So I stopped singing and at the end of the song this lady, Joy or whatever, leans over to me and points to part where I stopped singing, and she tells me that I sang way too high for that part. I needed to go lower there. I just kinda looked at her and stared. Didn’t say anything at all, just looked. So every practice I try to sit away from her. Partly for that and partly because I can’t sing alto when she sits next to me.

So tonight at choir I’m sitting next to Elizabeth, who’s a soprano, and Joy walks in and pretty much tells Elizabeth that she needs to move to where the sopranos are singing. So she sits right next to me and that bothers me. In this song we were singing she would switch from soprano to alto during the song!! OHMYGOSH!!

I have to go right now because Nascar Primetime is on!!!
I love you ALL


The saga continues with downloading music to the computer. I thought I would be done on Saturday. But I didn’t. I ended up watching The Shining (stupid movie; though I thought the making of was better than the movie!) instead of downloading music. So on Sunday I thought I would get to do more but alas I was too lazy to do that. (I sounded good by the way. Only one or two mistakes……did I mention that already?)

Sunday night we went over to Adam and Danielle’s house to play Wii. And eat dinner. That was good. So was the Wii. I’m gonna have to get me one of those!! Does anybody know the bunny game?? I don’t know the name but that game is hilarious. I can’t find it anywhere…..anywhere being Target!

So back to top with downloading music today. I was thinking of a quote and I’ll just write what I’ve got in the computer now.
“I wanna be bad. You make bad look so good. I’ve got things on my mind”
Willa Ford. I just finished her CD actually so I’m on to Kanye West. And obviously, if your checking, these are not in order. So I’m gonna get back to downloading and being bored!

I have finally learned how to put music on my phone. Isn’t that exciting? I think it is. It has taken two trips to the phone store to talk to Gary; the amazing phone guy. Now I know where I was wrong (aparently you need a USB cord. Who knew?). So I’m ready. Ready to finsih.

Gonna Go. I love you ALL




I’m downloading music for my IPod again. If ya didn’t know, which many people didn’t I guess, but I(or Candace) did something and all my music got erased on the computer. Therefore when I plugged my IPod in to charge it, it erased it. So I’ve gotten most of the music on there but I’ve gone through my CD’s again and picked a couple that I didn’t have on there; so that’s what I’m doing today. I’m to Eminem. I’m listening to Toy Soldiers. I like the chorus.

“Inch by Inch
Heart to heart
Left, right, left.
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers.”

Cute. I think it’s from a song done in the eighties. I hate how slow our computer is. HATE IT!! It’s taking forever. This morning when I woke up dad and I tried downloading this video about a water buffalo baby that had an interesting turnaround. Well, we downloaded this thing for three hours and then it messed up and we couldn’t even watch it!! Talk about annoying! We were very dissapointed. I really wanted to see it.

Remember months ago, possibly years, when I wrote a blog about me being in our bathroom and hearing noises and I didn’t come out for awhile? Anywho, something like that happened again today. I was taking a shower and Tally was in the bathroom with me (because she had just gotten a bath). I’m getting ready to rinse the conditioner out of my hair when I hear someone knock on the door. Not just knock, pound. So I scream “Yeah??” I hear nothing so I hop out of the shower, grab a towel and open the door and ask: “Yeah?” Dad was sitting on the couch and he says: “Hunh?” I ask him if he wanted something; what did he want? He tells me that he didn’t knock on the door and he just looks at me with that look like I’m a psycho. So the ghost of our house strikes again…… I’m not going to be able to sleep now. Great.

I just put in Petey Pablo. Oh yeah. “Take your shirt off, twist it around your head; spin it like a helicopter.”
The good old days. Back when you raised the music up to the loudest it would go and roll down the windows and just scream along with it. Remember those days Candy??? Cruising down 192? In the Sunfire. Wow, seems like just yesterday, doesn’t it??

Got a new phone….TracFone had a little accident. Just a minor one. It tried to take on a roller coaster and lost!! Full story: Went to Old Town and rode the roller coaster; tried to squeeze it just a little tighter and therefore crushing my screen. So bye bye. I got a KRZR. If you don’t have my new number, just ask. I would type it here but then I’d get some crazy person calling me…..maybe. Maybe a hot guy? Hmmmmm.

Along with the new phone I thought my bass was getting jealous so I had to buy it something. I went to Guitar Center, which I absolutely hate, but I thought this would be the only place to appease my bass. I looked and looked and finally, there on the back wall I found my present. A coffin case!!! I bought it, brought it home and my bass has a new happy home! It’s very pretty……both the bass and the case. So I’m happy, my bass is happy and all is good. I also bought a music stand because I’m so old and my OLD eyes can’t see well. So now I don’t have to squint all the way to the piano stand.

Tomorrow I’m playing bass in church. Can someone say nervous?? NERVOUS! Ya know, I’m not really nervous. I’m anxious because I’m not sure when we come off and go back up….so that’s it. I only know one song were playing and at practice Sarah wanted it in a different key so I’m having issues with that one. Big issues but all should be resolved tomorrow morning. I was originally going to be singing and playing bass but at practice Wednesday night that changed. As we were practicising this one song these two ladies and two kids walked in and sat down. When we finished that song one of the ladies asked if she could come up and practice with us and Sarah said sure and I volunteered my mic for her. She was singing and she really did sound good. So that is how I lost my singing job this Sunday. I’m kinda let down. I was really looking forward to singing and playing bass but it’s a good thing because I have this cold and I don’t sound soooo cool!!

Anyways I have let this go on and on……I’m putting Stacie Orrico’s CD in…..More to life……I love YOU ALL



“Hey Bay Bay!”

I just found out this is the right way to spell this. Can you believe it? All this time, I thought it was Hey Baby. Well I was wrong. The video is pretty stupid too. If you haven’t seen it, your not missing anything. Seriously.

So last night I saw my first two episodes of the Hills. Go Lauren! The first episode I saw wasn’t that interesting and I couldn’t watch it that intently because I was watching Yazmine and Eli. Well, they were in the other room watching Surfs Up(bootleg) and I was in the living room trying to watch the Hills. But they kept on coming in there wanting to play golf out there with me……gollygeebobhowdy!

I really got to see the second one which was the newest one. I was sooo excited. Heidi surprised the crap out of me: Go HEIDI!! I feel for Lauren; stuck with a roommate who is dating an idiot. What is Audrina thinking?? (She’s dating an ex boyfriend who at one time in their relationship he left her stranded in Las Vegas!! Stranded!) It seemed like Lauren was trying to be nice to him but you could obviously tell that she wasn’t feeling him.

Steven, or whatever his name is, proposed to Heidi. She said yes. Whoopidydoo!! The best part about their story line was when Heidi came home and Steven had painted a “mural” that said Hollywood on their living room wall. She was shocked and couldn’t stop talking about how she thought they were going to make decisions together. Steven, or whatever, ended up getting a arcade game put in the dining room. Heidi gets a little more ticked. Last scene you see of them is Heidi painting over the mural and in walks the boy toy. His face is priceless!! Funny stuff.

I started re-reading An Unfinished Life. All about John F. Kennedy. I really hate him after reading just a little bit of this book. So, just reading away.
And trying to play Siphon Filter. I can’t beat this game worth anything. I need Adam to come and beat it for me because I am soooo stuck on this level and I can’t find out where to go. Gosh, it’s driving me mad!

This Sunday I am going to play bass and sing in the praise band! I am sooo excited and yet sooo incredibly nervous. Sarah, the music minister, hasn’t picked the songs yet. (She said she won’t untill she gets the sermon notes.) So, here it is, Tuesday and I haven’t heard from her yet. Not that she’s going to call me up and tell me every song as soon as she picks it. I just want to practice and practice and practice!!!

So that’s life in a nutshell, not too exciting. Not all my life……I love you ALL


“Let my lifesong sing to you….”
“Wanta check out my bass?”
“Hoo,Hoo. Hee, Hee.”
“Your too kind.”

I thought of a lot to say today. Probaly since I haven’t written in awhile. So now you get to rehash the last week with me; won’t that be fun? Well, I think so too. So here we go……
The first quote is from Casting Crowns song Lifesong. It’s the first song on their new CD so when I start it I hear this first. It’s actually quite good. Of course the second song is Praise you in this Storm which I abslolutely love! Who doesn’t? Seriously, who doesn’t? So.

The fourth quote comes from something I said last week. I said this to Candace and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the movie that it was from. The whole day Candy and I were saying “Your too kind.” Turns out it’s from Ever After. Me and mom watched it and I was like HOLY COW!!!!(or for Danielle: For crying out loud!) I jumped up and as soon as I saw Brooke I told her and the lightbulb went on above her head. Like duh!! How many times have we seen that movie and it didn’t even dawn on us??

Hilarious little side story (Go ADD): Last night mom and me were watching a movie. Maybe it’s a tv show we saw. But it was this blonde girl and this boy and there talking and the boy said something stupid and the girl looked at him and said “And what color is your hair?” I thought about it a minute(more like ten seconds) and I looked at mom and said “What does that mean??” She looked at me and just stared at me. Then she explained it to me. Wow……worth the little detour wasn’t it?

Friday night I spent the night at Danielle and Adam’s. We went to Target and bought some presents for Joanna since we were going to her baby shower the next day. So we had gotten back and were watching tv, chilling when I get a phone call from Bobby telling me he’s coming in. (I knew this and Judy said she would pick him up.) I’m like ok, and? Turns out his plane was going to be late and he needed me to pick him up at three a.m. So Danielle and I stayed up and when I say Danielle and I stayed up I mean Danielle stayed up while I tried to nap in the recliner!! On the way we played “were going on a picnic.”

Next day would be me and Danielle at Joannas baby shower. When she got to our card she opened it up and that third quote is what you heard!! It sounded like someone giving birth!!!!

Saturday night I went to a “Get to know you party” for the singers at CCC. It was fun meeting the new worship minister. She’s only 24 and she’ll turn 25 this month. Wow, I’m older than her. Holy mackeral. I had a lot of fun talking with her. I didn’t leave till after ten. I was tired. But anywho….I met the other bass player at the church. His name is Patrick. He’s interesting. He used to be in a Black Sabbath cover band. I thought that sounded kinda cool. So on Sunday morning I was saying hi to David and Cindy Baker and Patrick came up and said that last quote: “Wanta check out my bass?”

Holy cow; funny hilarious side story again……I just typed bass without the “b”. Funny. Because of that quote. Say it again to yourselves! Do it. Wanta check out my bass….without the b.

Back to the story…….We both kinda looked at each other like “did he just say that?” It was funny. His bass is awesome. Impressed. Well I love you ALL