Today’s quote comes from Cars:

“I don’t have to know where I’m going. I just have to know where I’ve been.”

Or something like that. You get the idea. There is this Cars notebook on the desk and that line popped in my head. So that’s the quote. Live with it. Live by it!

Interesting news: My water aerobics instructor wants to set me up with her son. Long story way way short. She did this with Candy a couple years ago (not that long). Let’s hope it’s not the same son!!! Wouldn’t that be way awkward… yeah, you talked with my sister…weird. Weirdo!

I told Candae if I lost 40 pounds I would cut my hair so I could sport a mohawk. Likelihood of it happening: 50/50. Who knows, right? I’ve lost twenty pounds already. Anything can happen. I was really good today too and had a salad for lunch. I’m on the right path. I wish I had a genie because the first wish I would wish would be to always be my old size and never ever gain an ounce again. Well, maybe not that far but close. Anywho….

I’m going to a candle party tonight. I’m excited!! I haven’t burned some candles in awhile. So maybe I’ll buy one or two. Who knows……

I guess I don’t have much else to write. Oh! Anybody here an expert on Roller Coaster Tycoon 2? I cannot beat this one level. I almost make it and then WHAM! I lose it. Four times now. Gosh, I can’t take the rejection here!
I love you ALL


I got the speech from the end of Transformers:

“With the All Spark gone, we cannot restore life to our planet.
And fate has yielded it’s reward.
A new world to call home………….

We live among it’s people now,
Hiding in plain sight.
But watching over them in secret.



I have witnessed their capacity for courage.
And though we are worlds apart, like us,

I am Optimus Prime,
and I send this message to any surviving AutoBots
taking refuge among the stars.

We are Here.

We are Waiting.”

Whoo!! That’s awesome. I like Transformers. Can you tell?? It took awhile to get that all down!!

So let’s see. What’s been going on? Judy went to Kansas City and she’s coming back tomorrow but me and Candy are going to the beach tomorrow morning. And that should be fun. I think were going to try Coco Beach. Is that how you spell that? Coco? Or is it Cocoa? They both look wrong to me now! Anywho…..were taking Yazmine and that’ll be interesting. Fun? Maybe.

Tomorrow night Zach is coming for dinner. And Danielle and Adam aren’t coming over. So that means that it’s just the family living at home. That’ll be weird, I think. We’ll see. As long as he doesn’t go into what my thoughts are if I have a guy kid……long story; that one.

I got invited to a candle party. That’s pretty cool. I’m excited. Haven’t been to one in awhile. It’s at a friends house that I haven’t been in awhile. I miss seeing her and her dog!! Isn’t that strange? Anywho…..
I love you ALL


“We are here. We are waiting.”

There’s more to that but I can’t remember it. I’m going to have to go and watch it again so I can write  the whole thing down and write it here. I may go with Yazmine today. Not sure yet. She loves the movie; Yazmine. It’s crazy but the song came on the other day, the Lincoln Park one “What I’ve done”, and she was like “robots?” Can we go watch the robots? It was funny. And crazy. To think what she remembers.

Yazmine’s in swimming classes and that’s pretty interesting. I get about forty five free minutes to read. Nice.

Candace just read, I think she’s done; the last Harry Potter book. It was funny because I had gone to bed and I hear her yell: “HOLLY!!!!” So I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to find out what was worthing of me coming. Something quite interesting indeed. I won’t say since some of you might be reading the book yourself. I saw the first page of the epilogue. That’s all I can say. I can’t wait till she is finished so she can explain what I saw!!!

We went to Smokey Bones with John last weekend. Can’t even remember which day. Was it only Sunday? Jeez laweez. Yeah it was Sunday because I went to Sea World on Saturday. My first time in fourteen years; as long as you don’t count that Easter Sunday for church! Which I don’t think I can count it. Didn’t see anything. Wow, everything is awesome there. The shows that we saw are great. Mystify or something like that was the best. Shamu’s show wasn’t that great. They didn’t do much. It was mainly about believing…..blah blah blah!! We saw the Sesame Street show and boy was that a downer! Parents were leaving with their kids way before it was finished. It wasn’t holding anyone’s attention!

I saw a polar bear and that’s all I needed to make the day go good!! He was sleeping but he was snuggling with a bucket and that was cute! All worthwhile! I rode Kracken and Journey to Atlantis which fourteen years ago they were just starting to build!! Kracken was ok. Nothing too spectacular. It’s always better when someone you know is with you!!

That’s all I will write for now. Yazmine’s poking me with a sword-pirate’s sword. Time to go play. I love you ALL


“More than meets the eye………Robots in disguise.”

I saw Transformers. I am in awe still!! I absolutely loved it. I had a smile so huge on my face afterwards you would’ve thought I had just met Johnny Depp. Holy cow it was great!!

I sincerely thought it was better than Pirates. All of them combined! That’s how good a movie it was. I have to see it again!! And again, and again. I think every movie that comes out should be just like Transformers.

I can’t think of one place that I liked the best but if I had to pick one I would say when all the AutoBots are outside Shia’s bedroom window and his parents are looking out the window and they all hide!! Or maybe when Optimus Prime transforms. Or maybe when Optimus and the others do a u-turn to follow BumbleBee. See….there’s too many good spots in this movie. The whole movie is a good spot.

The only part that was kinda off, and it only lasted a second, was when they find out the girl has a “past” and Shia gives her this look. Doesn’t last long but it made me go, “hunh?”

So I really liked the movie and I can’t wait to go see it again…….and again.
I love you ALL


“Everything’s going to be different now, isn’t it?”

Hermione says this during the last Harry Potter film; so far. The next one opens Wednesday at eight! Why eight? I really don’t get that at all…..not at all.

So Danielle and Adam fly in tonight. Exciting stuff. I was planning on doing something to their apartment but I don’t know if I’m still going to because they might read this before I can do it! So I’ll have to remember to write later about if I did it or not. It’ll take a lot of time… right now I’m not so sure about it. They don’t get in till eleven fifty five. I think I’m actually going to go inside and wait for them……don’t do that too often. I’m normally waiting outside dodging security guards with my car.


The Landgrebes are gone, Sheldon and Wendy have been gone for a week, and everything seems lonely now! Last night I couldn’t sleep in my bed because it’s in the middle of the room (I have two beds in my room right now). So I moved the mattress over to the other bed and slept there all night. Tally had a difficult time jumping up there and she didn’t like it very much.

A pretty uneventful life I lead…..I know.
Oh, I saw 1408. Super duper movie.
I love you ALL



It’s Snappy Man!”

This is from my youth……ha ha. Not really. I had just graduated when I first heard these words. Jason Landgrebe……the infamous Snappy Man said them. I don’t remember the first time…..I think he said the first time was at VBS. Maybe. Like I said I don’t remember. I do remember thinking it was hilarious. HILARIOUS!!!  At CIY that year he brought his costume and Lisa wore it in a gas station. The clerk probaly thought she was going to rob the place!

I only bring him up because he’s at our house now. With his mom and dad. There visiting us and some other friends in Florida. Today they went to Disney and that’s cool. Wish I could have gone and chilled out there. But anywho……It’s fun having them down. Jason’s at our house. I guess I didn’t say that. Jason Landgrebe. He’s a good friend. I think Adam and him are pretty tight. They both have a pair of whitie tighties still!! After all these years! That was some fun……

July fourth was a bummer….it rained and we went home. No fireworks. I love the fourth of July and it was such a letdown!

So….the cruise was amazing. Who’s ready for round two?? I want to go again now! Right now I could jump in my Expedition and drive to Tampa and go. If I had a ticket and if there was a cruise ship there waiting for me!

We got the DVD of the cruise and me and Candy are everywhere! And if you can’t see us then you see my grandma and my aunt partying it up!! It’s hilariuos.

The wedding was super duper amazing. I can’t believe it’s over already. Two receptions down…….That was some fun. Helping her plan and decorate and everything.

Everyone said I should be a wedding planner. I think about it sometimes. But honestly I’m not smart enough to do that. To actually be a wedding planner. I procrastinate sometimes…….and that wouldn’t be too great. So anywho…..

I think I’m going to end it here.