“I’m freezing!!!”
“Is that snake?”
“That just ruined my springs experience!”

These have all be said within the past 24 hours!!! The enjoyment of life!
 We left yesterday afternoon around two. I had wanted to leave at noon but Rick had to work so we left when we could. Thankfully it had stopped raining in Clermont for me to pack things up. Yup, I said me!! I packed just about everything we took. Even the firewood!! Me tough woman! It took us two hours to get to the campsite. Were at Ginnie Springs. Lovely place. Very far off the beaten path. Gorgeous area. Water is magnificent.
 Once we got here we unloaded the tent and set it up. We were trying to hurry because there were some dangerous looking clouds and we did not want to be rained on!! We got everything ready that we needed to get ready and then we decided to walk around. We put our bathing suits on before we left so we could swim in the springs if we found them. Lo and behold we found them. Not too far from where our site is. We decided to swim for awhile. The water was soooo cold. We were chilly but we had fun. We had bought a snorkel set at WalMart before we left but we had forgotten in the truck while we were walking around. We were trying to touch the bottom but we couldn’t. It looked really close to us. We swam for a few hours and then we decided to head back. Mainly because I said I was hungry!!

 Once we got back we started a fire and I realized I didn’t bring the charcoal or the lighter fluid. Go me!! We managed. We ate some yummy egg salad sandwiches and enjoyed the lovely night air. Lots of noises!! We brought Christmas lights and strung them up and that was cool. I think we went to bed at like ten pm. I woke up at like four am and had to go to the bathroom. I woke Rick up and after a few pokes and prods he was awake and unhappy!! He finally got up and walked me there and back. Once we got back I could not get back to sleep! I was soooo tired this morning…..

 Rick woke up at eight and decided he couldn’t find anything for himself. So…he woke me up to ask me for some stupid little thing. Couldn’t fall asleep again. Got up and got things ready to cook some sausage and eggs!! Cooked. Didn’t burn myself!! Woo-hoo. Good for me! We got our swimsuits back on and went back to the springs……stayed there till about one. We had to keep on sharing the goggles. The bottom was sooo deep. Rick thinks it maybe thirty feet at least to the bottom. Nice big cave down there…..lots of divers come here. Decided to come back and eat some lunch. Had some turkey sandwiches. (I miss having a turkey and cheese sandwich every day!! Good times) After lunch we wanted to find a WalMart or something to buy another snorkel set so we could both have one!!

 We went to the nearest gas station which was ten miles away. Stopped there and my tummy was soooo upset! Thankfully they had some clean bathrooms!! Rick found some lotion because we forgot some. We asked where WalMart was and they told us it was twenty miles away. Sheesh! They told us there was a WinnDixie up the road ten miles. We thought maybe they would have some goggles there. We drove half a mile and there was a Dollar General store. We stopped and found us one dollar goggles. Drove back and went to the springs straight away. First we tried the Devils Ear/Eye Springs. Not very exciting. Rick got in and I had to go the bathroom so by the time I got back he was swimming around like a little fish. I found him at the end of the spring towards the river. I started getting in with my goggles and I was walking down the stairs to the water.

 I had myself about three steps into the water. (It was up to my thighs.) I was tieing my hair into a bun and there was this couple at the top of the stairs and I heard the girl say “is that a water moccasin?” right as I was looking down into the water. Where I saw a snake slithering by my legs!!!! Less than a foot away!!!! I didn’t scream but I JUMPED out of that water!! I was like that has just ruined my springs experience!!! I stayed our for quite awhile. Then a manatee came swimming into the springs!!! Rick went over to it to see it closer and I got in the water a little. Once I was in, the manatee had swam back out to the river. I swam around for a little bit and then the manatee came back!!! This guy told me I could have his goggles which were really nicer than mine! He had found them and had a nicer pair. I was like thnak you!!

 I swam over to the manatee and me and Rick were FEET from it and watched it munch on the greenery at the bottom of the springs! Once I got back to our campsite(where I am now) I read up on them and how you shouldn’t touch them and that sea divers scare them. Or the noise from the machines scare them away. So that was why everytime they would get closer the manatee left the shallow water!! Well we are having a blast here. Just me and Rick!!! Having a great time……GREAT!!! I love you ALL
I’m going to go play some games!!!