“I need to put you on hold….”

This was actually not said by me! I was put on hold by a customer. Can you believe it? They had the audacity to put ME on hold?!?!!? Normally, it’s me that puts a customer on hold. Mainly because I have to. I don’t want to, it’s just that I have to and when the tables are turned……man alive.
I thought of this just a second ago. It happened to me yesterday. I had to open yesterday and then the day before I closed. Not fun. It’s like a freaking back to back schedule. Not fun. Tonight I close and tomorrow I close too. I love closing. It’s much funner than opening!!

The other day at WalMart I was shopping and I was in the bread aisle. I needed some bread and this lady was bended over grabbing some bread from the very back of the shelf. Why? I have no earthly idea why?!!? Anywho……I waited for a little bit, and then I was like, I don’t care anymore. I’m getting me some bread! I reached over and grabbed the bread closest to me and it swung a little since I grabbed it by it’s rear end. Well, it came no where near hitting that stupid fat lady but she stood up and looked at me and said: “Jeez, that almost hit me!” And as she turned to walk away I said: “It was just bread!” I wanted to really hit her with it and ask her if it hurt………

I have to end it here so I can go to work. I’ll try to write more later about work when I get home. Or tomorrow.
I love you ALL