“A sea bear? You must be out of your mind!” This is from a SpongeBob Squarepants show that I watched today with the girls. The way to surrive when a sea bear comes along? Draw a circle and stand in it! Yeah, that’s great. Some fish with a bears head comes along and I’m going to draw a circle??? I don’t think so…….

Tonight I am watching the girls while J+J, and J+J are going to the movies. They were going to see National Treasure but they got there late and now they are going to see Oceans 12.

This morning I woke up like and Thursday morning I work for Javier. My alarm went off at six fifteen and I hopped (well hopped is a bit strong…more like drug) myself out of bed and got dressed. I brushed my teeth and hair and put my tennies on and took Tally outside to go to the bathroom. I brought her in said goodbye to my mommy and walked to the bus stop. Once there I always fret and worry that the bus has already came and I will be late to Javiers. Oh, us worrywarts!

I’m standing at the bus stop and I’m looking at the clouds and I see smoke coming from a house a street or two down. So I’m kinda walking out into the street and I’m like ohmygosh! I hear cop sirens and a fire engine and the smoke is just billowing up into the sky! I’m praying that nobody is in the house and the fire truck will get there fast! Now something you should know: I am terrified of fire. I don’t know if I was burned somehow as a kid ( I certainly don’t remember!) or what but fires scare me. Exspecially house fires. When I say scared I mean petrified.

(Ok, to better help you understand my fears you need to go back to a previous xanga when I told you guys about being in the bathroom and I thought I heard somebody out in the hallway. I was crying I was sooo scared. This is what I’m talking about!) I was standing in the street (there were no cars coming!) and I’m almost crying praying sooo hard for anybody that might be in there. It was sooo scary for me. And the whole time I’m thinking that I should go and see if anybody is in there, if they need help, etc. But my legs won’t move there. I’m scared (well you get the idea). Anywho it kinda bothers me that I can be that scared over something that is not even happening to me! Somebody help me……Is there a doctor on the xanga site??

Well I’m going to watch Oceans 11 since Napolean Dynamite didn’t come!!!! Just kidding, I know, I know. (For those of you who don’t know, tough luck!)

I love you ALL


“Merry Christmas to All and to All a goodnight!” I think everyone knows where that’s from. If you don’t you must have major issues.

Christmas Eve was great. We went to the service at church and right before it started we went into the fellowhip hall because we wanted to let some people sit down in our row since we took up alot of space. (If that doesn’t make sense, I don’t care!) Anywho….in the fellowship hall they still had the lights on when mysteriously half a strand went out. Can you believe it? I doubt it! Well anyway……Heather Rasmusken or however you spell her last name kept on coming in and out of there and bothering the heck out of us. Afterwards we gave out the presents we had brought and then we left.

Candace slept in my room and John slept in Adam’s room. John and Adam stayed up and talked like little girls till about two, I think they said. Well Candy and I woke up at three and we went into the family room where the tree was. We checked out all the presents Santa left us and then we went back to bed. I think I had just dozed off when I hear my door open and in walks mom and dad asking us if were ever going to get up!! It was seven thirty so we all woke up and opened our presents. It was great, as usual.

At three we went to Javiers for supper and more presents. I got the girls these cool puzzles!!  We ate a wonderful meal prepared my Joanne. (She is an excellent cook!!) It was so good and after we all were done we went into the living room and opened presents. Nils was first and Taylar handed him this small package. He opened it up and it was a pack of gum. We were all like “how nice!” Javier was like look inside it! So he did and there were picks. Drew got a knife and John got a  leatherman like thing. David Adam got a took and Candy got a calendar of the Far Side. Taylar handed me this small circular package and I opened it. (Now hold on, I have been told all month long that Javier got me this great wonderful thing that I am just going to die over. I was trying to think what great and wonderful thing could be in this tiny packaging. Ok back to the story….) I look inside and there’s this cup (that they stole from Catherine St. Another story for another time.) and inside this cup is this guitar strap. I’m like “oh.” I’m looking at it and Javier is saying now you have a strap for when you get your bass. I’m still like “oh.” Well all of a sudden Javier goes into the guest room and comes out with a bass guitar in it’s case!!!!!!!!!!! I was almost crying. My mouth didn’t close for minutes!!! It was awesome. It was a good Christmas.

Well I love you ALL


 Today’s quote comes from, in my opinion, the best representation of Christ through a film: Jesus Christ, Superstar. “I think you’ve made your point now.” Mary, Peter and I think Andrew are singing this and it’s sooooo good. If you haven’t seen the movie come over to my house and we’ll watch it!! I don’t think it’s blasphemous or however you spell that. I honestly think that if Christ came back in the seventies or late sixties that is exactly what it would’ve been like!

All the songs in that movie are quite wonderful. There so meaningful. Like “Jesus Christ, Superstar!, it’s great. It has so much meaning. But back to the first song mentioned. Those guys, and gal, are singing it and you just feel it. It’s powerful…..anywho……

Last night was our Christmas party. I think it went over well! I had a good time. Mindy’s cake was hilarious!! I don’t know what was my favorite gift someone brought. Maybe the soap, or the little sponge animals!! Afterwards we went to see a crappy movie: Meet the Fockers. It was disgusting the whole way through. Ben Stiller is so into selling sex and I can’t believe I actually spent money on a ticket to go see it. I had a horrible time to say the least, the very least. But oh well, I’m somewhat over it and I can move on…

Today is Christmas Eve’s Eve. Adam is just now starting his shopping. Woo-hoo! I’m watching the girls today and I just finished, what else?, Jesus Christ Superstar.

Well I’ll end here with A Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!!
Oh, and I love you ALL


“I’m here to hold your hand when you die.” I don’t know the name of the song but John was playing it when he brought me to Javier’s today. It sounded ok, but the best part of the song was the flute part.

Let’s see…..Friday. I watched the girls all day and then at night because Joanne had her big company party to go to. So I thought I would take them to Chik-Fil-A. Nice, hunh? So, me and the girls are outside chalk drawing on the driveway and Javier had to run to the bank to get some money out. Taylar wanted me to do a cartwheel so I was doing some and all of a sudden I hear a rrriiiiiiiiiiiiip! I was like “ohmygosh!” I looked at my butt (doesn’t that sound funny!?!) and there it was, a little rip. I should have known right then that this night was not going to go good for me. Not too bad, so I went inside and tied my jacket around my waist.

Javier get’s home, I pack up the girls and we go to Chik-Fil-A over on OBT. We got our food and I’m holding the tray with one hand and the diaper bag with the other hand. Mady decides to climb into the chair unassisted so her head hits the top of the tray and down goes my Dr. Pepper!! All over the floor. I was calm and I went up there and told them that I spilled my drink on the floor. When I was checking and making sure they had all of our food I noticed they hadn’t put the kids nuggets in the bag so I had to go up there again and ask for them.

I let the girls play a little in the playplace and Taylar took me over to the side and it looked like some kid had puked up chicken all over it. I was like “that’s it!” and I got there shoes back on and we left. I wanted to go to the mall and look for another pair of jeans so that’s where we went. After finding a front row spot (yes I know I’m great!) I got the girls out and into the double stroller! We got inside and I’m going into shops looking at jeans and ohmygosh! It’s so difficult with two kids!  Well I don’t find anything so we go to the car to leave. I’ve got the kids in the car and I’m trying to get the stroller down. And let me tell you it is not happening. I don’t know if any of you have used a stroller like Javiers but it is difficult. After many minutes of nothing a security guy came over and I asked him if he could help me and in like two shakes of a lambs tail he got it down. I was like “thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

On the way home we stopped at Super Target and I finally found a pair of pant I wanted. Not jeans but pants none the less. After that we got home and I got the girls ready for bed. There snug as a bug in their footie p.j.’s and sleeping soundly when I get a phone call from John. His tires flat and he doesn’t have a tire iron. So I put the girls in the car and I drive down to HESS. I gave them the stuff and went back to Javiers. I put the girls back in bed and I waited for John to come and Brooke. John finally came and I put the tools back.

Candy finally showed up at midnight and Andy hung out for a little while. He left and me and Brooke were watching tv shows until like one when Brooke fell asleep. I stayed up until two and then I went to sleep as well. The next morning Javier said that he and Joanne didn’t get home till four. Those crazy kids!

Saturday I went into town with my mom and shopped a little more for Christmas. I’m almost done!!

Sunday I went to church and then we had the banquet. Not bad, I guess. Afterwards Drew and I helped out with the kids and when everyone was done and had gotten their kids Drew and I went outside where John, Andy, and Nils were. Nils’ car wouldn’t start so he had called his dad to come. After awhile Nils asked John to perform a healing. (Now, so you know everyone had already tried to start the car.) John did a little dance, he didn’t make any love but he certainly got down that night!! It was funny to watch but Nils tried to start it and it started!! It was funny.

After that The four of us went to Denny’s. When the waitress brought us our drinks she spilled some water on me. It wasn’t much but I thought it was funny. We only ordered french fries and some french toast and ohmygosh!! It took forever. We waited forever. Andy asked for a straw in the middle of us eating and he never got one. She didn’t have one on her but she said she would go get one. Never did she come back. I asked for a to go cup of coke and she put this lid on it with this sticky pink stuff on it. I threw it out! Anywho..I didn’t get home till twelve thirty and I was like wide awake. I couldn’t go to sleep for the longest time. But eventually I did and I woke up at seven this morning. Yuck!

Well I love you ALL, oh and for all who read this. Christmas Party at the church the Wednesday night at six pm. Bring a bag of chips (unless I tell you otherwise) and a white elephant gift!


“Are you scared?” This is in Kid Rock’s song American Bad***. Even though this song has a bad word in the title I still like it. Why? You might ask. Because if you’ve ever heard it, it goes through quite a few of his songs. It’s like a medley of his popular songs. It’s great. I’ve been a fan of Kid Rock for quite a few years. Ever since I lived in Indiana. I don’t remember why I started liking him. Probaly because when you listen to his music it sounds good when you turn the volume up to forty with the bass and treb up full blast. That’s how I drove around all the time! Kid Rock blasting. But not this song. I had the edited CD.

My CD collection is growing like wildfire. I have over a hundred CD’s. All different kinds and artists. At CIY last year. Well the year we went to Milligan, I went to a class that was kinda like Phil Chalmers class. The guy challenged us and said that if we really were just listening to the music for the “beat” than quit listening to it for a whole month. Listen to nothing but Christian music. Now for me I thought it was kinda hard. The only Christian CD’s I had were DC Talk (which I like, don’t get me wrong), and Carmen (I also like him but these CD’s were old!). So after listening to Z88.3 for like a day I decided to go to Long’s Christian Book store. (If you haven’t been there, go!)  So I think I spent like fifty dollars on CD’s and I made it through the month. I missed listening to my regular music and I listened to it and changed between it and my new Christian music. So I guess as a finale I’m saying that I don’t have a problem with “bad” music. Listening to some guy talk about sex hasn’t made me want to go out and get me some. Or do drugs or anything but this is just me.

My Christmas shopping is almost done. I only have John and Javier to buy for. I know what I’m getting Javier but John is still up in the air. I think I know but I don’t! Weird, hunh? Can you believe it’s almost here. Christmas I mean. It seems like it just snuck up on us. It feels like last year. At least it’s getting cold. Well I don’t like it but I do.

Last night or the night before I was sitting outside in our new furniture and had a blanket around me. It was so nice. It felt like I was in Indiana but without the snow. Now, I miss snow but I don’t. I don’t miss shoveling it or having to walk through it and all that. I do miss sledding down big hills. Aaah! Memories…..all alone in the moonlight……
Anywho, it was nice and I’m glad I’m alive.

Tonight is youth group and our skit. Lord, please let us do a good job and don’t mess up too much!! I love you ALL



“Can I use my head?” Rex says this in Toy Story 2. Isn’t that a great movie? I love it. I think it’s as good as the first one. Me and Mady have been watching it for two days now. We watched half yesterday before she got bored and we moved onto drawing and playing. Now it’s on and she’s wondered in here looking at the tree! What an attention span! The movie’s at the part where there at the airport trying to find the luggage. Almost over and she can’t sit there and watch it.   

Yesterday I rode the bus to and from Javiers house. If you did not hear, our white truck, Meg, broke down. I know I know. It’s tragic, isn’t it? So anywho, yesterday Candy and I woke up at six fifteen to ride the six forty five bus. We got to the bus stop and let me tell you something: IT WAS FREEZING!  I could not believe how cold it was. I had on my big Indiana jersey shirt thing and I was still cold.

So once the bus got there we paid our dollar and a quarter (well Candy paid fifty cents) and we found seats and sat down. Everything was quite peacefull until we were on Pleasant Hill Rd after the church. There were a few people standing and the bus driver told them to scoot to the back of the church. Well they shuffled a little to the back but I guess not enough. The bus driver pulled over and just sat there. There was this one black girl and she was all like “there’s people that need to go to work.”  The bus driver was like “I’m just asking one thing and if you can’t do that we can sit here!” It was crazy! So the people scooted even more to the back of the bus and we left. I got off at the stop before I wanted to but oh well! Walking to Javiers wasn’t bad except all the school kids walking the other way all looked at me strange!

Javier took me to the bus stop in the afternoon and there was two black Jamaican ladies there waiting too. They were talking and I was reading my book and then all of a sudden this car stops like two houses down from the bus stop causing all the cars behind him to screech to a halt! Of course the old lady didn’t walk fast so cars kept on honking and screeching. It was madness, I tell you. But other than that the bus ride was un-eventfull. I finished the book I was reading which wasn’t too bad.

Oh! I didn’t write about our great garage sale day. Ok, mom , me, Candy and John went garage saling Saturday. It was actually fun. We started out in Johns car and we were at like th fifth one when mom saw this really nice patio furniture she wanted. She bought it and John and Candy went home to get our truck. So mom and I sat down in our new chairs and mom sees this Kirby vacumn cleaner. She starts looking at it and everything still works and it has all the attatchments. (Which is funny because it has a floor sander and a baloon blower upper!) It was only like ten bucks so mom bought that. So she sits back down and everyone that is coming up to this house thinks it’s our garage sale. There all saying hi and asking us how much stuff is. It was funny and finally Candy and John came. Then we went to some more. John left us some time later to go to the Medievil Times auction.

He got some Sky Coaster passes. So on Sunday, which was my mom’s 46th birthday we went to Old Town. John took Candace and Adam which kinda hurt my feelings but I do understand that he’s closer to those two rather than me. Christina drove us because of the truck issue so she was there too when they went up. It was great to see them come down. Mom was laughing so hard at Adams face. After that we went to the rides. We have these free passes that we can get people in on so we went to get in line for the Pharoh’s Fury but it wasn’t working. So then we went to the Tilt a Whirl. Candy, Christina and me went four times in a row. I think it killed them. I was ready to go on more rides. So mom and me went on the Scrambler and then we grabbed a bite to eat at Rally’s or Checkers or wherever it was. All in all it was a great day!

I love you ALL


” Sit Ra-ra, sit. Stay!” This is what I have continually been yelling at Kiara all day. See, her toe nail has been clipped way too short and it is bleeding. She’ll bump it on something and off it goes. Blood everywhere. And it’s usually when were playing and running around so I have to go around the whole living room and kitchen with a paper towel and spray cleaning it up. I’m sick of seeing Kiara blood! I think she’s tired of hearing me yell at her!

Last night was gospel skate night but when we got there there was a huge group standing outside. Once Javier gets there he asks them if there open and the group says that there resurfacing there floor. Now if you will remember they did renovations to the building a few months ago and it was closed (suppossedly) for a few months. Now they choose to do this, and on a gospel skate night?! Anywhoo….I really wanted to go skating. I hadn’t ran that morning because I knew that I would be skating like crazy that night.

Well Javier called Nils and said hey, lets go to pizza hut. So off we go. Candy riding with Javier, me with mom and Nils driving his groovy van. We got to sit in a corner booth much like the one at FCYC and we ordered two large pepperonni pizzas. When we had ordered in walks Sabrina, Mindy, Rick, and some other guy I did not know. Apparently Javier had called them and told them where we were. So we ate almost all of the pizza talked alot.

When we were leaving Pizza Hut Taylar had to get a little toy thingy so Javier dished out fifty cents and lo and behold she didn’t get what she wanted. She wanted a little princess cup thingy but she got a Mowgli cup. She was crying and crying! It was funny. Were all laughing (silently) and she’s just a whaling!

I have been extremely tired of late and my mom last night, along with Candy, were telling me that I was depressed. I don’t think I am. I mean, yes, I am a little sad that I’m not married yet but I mean that can’t be the reason I’m sleeping non stop. Well I don’t sleep non stop. Let me tell ya: I wake up at six twenty to go jogging then at night I usually go sleep at like eight thirty or nine. Except on Thursdays when I watch The Apprentice and that doesn’t start until nine pm. Well anywho….I don’t think I’m depressed. Do you?

Were practicing our Christmas skit tomorrow and I’m excited. I’m going to have sooooo much fun. Were going to do it on Wednesday the fifteenth. I think everyone will love it, well at least I hope they will. It’s hilarious so make sure you go to the bathroom before because I don’t want anyone to pee their pants!

I guess I’ve written enough. Hey thanks Drew for the great talk. Hope your math final went great!! I love you ALL.