“Maria heeeee, Maria whooo, Maria haaaa, Maria ha ha!” I was listening to this song today and realized that I had missed it. Good times, good times.

Tonight I am going to see Star Wars Episode 3. Thank heavens it’s finally over! As soon as this one comes out on dvd I’m sure there will be a Star Wars marathon. That’ll be crazy. I’m sure.

I believe were going to have a car wash this Saturday so call me if you can come. Or I may call you. One way or the other. If I don’t call you, call me. Well don’t call me. I don’t have phone on me. I’ll try to call you guys but whatever. It’s all good.

I love you ALL


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  1. I love that song..Ozone is amazing! Have you seen the video to it on albinoblacksheep.com ? I don’t recommend the site ,but the video is hilarious! It is the greatest thing in the world times 10. David is quite funny to say the least. I hope he is having a great time I left him a nice message on his xanga for rubbing it in my face. So you are the only child home now…so does that automatically make you the favorite…. I like like to think that way when my brother leaves…Just a thought..lol. Hope you are having a great day talk to you later!

  2. I can’t believe that they could possibly be bored. He told me the same thing. I guess my theory is… I would rather be bored in Europe than bored in Florida.  It’s because they didn’t go to Abbey Road, I am convinced it is. I think they might like Paris better. I sure hope they are having a great time though! And I am glad that Scooby and Shagey crack you up! Oh just sharing some info..if you are hungry and feel like a sandwich go to Subway and get a kids pack , they have scooby toys! They are really neato! Just some helpful info from one Scooby fanatic to another. Have a great day!

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