Sky? Blue.
China? Traitors.

This is a new game that me and Ulrik have been playing. Sure, you have no idea what “game” I’m playing but chill out because I’m going to explain it to you. Ok? It’s easy to understand. First I say a word. Any word. Take for example: Sky. Then Ulrik says the first thing that comes to mind. Like: Blue. So, there you go. Our amazing new “game.” We usually play it in the car wherever were going. It’s really fun.

Ulrik has been staying at our house for the past few days. I think he came over on Saturday? Maybe Friday night? I don’t exactly remember what day…..but anywho. He’s been over. Along with Dewey and Tippy. They’ve been having a ball. Dewey and Audrina are having a great time because they play so well together. They play tug-of-war, and it is so fun to watch them. Hilarious to watch them try to get the other one to chase them. Tally didn’t really like Tippy at the begining but now she’s warming up to her. They fight a little, play a little………

Tippy’s been sleeping with Ulrik and Dewey and Tally have been sleeping with me in my room. It’s cute because Tally will be laying down and Dewey will go over and lay his head on her. She’ll growl a little bit and then stop and they’ll sleep like that. I wish everyone could see it because it’s so adorable. Anywho. Mom said the first day I think, “this is like watching the grandkids……”

Four more days. And that’s all I have to say about that………not really. I’ll write more later on the whole thing. Which there is alot to say……..
But for now….I love you ALL


“Feliz Cumpleanos……feliz cumpleanos……..”

I can hear Dora the Explorer singing this over and over in my head. Somebody make it stop! I’m not sure how that got in my head. Well, actually I have an idea. (Light bulb is on above my head!) I did some silly myspace survery today, I can’t stop myself from doing them….it’s an addiction. Anywho…… of the questions was what song is in your head right now? The person who I was copying it from said the “map” song from Dora the Explorer. So then the theme song was in my head and I wrote that. So now I’m thinking Dora the Explorer and mom’s birthday was just this past week so there you have it. Feliz Cumpleanos.

So, on Wednesday was mom’s birthday. Very exciting stuff. Me and Ulrik, Danielle and Adam and mom went to Garibaldi’s and had a really great time. We ate sooo much. It was awesome. Our waiter was awesome. We told him it was mom’s birthday and he made her wear the sombrero and they brought out a dessert for her; even though we had just ordered dessert and ate it!!!
m_7cf9957d30c68d820d164ae738acbda0 m_21c6bf9a8bd1aaa90f6f03609d188163 m_c64861a0a4132eb2a4b6423e92b2d0a5

Then on Friday I went to Disney with Ulrik. We ended up going to Epcot only. Ulrik of course loves Germany so we, and when I say “we” I mean him, decided we were going to eat there. Honestly it wasn’t bad. I was expecting something really weird and disgusting. But it wasn’t bad. It was good. Overall the day was exceptionally good. Great. I made Ulrik take a picture with Santa and Mrs. Clause. He thought I was being silly but I was very serious. The picture is funny because it looks like my boobs are in Santa’s face and Santa’s grabbing my belly!
m_c78c3e4ec6cdf9b9380af615b720db17 m_a0967bdc09a800da3d8f263c95840d78 What do you guys think?? Mrs Clause told Santa to back off!! No, she didn’t. She said something. And it was funny. But I can’t remember. Anywho….here are some more pictures of our day together….
m_5ddf58f660b591c3ca8939d88d302855 m_710eae5d7f15d47d308c4fc4eff226c5 m_ae4b19a6836050d4b82de9e4a8afb78f
This last picture reminds me of The Man Show. Anybody remember that show? Jimmy Kimmel and Adam…..something. I used to love watching that show. I know, I know. I’m a girl. And yes I realize that show was made for “men.” But I thought it was hilarious. I wanted a beer just so I could do the chug…..OY, OY, OY!! Anywho……I miss it…..Anybody want to buy it for me for Christmas??? Just throwing that out there.

I’m gonna go for now. I think I’m gonna leave a bit early today. I love you ALL



“She’s not working tonight.”
“It’s holy….”
“What’s your favorite planet?”
“Is it safe to take your plate now?”

These were all said last night. At some point in the evening.
I had yesterday off so me and Ulrik could go and get our marriage license. I never knew how easy it was! We filled out the paper online and pretended to read the “booklet” that your supposed to read before you get the paper. We drove……Ulrik drove……to the office and we went in, signed the paper, raised our right hand, and got the license. Amazing. It took us like five minutes.

We went back to the house and tried to pick a cake design. I know what I like………..Final decision time: today. I’m going over again this afternoon so we can go and say this is the one we want. Make it. It’ll all be good. Cake is cake. It’s going to be eaten no matter what it looks like.
Ulrik started to not feel well so we went back to the house and he laid down while I checked my email and drew some pictures and cleaned somethings up…………..

When I finally left it was so I could meet mom and Candy and Adam and Danielle at David’s Bridal (the devil incarnate!). Now, when me and Danielle went last week I actually had a good time. The lady was awesome….she brought dresses in sizes that I thought would be too small for me but I actually fit in them and that helped me like the store a little more. Well, when I left I made an appointment for last night. 6:30. Got there a little earlier than that and told the lady I had an appointment with Audrey. She’s looking in the book and I can see it too and my name’s not written there. So……..the old feelings of hate start to rise to the surface. Big time! Then the lady asks where Audrey is. Someone says she’s not working today. Hate David’s Bridal. (Now, the only reason I went there in the first place is that I’m getting married soooo soon and I can buy off the rack there.) So the lady helps me out….don’t even remember her name……and she is really nice. Though a little un-attentive. (Is that the right word? She wasn’t around much….how about that.) At least she didn’t keep shoving tiaras on my head!! (That was sooo annoying with Audrey. Every dress I tried on she’d put a tiara on my head with the veil and everytime I said I didn’t one, she didn’t hear me. Or with the veil……I told her what kind I wanted and she wouldn’t listen…..anywho….) I found my dress!!! I will be picking it up in a week and that is completely awesome. I am soooo excited. It was kinda funny yesterday because I was talking to mom on the phone and she asked if Rick was coming. I said no because she had told me earlier that Rick couldn’t come and see my dress before the wedding……so it was funny that she asked me again. And I’m not going to show him the pictures Danielle so don’t worry!!

Afterwards we went to T.G.I. Fridays since mom wanted to go somewhere and sit down and eat……I suggested Wendys! Anywho. We had a great waiter….I think his name was Shawn. We ordered our drinks and I ordered water, no lemon. Since mom and Candy were in the bathroom we ordered Candy a water and mom a coke. Once they got back the drinks came and mom asks me “Why did you get a water….you never get water. Why didn’t you get a coke? You should’ve ordered a coke.” It was crazy. Everyone was kinda just looking around. I told the waiter to bring me a coke too. After he left we all looked at mom……It sounded like we were abused or something……It was actually hilarious. We were like your a little demanding aren’t you??? It was really funny. We were laughing because mom was like, “what? She never orders water.” So……..a few minutes pass and our waiter comes back to take our order. We get around to Candy and she orders a cheeseburger and mom leans over and says “you want that well done.” We all look at her again! Funny! After he left again we laughed at mom again!! Demanding…….She said that she’s been nice for twenty five years….she can be demanding now!! So every other minute we were going “You want that well done!!!” or “Why didnt’ you order coke?” It was sooooo funny.

After we had stopped teasing mom, or at least taken a break from it, mom was like you should have been home on Saturday night. Since the strike, they played the best of Will Ferrell. And most of you know, and if you don’t you do now, that I love Will Ferrell!! Love him. Sooooo funny. It’s really funny because I ended up watching that anyways. Ulrik was trying to read this thingy…..word escapes me……about the new DVD recorder/player/whatever he had just bought and the TV was on. He was flipping channels and I told him to stop so I could watch Will Ferrell. Funny stuff. So at dinner last night we kept on quoting all the things he says in the skits. His Harey Carey is hilarious and mom says I do it very well. I’m laughing now, just thinking of it. He’s so funny.

I guess I’ve written enough for one day………….I will write more later. Eventually. Sometime. I love you ALL


“It may be hazardous to your health…..”

I was “surfing” the web and I thought of that line. I wasn’t actually surfing the whole thing. More like just Yahoo headlines. I clicked on one video to watch about something on the view and Christians and then I watched a video that had Jenna Bush calling the White House. And then I clicked on the next one about some computer guy who made a song about life……and in the video I saw a picture of Kevin Rose. I know. Most of you are like “who is he?” Well, apparently he’s a very wealthy man. He was in Newsweek (or something) and the headline was “how he made 60 million in 18 months.” Yeah. I’ve seen him though on If you have some time and don’t have anything else to do: Go there!! Funny show. Him and his co-host are hilarious. Ulrik has me hooked on it. I can’t think of the other guys name……..anywho. The quote is from their intro. That’s all.

Wedding planning is coming along. Mom thought I had written the date down on here but I checked and I didn’t so I don’t know what she’s talking about!! Crazy mommy. We went to Michaels last night to “look” around. Found something. Thought of something. Danielle met us out there and we went to Wendy’s to grab a bite to eat. Ate our food and mom wanted to go check the movies so instead of walking straight to the movie theater we walked all the way back to the car which was parked by Michaels to put the food for Adam in there. Then we walked to the movie theater. I didn’t really want to go because I wanted to start going through my things. (See what I want to keep and what I don’t want to keep.)

Got to the movie theater and were checking out the movies. Didn’t find anything and Danielle didn’t want to see anything……that’s right Danielle: I went there!!!!! So we walked down the “strip” to some dress store. What it was called has escaped me but it’s there. Tried on some dresses. Didn’t buy anything. Walked down to Yankee Candle because Danielle just HAD to go in there!! (Poor Danielle!) Walked around. Mom tried to trip me. I almost fell back on her. Fun times. Fun times. When we walked in I pretended to gag and I told Danielle I was dieing…….she said at least I’ll smell good! (The witty comebacks she comes up with…….) After that wonderful store we went into Ross where walked around the entire store for nothing. Just looked. So finally after that we walked back to Michaels because I thought they might have some pretty paper for our Christmas newsletter. They didn’t. So we ended up leaving then and driving home.

Where I proceeded to work on my room and mom worked on Christmas cards with Audrina and Tally’s help! I had the biggest bag of crap to get rid of. I put it by the front door this morning and when I woke up this morning the trash guys came. They were early so I was running out of the house dragging this huge butt bag of crap in my jammies!! I was telling them they were too early. They laughed. They thought I was crazy and they probaly wondered why I didn’t bring any water out for them. See, normally I’ll bring them coke or water out and some snacks for them if I see them. My dad will too. He started it really. I’m just following in his footsteps….

The play is tonight again. Excited stuff. We got a DVD of last weeks. It has the engagement on it so I’m excited to hear it. And see it. My mom wants a copy so I have to remember to ask Sarah for it tonight. Hopefully I’ll remember. Anywho………I’m gonna go. I love you ALL


“Will Holly please come up here?”
“I said yes!!”

These were two things that were said last night at the Dessert theater at church. Last night was the first night of the Christmas play that I’m in. Ulrik is helping with the lights so he was of course there and has been there for a few practices now.

Back to last night…… started off with the choir singing “Sound of the Round.” (Little side story: the choir was supposed to wear all black…..Holly wears a brght red shirt in the play with black pants. Therefore Holly is the only one in the choir wearing a different color!) Now, I haven’t fully memorized these words yet and during practice I messed up big time. Therefore half of the song was then lip synched. So when it came time to go on stage and everything I tried singing all the right words. I think I got about 80% of them. No one said it sounded bad, so I’ll let it all go…….

After that Pastor Mark got up on stage and led us in some Christmas carols. I went back to my seat at the back of the room in the corner with the rest of the cast who didn’t have their family with them. (Extra side story: mom, dad, Candy, Danielle, Adam, Nils, Bobby and Judy were there.) So were singing away and we get to Winter Wonderland. (This truly is a blonde moment!) During the song it says something about “are you married?” And stupid ole me was thinking those aren’t the words…..I always sang merry…… anywho. I’m thinking all that and then all of a sudden the music stops and I hear Pastor Mark go what are you doing up here…..what’s going on?

Ulrik was walking on stage and he told Mark that he needed to see me up on stage. So Mark is looking out in the audience and he asks “Where’s Holly?” Well I’m sitting in the very back and I raise my hand ever so slowly! So I stand up and start walking towards the stage meanwhile looking at all the people sitting there standing around. I get up there and Mark is like “I feel like I’m in the way.” But he stays and Ulrik says: “Holly, will you marry me?” Of course my response was yes but Mark had pulled the microphone back so I say into the mic “I said Yes!” Everyone clapped, he put the ring on my hand and we walked off the stage shaking!!

We walked to the back and mom and Candy and everyone came back and we hugged and cried and hugged some more and talked about it and then hugged some more. Finally we had to get back to our seats and all that so we kissed and he went to the sound booth and I went to my seat. I was shaking so bad!!! I was thinking he should have asked after the play so I could get through it.

But it turned out really good. I didn’t miss any lines. I only counted three mess ups. I messed up on the Joy to the World dance. Only slightly though. Mom and Candy didn’t even notice. Michelle messed up one line but we all got through that. And Matt forgot or was late singing something but that worked out well too. I really like that play. I’m glad were doing it three times and not just once. After the play was over we went back and talked to mom and dad and everyone till everyone eles practically was gone. They left and we kept on being congratulated! It was nice!! We went out to the mall area and sat down and had some cheesecake and then we left! I was beat. I think Ulrik was too. It was quite a long day.

I totally didn’t even mention the Chili’s incident earlier in the day. We were at Chili’s in Winter Haven for like three hours. And they weren’t happy, were having fun three hours. They were: where the heck is our drink refills and our food and the waitress?? It was rough. I went and spoke to the manager and then after another hour we told the manager to come over and Sarah talked to her. So we got half off our checks. Turned out good. So……..long day………….

I love you ALL