I thought of a whole bunch of quotes for today and they all just went out of my head……

“How’s mum?”
“It was a matter of business.”
“Keep telling yourself that love.”

All from Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End. We went to see the midnight showing because if you see a premiere you have to go to the midnight showing!! Have to.

I don’t care if you didn’t like it (Zachary)……. No one cares that you didn’t like it. I thought it was amazing. Better than the second one. Way better. I loved it. Oh yeah!!! We had a great time. We dressed up and that was fun. Way fun. Danielle…….I want my pants back!! We were all the way in theater 24. Can you believe that? I think they had all the theaters open for Pirates at midnight. Just a thought. I love Pleasure Island. Have I said that before?? Well, I mean it!! Big time. Only thing I didn’t like was that they took my ticket stub and didn’t give it back. Bummer

Got back from Kansas City at six fifteen pm yesterday. Had an amazing time. Ready to move. Now. Well, not now but soon. Let me just say this: My closet is half the size of my room now!!! Hello!!! How cool is that !! The house is amazing. I was showing Danielle pictures last night while we were waiting for credits to start and we all agreed it’s better and bigger than Becky’s house. Holy cow, right?? How can I say that?? Well, wait to you see the pictures!! Just wait……

 Judy rushed me to the college…..and we went to see Pirates. Long story. Can’t type it out now.

I’ll have pictures eventually.
I love you ALL


“There’s going to be a party at Twelve Oaks tonight!”

Gone with the Wind. Such a classic. You have to see it….even if it is crappy!!!
That’s the quote today because of the little “dinner party” we had. Good times is all I’m allowed to write……just kidding. I can write more. Don’t want to. How about that.

So Danielle came over last night and we watched Wicker Man. The new one with Nicholas Cage in it. I knew the story line….sorta….and Danielle had no idea. So it was good. Not great at all. They could’ve developed the story line a little better I think but what do I know about movies??? Nicholas Cage was hot….even with two broken knees!! Crazy stuff…..crazy.

Tomorrow were going to Lehigh for Anthony’s graduation party. That should be fun. Me and Candy are riding down with Danielle earlier than mom, dad and Adam. Can’t wait. I have to remember to borrow Danielle’s R.L. Stine books!!! The highlight of the trip…..not!

Danielle’s grandma is going to be cooking alot apparently. She’s a good cook. Well, I don’t know exactly, I’ve only eaten her food once but that was darn good spaghetti!! Danielle talked to her the other day and she said what she was going to be cooking and holy cow…..I’m excited. No diet tomorrow!!

For those of you who don’t know our family has been on a diet…..or as physco’s say: It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle change. Anywho….here’s a typical day of meals for me. Boring I know: Drink a little glass of milk (skim), eat some eags of a low carb granola bar. Have a snack of some fruit around ten and then at twelve thirty, one, I eat a salad. Around three or three thirty another snack but this time some cheese and around seven or a little earlier stir fry or some chicken salad or just chicken.

Yup….that’s what our house has been full of: Salad and stirfry stuff. Yucky…..except the salads and chicken. So I guess the yucky part is the stirfry. I hate vegetables!!!
Enough already….I know. I love you ALL
Oh, Happy early Birthday Stephanie!!


Happy Belated Birthday to ME!!!

I can’t believe I didn’t write yesterday!!! Actually I can. I was busy. Not busy enough to tell Lynn Happy Birthday though!
I had to get up and take Bobby to the airport at four thirty. Well, I had to be at his house at four thirty. Once I got home at five thirty I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up till eight. I decided that was too early to actually get up on my birthday so I went back to sleep!! I woke up at ten and couldn’t fall back asleep so I stayed up and read in bed.

At around eleven I got up and dressed and called Danielle to see if she was awake yet. She was and had been up early…..so I grabbed some pretzels and water and went over there to help her clean. As soon as I got there we formed a to-do list and it quickly became long!!
Post office
Mom’s office
Finish cruise papers
And on and on it went!!! We got everything done but one thing I think and that was mom’s fault, not ours. So we headed back to the college and we started the great cleaning! (They have to clean their new apartment before they move in…..) So, we cleaned the downstairs first. I got alot of dust on my back from my frequent breaks laying on the kitchen floor!! But we kicked butt. I vacumned everywhere (if it doesn’t look like it: Danielle did it!!).

When we were all done we went swimming and the water wasn’t really warm. We stayed out there for awhile though but then Danielle remembered she had a video she wanted to show me. It was funny. I think what was really funny was that Danielle didn’t get it the first time!!! Silly Danielle.

For those who know about work…..everything went well today. No talk. No nothing. So……good.

Last post I forgot to put a picture of the three girls. So here it is. Sorry Danielle!!!

There we are. At FCC graduation. I should get the pics from Candy’s graduation and my birthday party pics up here soon. Hopefully.
I don’t get home till Sunday night so it could actually be awhile!!!

I love you ALL


Let’s see…..what to write as a quote today?
How about some Wicked? Which I still have not seen……

“So if you care to find me
Look to the Western sky
As someone told me lately:
“Everyone deserves to chance to fly”
And if I’m flying solo
At least I’m flying free
to those who’s ground me
Take a message back from me:
Tell them how I
Am defying gravity
I’m flying high
Defying gravity
And soon I’ll match them in renown
And nobody in all of Oz
No wizard that there is or was
Is ever gonna bring me down!!”

It’s from the song “Defying Gravity.”

So let’s see. Went to FCC graduation last Friday? I can’t remember already…..it hasn’t even been that long. Um…yeah I guess it was last Friday. Saw Kelli, Kate, Windy, Dustin and Tricia walk across the stage. That’s Kelli standing there. That crazy lady with the blonde hair kept on standing right in front of her so I couldn’t get a good shot.
Here’s Kate and Candace after the ceremony. Acting very scandalous at FCC!!
Here’s the three amigos……or whatever we are. Three sisters I guess. That doesn’t sound as good as amigos….. anywho…. I have this great shot of Windy and Gabe but I didn’t email it to myself so it’s still at home. So here’s a picture of Adam doing his job (sound).
Yeah, he’s that blue blob up there in the balcony.
Let’s see. After graduation we went home and then the next day Candy graduated from Valencia with her AA. All those pictures are at home too so I won’t get those for a little bit. (I’m staying at Becky’s.)

Helped Danielle move next door. That was crazy……some people!! Argh!
Went swimming and learned a new game! Silly game. Only an FCC kid could’ve made it up. I think they call it PUTTZ ball. Something or other. It’s like HORSE for the water.

I guess I shall write more later. Going to Dixie Stampede for my birthday (May 14th!!). So, I am really, really excited about that. So I’ll leave off there. I love you ALL


“Have you decided what you want to do for your birthday yet?”

This question has been posed to me many times this past week and before that.
So now the time has come……

The time has come my friends,
to talk of many things……

Can’t think of the other part. I used to know this Mad Hatter that knew the whole thing. It’s funny.

So for my birthday I’ve decided on going to the Dixie Stampede. Exciting. I can’t wait. Mom and dad loved it so it’s time everyone went, right?

If your not doing anything on May 14th, my 25th birthday, you are welcome to come and enjoy Dolly Partons great show.

Mom can get tickets for, I think, $38. That’s a bit cheaper than what they actually are. So…..let me know if your coming.

Little side note: Congrats to those that are graduating…….were going to see Windy, Kate and Kelli graduate from FCC tonight and tomorrow Candy graduates from Valencia.
I love you ALL


This was a conversation that happened yesterday at the great and wonderful University of Central Florida or UCF for those that can’t put that together.

“Go knock on his door.”
“You go knock on his door.”
“It’s your room.”
“I’ll pay you.” ……..
knock knock
“Hi, um….I need to check out of my room and the R.A. is supposed to be here. Is he here?”
“Oh, uh. Hold on. Hold the door.”
“MATT!!!!!………He’s not here.”
“Ok, um…….ok.”

And that was just the begining. UCF R.A.’s obviously don’t care about the little responsibility that they do have. Candace was supposed to check out of her room between 5:30-5:45pm. That was the time she signed up for. At five thirty five I told Candace she should go knock on his door. And there is the above conversation (I got a free dinner, thank you very much!). After that we went down to the “office” where apparently these R.A.’s hang out/work? The sign on the door said closed so we kind of walked by until we saw a girl go in there. So we turned around and went in and asked if Matt was there. He was not and so someone happened to have his number in her phone so she called and she left a message. She said that if he was far away one of them would come and do it.

We were thinking why can’t one of you do it now??? It was already six pm. We waited up in Candy’s room until he finally showed up claiming a final had ran a little longer. A little longer???? Try almost an hour longer. And wouldn’t you be a little smarter had you written on the sign out sheets when your finals were so people wouldn’t sign up during those times??? What a moron. When he came in he looked hilarious. He had the red curly hair!! It was just a funny sight. Had to be there I guess.

Anywho……went to Wendy’s. Got an amazing taco salad and ate it. Yummy. Went home and watched tv and then when Candy was done catching up with everyone under the sun we watched Emma. I love you Mr. Knightley!! He’s mine Candace; back off!! You got Mr. Elton, and Frank Churchill. You know what? I’m feeling generous; you can have Mr Weston!!! Or Mr. John Knightley? Well……I almost fell asleep at the end but I couldn’t because that’s where my amazing quote on myspace comes from, and hearing Mr. Knightley say it just makes your knees go weak!! Good thing I was laying down on my bed!

So that was yesterday. Wow, exciting stuff I know. Tonight is a little shindig for a friend. Kind of excited, I guess. Never been to where were going…..people say it’s good. So I will try to write tomorrow when I know if it was good or not!

Oh, one more thing: Windy if your reading this…..go with Kirra. I love that name. Interesting spelling though.
I love you ALL