“Vote or Die!”  I’m sure everyone knows what that’s from. Except Nils. It’s from that stupid MTV ad campaign to get the younger generation to vote. I think it’s dumb. But today I vote. As soon as mom gets off work we are going to the library to vote. I’m here now with Candy because she has to work later so she’s voting now.

Can you believe it’s October 29th already! I can’t. It’s crazy. I’m really looking forward to Halloween. That is by far my favorite holiday of the year. Isn’t it everybody’s. I mean you get to dress up as something and then you get to go walk around and get candy and have a blast! HELLO! Who would not love this holiday?!? Well I know some people. Well I know one person. Actually when I used to live in Indiana with Lynn and Sally (If you don’t know I didn’t live with my parents for a year beause they were in Haiti so I lived in Indiana with friends from our church Lynn and Sally.) they wouldn’t let their girls go out and trick or treat. Our church up there though had an awesome Harvest Fest. You could eat taco salad or hot dogs and all this yummy food and their were games that it didn’t matter if you won or lost you got candy! HELLO! Again the candy. I love it!!

Well I’ll try to write more later. Yo-Yo
I love you ALL


“Come what may….” This is from a song in the most bestest movie ever: Moulin Rouge. I love this song. It’s so special and romantic and wonderful wrapped up into one.

 So what’s new with everyone. Well it doesn’t matter because this xanga site is about me and not you. And if you just got offended by that, tough luck!

For those who know of the wedding dress saga, it ends here. Well hopefully. If you don’t know it, sit on back and enjoy reading it. I went and tried on a beautiful ivory colored dress many moons ago and it looked magnificent. Well when I told people some were like “oooooh she’s got a secret!”  This dressed cost $700 more than I wanted to pay for it.

 Anywhoo….it didn’t make much difference. I kept looking but I kept on thinking of that “secret” dress. And all this time mom is looking at patterns for dresses. So I took mom to look at it with Candy and she was like “oh this will be so simple to make.”  So guess what? My mom is making my dress to look just like that one. I hope it turns out like the other one. I just bought the material the other day and it was sooo on sale. It was originally $9.99/yard and it was on sale for $2.99/yard!

I’m kinda nervous because my mom is a huge procrastinator (and if your reading this mom: YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY!). So I have this visual image of me and Candy and mom staying up late the night of the wedding sewing it still.

So nothing’s really new besides the whole dress thing. Man, I lead a boring life!

OH! If you were not at Javiers Sunday you should be ashamed at yourself. It was the best thing I’ve ever heard Javier say. Don’t tell him. Just kidding, I’ve heard him say some other good things! It was all about being a witness and how we should act and it was just great! One person was there that I think really should’ve heard it and one person wasn’t there who needed to hear it.

Well I love you ALL


“Here comes the bride…..all dressed in white.”
A traditional song but do you have to follow it.

I have read hundreds of articles about weddings these past three years. And everyone always says you can do whatever you want it’s your wedding. So does that mean you can wear an off white dress if you want. (No I don’t have anything to tell you!(NILS))

See here’s the thing. I want to wear a white dress. But when Candy, Adam and I went shopping we found this off white, ivory, colored dress that looked soooooo oooooooooooooooo good on me. It was great. So I guess here’s the question: If I wear off white would everyone think I’m tainted, unpure, a Ford truck?

I wish I had a book that told me everything that is normal for someone like me. For example is it normal to be sad and anxious and scared and happy all at the same time while thinking about planning your wedding? Seeing that all my readers aren’t married, except Windy(does she read this?), I guess you can’t tell me.

For those of you who have not heard the joyous news: I’m getting married. Just joking…I mean I am getting married but that is not the news. I know the date. Yeah! I called Andres last Friday and we decided that November twentieth will be our blessed day. Isn’t that groovy? I’m sooooo ready to be married. I can’t wait.

My best friend in Indiana is getting married next July and she asked me to be her maid of honor. I’m really excited about that. She has been through so much in her life. She’s a foster kid who got adopted by her foster parents and two years ago she got kicked out of her house for a really dumb reason and much more drama. At least her family and her are trying to reconcile. But anywho…..I’m really excited. I have never been in a wedding and I’m really excited. I’m saying it over and over again because I am.

I’m reading this awesome book which is actually the first book in a trilogy. It’s called Angel Walk. Or something like that. I don’t have it right in front of me. It’s about this angel who doesn’t understand why Lucifer was sent to earth. So he goes down to discover what happened and he finds out so much. It’s kinda like This Present Darkness or Piercing the Darkness. If you haven’t read either one of those books you need to stop what your doing…..well keep reading……then stop and go find a copy of these books and read them. They are awesome.

Well I’ll end it here so you can go and find those books! There by Frank Peretti!
Love you ALL


“That’s not a stab at Michael.”    Another quote from Eminem’s song Just Lose It.

I feel very passionate about Michael Jackson. Not like “ooooh I want him.” No, his music is so awesome and he is the King of Pop. So how could anybody think him bad. I know that’s not really a great excuse. I mean mega- movie stars do drugs and go to jail. So why couldn’t M. J. have done that to little boys. I’ll tell you why!

If you know anything about M.J. you would know what a horrific childhood he had. His dad told him he was ugly and he wasn’t too nice either. Personally I don’t M.J. ever grew up. He still has the mentality of a seven year old. All his life he has sung and performed to try to please his dad and do you think his dad is proud of him. Probaly somewhere deep down in his heart but do you think he ever told M.J.? I doubt it.

So I think M.J. finally said “who cares! I’m going to do what I want to do.” This statement (which is not an actual quote) might have been said after he was excommunicated from his church for doing the Thriller video! Look at where he lives: Neverland. How can you say he’s capable of molesting kids when he practicaly lives in Disneyworld. He doesn’t understand those things, I’m sure. He’s just a big kid.

Having said that, everytime he gets accused of doing something nobody listens to his side of the story. If you would you know that the parents of these kids let them stay at M.J. ranch and spend the night. THE PARENTS LET THEM STAY. If you have a kid and someones been accused previously of child molesting would you let them stay. If it’s M.J. I would. Because he didn’t do it!

Here M.J. is being soooo kind to these kids letting them come and play with him at Neverland and the parents go and accuse him of doing horrendous things! All they want is money. Is our world that bad that we have to accuse innocent people of doing bad things so we can get our fifteen minutes of fame and few million? How crazy is that. Anywho…..got any questions about this just ask away. I think everyone knows how passionate I am about this.

Well thanks for reading. Only if you read all of it am I thankful to you!
Love You ALL


“Just Lose It!”  Have you guys heard this song? Have you seen the video? Well if you haven’t and you like Eminem you should definately try to listen to it. I think it’s hilarious. If you haven’t seen the video your missing out on classic Eminem antics. If you’ve seen it, is it not the funniest yet?

I’m watching Eminem’s best MTV moments. It’s pretty good. Mady’s taking a nap. Well she’s supposed to be but I just heard her talking to herself. I’ll have to go in there and tell her to go to sleep. Yeah Right! Like she’ll listen to me! I have to go pick up Taylar later and I know that’s exactly when Mady will fall asleep. When I have to pick her up and carry her to Taylars classroom and back to the car. What fun!

Last night I spent the night at Javiers and Joannes house so I could watch the girls this morning. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have kids, man. Mady woke up at three this morning and didn’t go back to sleep. I could her talking and playing and it was quite hard to fall back asleep. And with John(who also spent the night) snoring it was even more harder to sleep!

Now guys you know how tall I am and how tall John is right? Well let me ask you something. Do you think John should get to sleep on the big couch or little couch? I make him sleep on the little one and he thinks that he should get the big couch. Could somebody tell him that he is shorter than me and I need more room! Thanks! Another note on John…..This “friend” still has not gone jogging with me. Just wanted to add that in.

Did you guys read Candy’s xanga. Copying off of the Rock. Can you believe it? Anywho….. I love You ALL