“I was one of those whores!”

Ohmygosh. I said this, I guess, a week ago. Candace and I decided to get some IOA (that’s Islands of Adventure for you dorks!) passes. Preferred passes. Oh yeah….we don’t have to pay to park! If only free valet came with that!

So we got the passes and everything we did we would say: “This is the first time on the Hulk with our new passes again!” Everything was said that way that day. What’s truly funny is that we were only there for two hours before the park closed!! So I guess it didn’t last long!!

Anywho…..about the quote: Years ago when we all had passes to IOA me and Brooke would go in our bikinis and a sarong. Now NOTE: we (and when I say we I mean me!!) were in a better shape! So I have this picture of me with Captain America and I’m in my bikini and I look funny……looking back I do. So our second day at IOA we were talking about FORD trucks (think CIY…..if you weren’t there: I mean cheap whores!) that wear practically nothing and strut around. So were thinking and talking about that and I said I was one of those whores!!

So now we have passes and I want to go everyday but now I need to start looking for a job. Any ideas out there in xanga land?

Onto other somewhat great, somewhat depressing news: My great-grandmother died today. Early this morning or sometime in her sleep. The way to go. She was ninety years old and she only weighed 67 lbs! That’s right. Crazy, isn’t it? So it’s a great thing that she’s gone but kind of sad because she made killer mac and cheese!! And mashed potatoes. And apples and red hots. And well everything! My great-grandpa is still alive but now he’ll probaly die. He said earlier in the year he was only waiting around for grandma to go. He didn’t want to leave her alone. Isn’t that sweet? So I love you ALL and call your grandparents and tell them how much you love them


“Do you know who Reverend Run is??

I’m not asking the xanga audience this question. Well…..maybe I am: Do you know who he is?? Anywho. This was a question I posed to a Virgin Megastore empoloyee.

Now, before I start this….when you think of Virgin Megastore do you conjure up images of rock genius’ and classical wiz’s?? People who know their stuff? Guys and gals that can play Rock and Roll Trivia and win easily? Well do you?

Well I do. I did. Not anymore……A few months ago when I was still using a crutch me and mom and Cheryl went to Virgin at Downtown Disney. (Where’s another one?) We were waiting for a movie so we were gazing at all the CD’s, DVD’s and books. I was checking out “She Want’s Revenge,” and mom and Cheryl were looking at tv DVD’s. On their million tv’s they were playing “Virgin Recommends” videos. We started watching them and there came this one with Reverend Run singing with this other group and they sounded amazing. So we didn’t catch the name of the other group that he was singing with. I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

I went up to a cashier and asked if she knew what song it was. She looked at me like I was joking. I explained it was on all the tv’s and Reverend Run sang with them and she was like “I don’t know.” I was like ok and I went and looked at their kiosk thingy for finding music. (Do they ever work properly?) I couldn’t find it at all. I couldn’t even find Reverend Run’s CD……that I know they have. So I was ticked off. I went to another cashier person and as I was in line I was hoping for one cashier in particular but of course I got the youngest looking one who didn’t look like she knew who Cyndi Lauper was. I asked her if she knew who Reverend Run sang with and she was like “who?” That’s when I said that question up at the top!! I couldn’t believe it. She didn’t know who Reverend Run was!! HELLO! Run DMC?!?!? Ever heard of them? My gosh.

So now I know that I know more about music then those that work at Virgin. Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Oh yeah….I’m smart!
I love you ALL


“Your marrying a whore!”

This is from a song from Panic! At the Disco. Go check them out!! They are super-duper. I’m in love. There coming to House of Blues in June or July……hmmm. We’ll see!

So this past week I’ve been house/dog sitting for Becky. Big house. Big pool. Big bed……all to myself! Oh yeah baby! I had a blast. I stayed up late and unfortunately woke up early!! Those dang dogs had to go to the bathroom. Who would’ve thunkit?!? So I watched a lot of tv. Big surprise right?? I caught up on all the Bravo shows. I watched so much tv. Blow Out…….Top Chef…….Dog Bounty Hunter…….Music Videos……Myth Busters…….Whose Wedding is it Anyway…….and on and on it goes! I did swim alot too though. I would turn the tv on outside and swim during the commercials!!

So I had fun to say the least. I went to a Baptist church today. A friend invited me to First Baptist on John Young so I went and it was pretty good. Big choir. Nice sermon. Cute guys!! Big time cute guys. Best part: My friend knows everybody, everybody knows her. So everyone was stopping giving her hugs and she was introducing me to all of them! Oh yeah……..NICE!!

I’ll write more later and maybe that will be more exciting! I love you ALL


“He is Risen.”

Happy Easter all. Well, Happy belated Easter. Did everyone get lots of chocolate yummies?? Me and Candace did, even though mom insisted we were too old to get an Easter basket……Please!! Too old? I think not. Never too old! Never!

As promised here are some pics from New York. What an experience!! I will never ever forget what a great time we had!

While there we took this bus tour…..several times…..and on it we saw these seats in front of the U.S. Trades building(I think). If you look closely in the middle of them you can see our first New York bum sighting!

We got on the Staten Island Ferry thinking we were going to Ellis Island.Stupid tourists!!

On the tour bus we took later on we went into Brooklyn and saw the sights. Not very many. None at all that I can recall!! But here’s a shot of the bridge. I think were on the Brooklyn Bridge and the bridge far off is the Manhattan bridge. Just a guess though. The other pic is just of the view.

At night we went up the Empire State Building. Not too fun. Very, very cold. Very cold indeed. The wind was killling us…..well…..freezing us!

On the way back to our hotel from the Empire State Building I was extremely tired and in pain(my foo-foo!). So Candace thought it would make a great photo. In my defense we were like a million blocks from our hotel!! Honestly!

The next day we took a train back to the airport where my car was. The town’s name was Ronkonkoma. Say that three times fast!! Anywho….Candace ended up falling asleep before we got there but I snapped this when we first got on the train.

Excited! I saw my car in the parking lot still. No thieves had taken it!! So we took off in the most confusing roads ever! We stopped at like midnight to refuel the big tank and it was like 39degrees out. I was in a little old t shirt so I jumped back into the Expedition and what did I grab?????

That’s right. The blonde grabbed her scarf! Not her winter coat! Not her gloves or her sweater. Her scarf. Oh I’m a bright one!
This next picture is mainly for Diana (a pimped out Jew!). We saw this and had to take a picture of it!

So there you go. Our trip in pictures. Now it feels like you were all there. Sure. Whatever. Oh, for those of you who haven’t seen my little baby (I’m thinking of naming her Heidi2) here’s a picture of her.

Isn’t she a beut?? I love you ALL


“How do you get to Ellis Island??”

This was me asking a  NYPD officer on Friday. He really didn’t have a clue. But we found out everything and we never went!

Our flight up to N.Y. was very very funny. I was delirious the whole way up there. I spilt Candy’s drink and then I spilt mine! I couldn’t stop laughing and I think the stewardess didn’t like me. The hotel was fine. The next day we waited in the lobby for Paul, the guy who sold me the car. He came and I couldn’t stop grinning when I saw the car!!!

We went to the DMV and got temp tags and then we went back to the airport. Took the train to Manhattan where we rode the subway right away!! Not as scary as you think. Checked into our hotel and it the room was the size of Adam’s bedroom here. And the bathroom? The size of mom’s walk in closet. Well, not really! It was smaller!!! No joke!! And we had a visiter there that we didn’t want!!!

The tour was a blast. We rode that thing about five times, I guess. (Check Candy’s site!!) The night tour was the best. We saw a wreck so it was wonderful for me!! The views were great. We went up the Empire State Building. Way too exspensive for eighty some floors. Got some cute pictures(I’ll post some later….computer is throwing a fit!). We walked a million miles back to our hotel and slept……well Candy did! I kept on having this dream where the bus was coming into our hotel room and I had to wake up to get out of the way. AAAGH! I didn’t sleep well, let’s just say.

We crammed alot in on Saturday. Alot. Statue of Liberty……SOHO……Chinatown…… Times Square…….train ride back to Ronkonkoma!!!! And we started driving back. The most confusing driving directions ever!! EVER!! But we made it. At about one am I had to sleep so we pulled over at a rest area and tried to sleep. Long story short: I didn’t get much sleep!! Drove an hour….slept an hour…..drove for thirty five minutes……slept for two hours……drove for ever!!! Made it home around five. Mom and dad were glad to see us. Dad freaked out about the car. He wants one now just like it!!! He was bragging about it to his brother. It was really funny because he was out there measuring everything telling his brother…..funny!!

I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep! I didn’t get to sleep in today because we had to go to the DMV down here and register it in my name and all that jazz. I tried to get a personalized plate but HA LEE and HOLLY and HOLLYS and SCOOBY were already taken. So think of something I can put on my lisence plate that’s cool!!! Help a sister out!! I love you ALL


“New York……..New York!”

Go Frank Sinatra!! Guess who is going to New York??!?! That’s right. I am!! And Candace and mom!!! We are flying up this Thursday and Candace and I are going to New York to act like tourists!!!

The reason were going up there??? Because I finally got a car!! A Ford Expedition! Oh yeah…….Can’t wait already. Everything is sooo exciting. I can’t stop grinning. It’s funny because I’ve “punk’d” two people (John, and Danielle) about it. I told Danielle I got a job in a bar up there and I’m moving this weekend!! Boy did she fall for it!!

I can’t think of anything else to write because I’m soooo excited!!! I love you ALL


“Come what may……..Come what may. I will love you until my diiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeing day!”

I’ve been listening to my Moulin Rouge CD alot lately. Got this song stuck in my head. And then when we went to Arabian Nights on Friday at the very end they played this song. I have still got it stuck in my head. And that Daddy Yankee song “Rompe.” What diversity!!

Sheldon, Wendy and the kids went home Saturday. Wow. What a week. I need a week of vacation! They called us when they got home which was like nine-ish Sunday morning. We were all just getting up.

Sunday night I was playing some GTA 3 when I heard my mom yelling for me. I jumped off my bed and opened the door and my mom told me that Sheldon and them were just in a tornado!!! They called us and they were visiting a friend in Washington (the town right next to where they live) and my brother went outside and a street away he saw a tornado!! He got everyone into a closet and by the time he went back outside the funnel was gone. But he saw the tornado!!! It was only like a F1 but still: HE SAW A TORNADO!! So exciting stuff. My mom heard on the radio this morning that apparently there were about five tornados yesterday and about nineteen peopel were killed. Yikes.

Anybody know what happened at Winn Dixie, on Michigan and 192, today??

I have to take the car back into the shop this Thursday because of a little incident that happened. What fun!! In other news: the house is clean. Amazingly clean and we’ve worked on the back yard. We bought a little kiddie pool for the niece and nephew so I might jump in there (and splash out all the water!) later today!!

I rode the sky coaster again with mom and Candy and that was fun. You should see the video! I have my arms out like I’m flying. It looks hilarious. Candy pulled the cord! Well, I love you ALL