“It’s a calendar!” This was what everybody said on Christmas if we didn’t know what was inside. See, we all go around one by one and guess what’s inside before we open the present. We were saying that for almost everyone. It was shaped like a book: It’s a calendar, wrapped like a shoe box: must be a calendar! It was funny.

Did everyone have a good Christmas?

Yesterday two awesome friends came and visited us. They signed my cast. It was fun. We watched a CIY video John had made. Brought back memories. Last year was sooo much fun.

Today is physical therapy and then we have to go see the chiropractor. Oh they Joy! I have this machine at home that moves my ankle up and down; well today they come and take that away. Boo-hoo. Not really, I really dislike that thing. So now I’m going to have to use my own massive strength to move my ankle!!

I go and see Dr. Leddy( my orthopedic dr.) on the third. Can’t wait. I should be getting my arm cast off and maybe moved to crutches. Most likely. We shall see. I’m worn out just talking about it. Nothing new going on here so I’ll end this. I love you ALL


“I’ll take Colonel Hottie-Pants and you can have Hugh Grant!” This was said last night at around eleven p.m. to Candace from me. We had just finished watching Sense and Sensibility. I love Jane Austen. She was quite the romantic. Back to the movie; I think Colonel Brandon is a hottie! Candace on the other hand doesn’t think so. I don’t know what Marianne was thinking, loving that stupid John Will-awhatever. I would’ve said bye bye ro him and HELLO Col. Brandon!

Maybe Alan Rickman is my Sean Connery? I think he’s sooo ugly but ya know alot of girls think he’s hot. I just don’t see it. Give me Alan Rickman anyday!

 We were watching the previews before the movie and one of them was Much Ado About Nothing. That’s a great one! But anywho…did you know that it was one of Kate Beckinsale’s first movies? As it was going through the actors names it said “introducing Ksate Beckinsale.” We jumped off the couch. Well, I’m exagerating; I sat up. Now look at where she is.

 I got an email from mom and dad today. They are having a blast. Can’t wait till next year!

 I’m sooo incredibly bored. It’s going on five and a half weeks and I’ve hardly been out of the house! I’m soooo bored I’mlistening to classical music! I’m just kidding. Well, I am listening to classical music but it’s not bad. I like classical but only when I want to hear it. Right now the song from Pride and Prejudice is on. The one where Matthew MacFayden and Keira Knightley dance. Big scene. It just finished, now Canon inD is on. I think that’s what it’s called. I will end it here because I have to go pick up marbles with my toes! (P.T. homework!) Sounds like fun? It’s not. I love you ALL


“Tables and ladders and broken bodies along the way!” Jerry “the king” Lawler says this at Wrestlemania 2000. Yes, I have been watching old wrestling tapes again. I’m an addict. Well not really. I just love watching them; knowing what’s coming. It’s crazy, I know. But I remember when I watched them for the first time and how exciting it was.

Anywho….Christmas time is upon us. Yeah. Mom and dad left today for their cruise. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, me, Candy, John and Adam bought them tickets for their Christmas and their 25th anniversary. They were soooo excited. They come back Christmas morning and were under strict orders to not touch a single present! Hee, hee, hee.

 Physical therapy is going fine. It’s almost dumb because I don’t feel like their doing anything. Everyone is kind of rude like my therapist will start talking with another therapist. I’m sitting there like: HELLO! Shouldn’t you be watching my foot? Well, you understand. Don’t you?

 Monday Candace saw a lady faint in P.T. I only saw it partly but Candy said it was scary. It was. I’m sure for her as well! Freaky stuff.

Tally misses mom and dad already. She’s outside digging a hole already! I guess I’ll go now. I have a few more tapes to watch. Well, I love you ALL


“Feels like old times, this.” I thought I would quote from the movie Blow Dry. Candace talked about it in her xanga. That movie was superb.

 Well, P.T. started Friday and that was something. My therapists name is Herby. Funny thing was I almost said “Parents still call their kids that?” I didn’t say it though. It wasn’t fun. But it didn’t hurt. Now, that maybe different on Monday. We’ll just have to wait and see.

 I got some awesome shoes at Steve and Barry’s. What a store. I love it sooo much. I could buy somany things in there.

I have to go. Adam wants to call somebody. SO I love you ALL


Picture this if you will:

Me sitting in the truck with my stinkin’ arm in a cast and foot in my little boot thing. Candace and mom have run into a place to get food and I’m sitting playing a game on our trac phone. A big white truck parks right next to us and the guy looks at me and says “Well hello there pretty lady!”

True story. I gave him this weird look and he started going on about how he was only trying to be sociable (his word). Funny, though.

Sorry it’s been so long. It’s really hard typing with one hand. For me it is. Let’s see. I still have this cast on my arm but I see my Dr. in a few weeks and I think he’s going to take it off then. My foot on the other hand isn’t so lucky. I had the surgery and then I had to get the staples taken out. Ouuuuuccccchhhh! Wow, that was some pain. So now my foot is in “the boot” and it hurts. I have this physical therapy machine now that I have to do three times a day. I’m supposed to raise the level every day and that’s hard to do because my foot doesn’t want to bend like that. Me and Brooke see a chirpractor now. Were supposed to see him three times a week. Not so fun stuff. In my opinion my deep tissue massage did not feel good.

So I’ll end things now. Love you ALL.