I’m trying to think of a great song for an opening. I’m drawing a blank. My eyes are watering. I’m tired. I can’t think. What the heck am I doing, you may be asking and then again you may not even care. I don’t even care! I’m at the Elks right now waiting for Rick to finish up a project here; mainly fixing their computers! Oh the joy of being his wife and going with him to calls. So, I’m sitting at the bar and half of the car is smoking and the other half won’t shut up. I guess they have a right to talk, or hack up their lungs. Whatever. Football is loudly playing on the TV. I am just having the time of my life today.

Yesterday we went to Thai and Friends for a celebratory dinner with Ursula. I don’t think I wrote about this. Rick passed his test for some Apple certification. So his mom took us out to eat; our choice. We wanted to eat at this Thai place we had been once before but we didn’t eat there. We just watched a band play. And it was loud and obnoxious. So, we went and once we pulled up we looked around and we didn’t see Ursula’s car anywhere but we saw Joe and Sammi’s. We walked in and I saw them sitting down so we went and said hi. We got a bigger table and we waited for his mom to get there. He called her and said that she was waiting for us to call her so she knew when to leave. While we waited we ordered our appetizers. I really wanted to try the dumplings so we got those and Joe and Sammi got some spring rolls. I think it was seven when we ordered that.

Ursula got there around seven thirty. Maybe a little sooner. Our appetizers had just gotten there. Michael showed up and he sat down with us too. Big table. Large group. I could tell Ursula wasn’t fellin’ it. Our waiter came back to our table around seven forty; right as soon as Ursula got there. We all ordered our food. I got Yellow Curry. It sounded yummy and Rick ordered Mango Chicken. Sounded even better. And so we waited. And talked and during that time the band showed up and they started playing. Kinda loud. I ran out of Sprite and the waiter had walked by four times and didn’t even glance at our table. Finally I said really loud, “Can I have some Sprite?” He looked over and walked back to our table and grabbed my glass and heaved the biggest sigh ever. I’m serious. It was soooo rude. Sammi and I looked at each other and couldn’t believe he had just done that!!

A few minutes later Sammi needed some more water. Well, the waiter didn’t come and we didn’t even see him anymore. So Joe got up and went to the back and poured a glass for Sammi and brought it back to her. And noone noticed!! It was crazy. Unbelievable! Michael knows the owner and we’ve met him, so Michael went up to Otto, the owner, and told him how long the food was taking and he said he would go check on it. Our food came an hour and 10 minutes later. Holy mackeral. So, even though it took a long time I still want to go back. But maybe for lunch because I don’t want to get that waiter. But knowing us, he would be there and be the only waiter available!!

Afterwards we all went to the Vue, except Ursula. I had a cherry bomb with Sammi and that was it. Then I had ginger ale. The excitement. The waitresses look like such hookers! It’s crazy. The band wasn’t that great. They were called something like Box for Pee Wee or something like that. They were all the way from Tampa. Ooooh. The excitement. The best part was when the DJ played the good music!! We all were up dancing up in our little perch. I really like where we sit. I think it’s our assigned seating. I can count the times I’ve been there on one hand but we’ve always sat at the same table. Except for our reception. Only exception.

Tonight were going to some local place called the Pick N Shack. Doesn’t that name alone mean greatness? Yeah, I can feel the excitement coming from everyone around me. They have local bands come and play and apparently people bring their tents and sleep over and all that. Sounds sketchy to me. So, I don’t know what were doing tonight really. Joe and Sammi were going to come with us but Sammi has to work late. We’ll see how it all works out. I want to go to Disney. That just occured to me. I want to go now!! Well not now, because I don’t want to go now. Actually the weather outside feels soooo nice that it would be a good time to go now. But then again Sammi couldn’t come beause she has to work late. So……dilemna. The fact that I don’t work there and can’t get in whenever I want to is a dilemna too. Wow……..

I’ll end it here. No quote today. Nothing. I’ve got nothing.
I love you ALL


“Let the rain fall down, and wake my dreams. Let it wash away my sanity.
Cuz’ I wanna feel the thunder, I wanna scream.
Let the rain come down, I’m coming clean. I’m coming clean.”

I just watched the first half of the first season of Laguna Beach. And if you have never seen it or haven’t ever wanted to, these are the lyrics for the opening song. I have just been in a very writing mood today. Crazy, isn’t it? Anywho.

Watching L.B. is really awesome. I missed it. Like I was there or something and this was like home movies?!? But it does feel like I was there. Maybe not in person. But when I watch it I remember what I was doing the first time I watched it and how awesome I thought it was. I miss it. It feels like it was good times. (Not that now is not good times!) But, I don’t know. It’s different. I have no idea  how to explain what I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. Isn’t that what Xanga’s for? I think so.

My favorite episode so far was when LC, or Lauren for those who haven’t seen it and that one blonde girl for those who never want to see it gets to go to the Blink 182 concert. Though in almost every episode something happens that makes LC upset. That stupid little slut Kristen, who dates on and off again the guy that LC likes. They both show up at the concert too. Nice. And you can tell it hurts LC. I feel bad for her in some weird way. That is weird, isn’t it? It has to be. This happened like how many years ago? Gosh, I think she’s my age…….

I am burning Candied Apples smelling candles. It doesn’t smell as much as when I smelled them before I burnt them! I want a refund!! Not really. They do smell, just not as strong as before. That’s ok.

So now, I am debating on what to do. Rick is working, or so I think. He’s in his office and I’m in bed writing and watching the opening song replay and replay! Should I go to bed? Should I keep on playing online? It’s like midnight…..I should probably go to bed, right? Why am I asking you guys? I do know what I should do. Didn’t I just write in the last blog about how I am not sleeping right. Well, I should go to sleep. So I will

Oh wait. One more thing. Me and Rick are going to Thai Lotus tomorrow night with Ursula. Since Rick passed a really hard computer test today. So…….I hope it goes well.
I love you ALL


“I have a lot of friends that go to UCF in the IT field.”

This is what I heard a guy say during a job interview. Not probably what they want to hear. I’m sitting right now in a computer training building while Rick is taking a test here. So, I’m typing away on my laptop(!!!!) and they start all the interviews in the lobby showing them the credentials of the training facility. Really not that exciting because they start off with a Microsoft award! It’s funny. Have you guys seen the new Mac/PC commercial with PC spending all the money on advertising and not on fixing the problems of Vista. Oh, the one where PC beeps Mac everytime he says Vista. That’s a funny one too.

I did not sleep well last night. We slept in the living room with the doors open since it was fairly cool outside. Since the doors were open I had to sleep in the living room. It felt safer. So, Dewey kept on hearing things last night and he would bark and I would wake up while Rick kept on sleeping! Once I was up I couldn’t go back to sleep. It was really hard to at least. I did eventually fall asleep and then as soon as I did it felt like I woke right up again to go to the bathroom. And then Dewey would hear something and bark and the whole thing would start over again. Rough night.

I’ve been watching the Hills online and catching up on all the stuff I’ve missed. Wow, quite a lot. It’s crazy. I need seasons three and four on DVD. Hint, hint for Christmas anyone…….

Rick hooked up a MacMini to our tv and now we have “AppleTV.” Somewhat. Don’t tell Apple. We can watch any tv show from the computer and I am going to start watching the first 90210 all the way through. We have every show ever on. Very exciting. So we watched one episode of the Hills on it but Rick didn’t like it so I’m stuck watching it on my laptop. Which I don’t mind. That way I don’t have to hear his commentary during it!! We can listen to our iTunes and see all of our computers and do stuff with our tv. Very exciting stuff there.

I’m hoping to talk Rick into going out somewhere for lunch. The odds are small and not good for me, so send a little prayer out for me!! Ha, I know those that read this won’t read it till probably long after I’ve sent this out into the web world!
I love you all (anyway)!!


“You, change your mind. Like a girl changes clothes. You, PMS like a b****, I should know.”

I am in a be-atchy mood right now. Rick is being a jerk and that is the main reason I’m mad. Angry. Furious. Not actually furious but more like in between. Upset and angry all rolled into one big gigantic mood that I don’t know what to call it. Sometimes I wish there was a manual on marriage because I would buy it for him!! Sure you may be saying “why shouldn’t you read it too?” Well, let me tell you why. I am a caring person. (If you just snickered, you are no longer a friend; or family member!!!) I think I am a nice person who understand that there is two sides to every story (my side should always win) and that you have to give and take( I would for once like to be the one to take).

I won’t even get into what this whole issue is because it’s stupid, and for once I want to stand my ground. And yet I wonder if I should. It’s driving me mad.

The new job is ok. They only have me working like two days a week and that sucks because it’s only like for four hours a day. So, this isn’t going to be paying much. And, the fact that I’m not even part time; I’m seasonal, is driving me bonkers too. So, I feel like feeling sorry for myself. I’m going to read this tomorrow and be “what a baby I was!” Or maybe not. Who knows if I’ll even read this tomorrow. I have to go into work and I won’t have time to even think. I’ll have time, but do I actually want to exert that kind of energy? I think not.

Recently I’ve felt like I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Or I feel tired all the time. I am getting plenty of sleep. Enough for a toddler, I’m sure. But, my body keeps on informing me that I need more. And more. I feel sleep deprived during the day and at night I don’t sleep good. Take for instance now. I’m awake and it’s midnight and my body is telling me that I’m really tired but I can’t sleep. What the heck is wrong with me. And please don’t say the “b” word. And the “b” word is baby. Don’t say it, don’t think it. Don’t even conemplate it!!

Dewey just came in here and plopped down. Maybe I should try and get some sleep. I’ll try.
I love you ALL


“Tell me a story with the words: purple, worm and boot.”

This was said yesterday to me at my interview for a job in the Millenia Mall. I was like, ok. Then proceeded to tell her about a purple dinosaur that had no friends until he met a Mr. Worm and while on their travels they found a boot that had flowers growing out of it. Cute isn’t it? On the spot. I’m a pro!! At least I like to think so!!

So, on Monday I go in and fill out “paperwork.” The excitement that sounds like, right? Actually I’m quite excited! It’ll be doing something I love which is take pictures. Maybe not all the time but they have way better stuff than I do!

Rick tells me not to write much on here…..so I guess I’ll end it here!! I love you ALL