“Does anybody want to have some sex?”

Not the kind of statement you would think I would have, hunh? Well this quote is from the show Grey’s Anatomy. It was on last night and I stayed up late with mom to watch it. It was at the very end and the boy dr.(who striked with nurses) who lives with the two girls (Grey and the model dr.) was in bed playing PSP. The model dr. came in and got in his bed and pulled the covers over her. She’s had an emotional day at the hospital. He asks her how her day was and she says fine. Then Dr. Grey comes in and gets under the covers too and she has also had an extremely emotional day. He asks her how her day was. She says fine. Then he puts down his PSP and says “What happened today?” And they both say “Nothing!” Then Dr. Grey turns off the light and you hear the guy dr ask if anybody wants to have sex. It was some funny stuff. Good show.

Tonight I go to the most electrifying event in sports history. No, it’s not the world series. And no it’s not the playoffs and obviously not the superbowl. I am going to WWE Raw/Smackdown. Somebody pinch me!! Not literally. I’ll probally cry. John won tickets and since he doesn’t like wrestling he gave them to me and Adam. Oh yeah!!! I am going to pee my pants before the night is up. I couldn’t sleep at all last night because of nerves and excitement!!!! I will havea full report tomorrow on how exciting it was. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!

I will be leaving soon so I will sign off here and I hope everyone has a super duper day. I love you ALL


“This is the kind of situation a normal person would say: “Oh my gosh!””
“Go ahead, say it.”
“Oh my gosh.”

This is from a tv show called Bones. It’s on Wednesday nights and it has some girl in it and David Boreanaz. Hello!! I think that is enough to watch the show. Doesn’t everybody remember Angel? I think I saw every season of that show. Anywho….the show Bones is about a whole bunch of scientists/archaeologists/anthropologists  that get human bones from the FBI and they find out who they are and how they were killed. All that jazz. It’s pretty exciting. I like it. I had to watch it in my room because mom and Candace wanted to watch The Island.   

This quote comes from that movie The Island: “I know Jesus must love you !!” That comes from the token black guy who helps them off a building. This movie should be seen solely for the purpose of watching Ewan McGregor. Ohmygosh, I love him. Not as much as Johnny Depp but close.

One more quote and this one comes from Johnny Cash. I just finished reading his second autobiography:
“But whatever time God gives me, I glory in it. I just hope I can spend it never making another enemy, and bringing happiness to the people around me. I have no regrets, I carry no guilt, and I bear no ill will toward anybody.”
Isn’t that awesome? I read that and then I read it again. Maybe it doesn’t sound cool to anybody else but me. I don’t know but I thought it was kind of profound. He did alot of things wrong in his life but he really turned around!

Just some things going through my head today. I love you ALL


“I don’t wear glasses.”

Picture, if you will, me sitting on an exam table at our chiropractors. This is our first visit and I’m still in pre-boot days. Got it so far? We had gotten our x-rays and he was checking out our necks and such. Popping and cracking them. He stood right in front of me and said “can you take your glasses off?”  I looked at him in all seriousness (mainly because I was) and said the above mentioned quote. Candace just started laughing and I was like “what??” Then it was like duh! I’m wearing my sunglasses up there! I felt soooo dumb and no whenever I see him I think of that.

I went and saw Dr. Leddy today. Good times. He’s sooo nice. I got x-rays first and then he came in with them and we looked at them. He’s says it’s doing better. I suppose that’s good. I’ll be able to take my boot off in around ten days. Oh the fun that’ll be. Carole, my physical therapist, is going to be soooo excited! I can put all my weight on my foot now! She’s going to kill me. I can wait. The last two times I’ve been there (by myself) she has been really brutal. Ouchiness.

Who’s excited about the superbowl???? I am, I am. I can’t wait for the commercials. Oh yeah. The best part!

I’ve had this silly little site for over 700 days. Can you believe that?

I’ve become addicted to Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and The Sims 2. Ohmygosh! Somebody help me!!! My name is Holly and I have an addiction. Well I have two! I love you ALL



 Quote of the day comes from this book I’m reading called They Shall See God.  “This book would make anybody an anti-Semantic!” Candace said this a little bit after I had read a few pages to her. This book is crazy; it’s about a jew and a Christian. These two little girls who witness a murder and then their parents won’t let them see each other since they testified.  So the Jew gets raised hating Christians and everything she says is wretched. You want to hate her; and I do! I only have like two more chapters and she still hasn’t realized she’s being an ars. Will she ever?

  I’ve been reading out loud for Candace. She’s a little slow. It’s tough for her to read. Just kidding. A few days ago I read a while from The Aspern Papers. I can’t remember who wrote it. Henry James; that’s it. (I asked Candace.) I read it with a British accent and it was funny. I tried switching to an Irish accent but it was a little difficult for me so I didn’t do it. I thought it was fun. For awhile, and then I wanted to finish reading my book.

  Today when Brooke got home from school I was outside reading. I was sitting in our blue beachy lounge chairs just chilling and reading. After she ate her lunch she came out and read to. Well, she kind of kept talking to me and bothering me. And then she played with my crutches and kept on hitting my chair. I finally put my book down and came inside. We sang some karoke and that was interesting. Very interesting. I miss when everybody used to come over and sing karoke. Those were some good times. Good times indeed.

  Mom and Candace are watching The Notebook. I don’t want to so I’m writing on here and checking my email. Some fun stuff there. I’ve taken a few tests on Tickle.com. There is this siren outside and it will not stop. I guess I’m going to end things here. I love you ALL


“What is ham salad supposed to smell like?” Candace asked me this moments ago while sniffing the ham salad. Mom had just made it this morning so it was of course still good and smelling fine. I had some for breakfast. Yum.

 I haven’t done a whole lot today. I woke up at nine and felt exhausted. My body was like “ok, that’s enough work for one day. Back to bed!” So instead of giiving in I got up and mom made the salad and we had some. I went into mom’s room while she got ready for work and I played with Tally. Mom left for work and I’ve read a little bit and now I’m online. Oh, fun.

 I found out some exciting news last night. One of my friends won tickets to WWE Raw/Smackdown!!!!! OHMYGOSH! I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait.

 Candace and I went and saw Tristan and Isolde last night. Before I found out the above mentioned news. Wow, what a movie. I thought it was really good. All the actors looked familliar but I coudln’t tell which movies they had been in before. I’ll have to look them up later on if I feel like it. I’ll have to see how I feel.

“Shark bait hoo-ha-ha!” I just said that to Candace. It was funny. I wanted her to get me a drink (please) and the words all left me. Oh the joy of having no brain functions. Yippee, Skippee. Well, I love you ALL


All of the really quotes that I had in my head have now vanished so I’m left with nothing. Well, not nothing. But close.
“Who’s got silky smooth, vanilla smelling hair?”

I said that yesterday afternoon after I gave Tally a bath using my vanilla body wash and my Pantene shampoo! She looks very clean and nice now. And she smells very good. I haven’t given her a bath since before the accident. She was really good too which kind of shocked the crap out of me. Maybe she’s getting used to her bath’s?

“I must go tell my birds!” Will Ferrell says this in The Producers. Quite a movie. Candace and I saw it while Adam and Danielle saw Narnia. We were laughing all the way through it. Matthew Broderick is soooo funny. I can’t think of the “Robert’s” name but he’s way funny too. We were watching the credits and I hadn’t realized that Mel Brooks had written it. Shocking. He’s hilarious. Has anybody seen History of the World Part 1?

“Everybody here, get it out of control, get your back off the wall, ’cause Misdemeanor said so.”
I’ve listened to this song about five times today while cleaning. It’s on Now 20 and the CD has gone through that many times. I will admit that I have skipped some songs though. I haven’t listened to it ALL for five times. I have been a cleaning machine today. I got up at like eight thirty and had a bowl of cereal. Fun stuff. And then I cleaned our bathroom and washed clothes and towels. I stopped for some lunch: a bowl of chicken noodle soup and some crackers. I watched some tv: Hawaii Five-O. Funny stuff. Then I cleaned the hall closet out and organized it and finished laundry. Wow, I’m exhausted. I’m sitting now to give my leg(which I’m not supposed to be standing on) a break!

But as I look at the computer desk I’m drawn to having to clean it so I’m going to have to go and clean it before I freak out. Oh, the joys, The magical joys of OCD! I love you ALL


“That’s why I come up here.”
“What’s your favorite planet?”
These are all from The best of Will Ferrell. I got both of his volumes for Christmas so it is good! I’ve watched them a few times and whenever any of us say those lines we all crack up. Good times.

 Yesterday me and Candace went to our chiropractor and it was his birthday. I was getting my massage (by Jose-ohmygosh!!) and I heard someone ask Dr. Moore how old he was. I heard 23 and I thought they were joking. Holy COW! When I got out there Candace said “did you hear how old he is?” He was turning 23. I was shocked. We were both shocked. He’s hilarious. You should hear his laugh. It makes everybody else laugh. Mainly AT him.

 Today’s doctor appointment was Dr. Leddy in St. Cloud. The cast got sawed off and that felt weird. It was really hot and I was scared that he was going to cut my hand!! He took some more x-rays of my wrist and foot. He was showing us the wrist x-ray and he was pointing at my wrist and he said that it was healing nicely. I said I thought I broke my finger. He was like oh yeah, and he looked at that too! I had no idea I had broken my wrist. I was a little shocked!

 Candace took me for a walk today. Boy does that sound weird. Tally pretty much drug me around. It was nice to get out though.

 I got Celebrity Taboo the other day. This game is great. Me and mom played the other day just going back and forth trying to beat the other one. It was so much fun. Mom started out most of her turns like “Um…..I don’t know who this is.” Great, great times. I love you ALL