“I hope to God, He hears you. And I hope to God, He heals you.”

Song from the Fray. Did you guys know that the lead singer was an MK? I thought that was interesting. The things you learn from MusicChoice! I also found out that Matt Kearny (who is a hottie) is a Christian. Or at least he was brought up that way and it influences his music writing. Anywho……What’s new with Holly?

Well, lets see. I’m moving. Yup, already talked about that. Um….well jeez laweez. I can’t think of anything. I already talked about the Pirate/Princess Party at Disney. I already talked about the move. I already talked about everything. I’m a useless blob of nothingness today. Oh, did I talk about the Wedding Expo I went to with mom and Danielle??? I didn’t? Well let me inform you.

I went to a wedding expo with mom and Danielle. There. I told you about it. Ok. I’ll divulge a little more about it. It was on Sunday. There ya go. I know you guys are just dieing to know all about it, aren’t you?? Well fine. I’ll tell you then. We had to be one of the first one hundred brides in the door to get a special bag so we were there an hour early. Not bad since it was at the Hard Rock over at City Walk. The time flew and we went inside and started looking around, sampling cake and chatting with the vendors. Back up a little and you’d have me slipping my very large emerald/diamond, very fake ring onto my left ring finger. (Hey, I wanted a bag!! What can I say!!) So this one lady who’s a wedding coordinator asks me when the day is and yadda, yadda, yadda when she asks if she can look at my ring. I lift up my hand ever so quickly and she goes to grab my hand. So I lift it up a little bit more and she says: “I’ve never seen an emerald diamond that big before.” I was like, yeah. I’m marrying a very very rich man. (I didn’t say that. I just kind of smiled, because it is sooooo fake. And looks it. She probaly thought I was an idiot.) So all in all it was good. If you minus out the fashion show!!

That was the worst fashion show I have ever seen. (And believe me, the other two I saw were awesome compared to this one!!!) They were very unorganized. The most hilarious point of the whole thing was when the guys took of their ties and then their shirts!!! Danielle’s face was priceless. Well, then and when they modeled lingerie!! Ohmygosh. I was like SHIELD YOUR EYES!! Fun times.

Well, look at that. I’ve managed to write two paragraphs about something. Now, as soon as I click submit I’m going to look at my last post to make sure I didn’t already write about this. Hopefully I didn’t, but if I did, you all have to suffer through it!! I love you ALL


  “Ohmygosh!!! Ohmygosh!!! Were almost there!! Were almost there!!!! Ohmygosh!!! Ohmygosh!!!”

“I want to check out his pirate booty!”

“I love you Captain Jack!!!”

All of these were yelled (practically) by me last night at the Magic Kingdom. It was the first night of the Pirate and Princess party. Good times. Me and Candy and Judy and Yazmine went and we all dressed up as pirates. Funny!! We all got lots of candy and by the end of the night all our feet were sore. We of course saw Jack Sparrow which I got a bunch of pictures with. I couldn’t stop smiling!!! It’s hilarious. I’ll try to get them uploaded soon. I’m soooo in love!! He was really good. Then we went on Pirates of the Carribean and we were the only ones in line!!! How crazy is that??? We had a great time all in all. Definately super de duper.

So since I don’t have a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow and me, I will put up a pic of me with another hottie!!


Copy of Universal2006show 008

Oh yeah. Check out those muscles!! No padding there!! He was great. We took quite a few pictures with him just for fun!!

It looks like Holly will officially be moving. These next two months look to be busy and frantic. Hopefully they will not be frantic. Just exciting.
I haven’t really thought about it. Honestly I haven’t at all. I mean like: What the heck am I going to take??(32″TV) What do I leave behind??(Tally) Too many decisions. Maybe that’s why I’m putting off thinking about it? I love you ALL


“I knew that the other guys were beauties all along!”   Nate said this on last nights episode of Beauty and the Geek.

So this show is awesome. Mom doesn’t like Nates partner but I do. I think she’s a complete moron and perfect for the show. She is kinda mean. Actually…all the blondes are! Interesting. Very interesting.

I’m still trying to remember things from last year so I can write a “best of” xanga.

Last Sunday me and Candy and Judy and Yazmine went to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus!!!! The greatest show on earth. It was great. Me and Candy were screaming louder than the kids!!! We had an unbelievably great time. I can’t wait to see them again. I wish everyone could’ve come. I have a ton of pictures and one day I will put them up here so everyone can see them!!! I promise. We got to see the animals close up and everything. The elephants with the stars on their butts!! THE TIGERS!!! They were amazing. Candace saw them coming in the ring before anyone else!!

Dad has been working nights so it’s been just me and mom at home this past week. We’ve watched a lot of tv. A few movies. It’s kinda weird. One day I woke up at some un-awesome hour to go to the potty and dad was just getting home. It kind of scared the bejeebees out of me.

I love you ALL


“You’ve got the brains. I’ve got the body. Let’s make lots of
money……………I’ve got the beauty. You’ve got the brawn. Let’s
make lots of money.”

This is the theme song of Beauty and the Geek. A great little show. We
watched to premiere last night. Looks interesting. Faves right off the
bat: Scooter and the guy who sings in a Star Wars band!!

This is just a quick little blog to let everyone know I’m still alive.
Looks like a lot of changes for this next year. I’ll write more later.
Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Saturday. Who knows.

I think we need to get together again. All of us!! Anybody else think that?? Anybody read this??
I love youALL