Got a few quotes today. Candace and I have been to IOA and Universal this past week so that’s where they come from.

“Earthworm knuckles and rancid beer. Why are you still here?”
            That’s from Dueling Dragons. You hear it while your waiting in line. Forever. And ever. And ever!

“Bring him in a spaceship or carry him on your bicycle.”
             We were in line for E.T. and the main alien talks to you and this is what he said. I thought it was funny because WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO TAKE HIM IN??

“Back off MORON!!”
             I said this while going to IOA. This SUV was right on my tail and out of nowhere I shouted (with my windows up) that. Candace freaked out and jumped!

So obviously we’ve had some good times at Universal. Yesterday we spent the afternoon over there. We played in Feivel’s Playplace and then we went to Curious George’s place. It’s like a water park for little kids. We were the only “big kids” there. We had soooo much fun. I want to go there everytime now!! We were completely soaked!!

After that we went and watched Beetlejuice’s show. Holy cow; I do not know how we have missed that! Not once have we ever seen it and yesterday we ended up watching it twice!! Bill, from the Halloween show, is in it. He’s dracula. Who is a hottie!! Candace liked Frankenstein!! (“She’s mine!”) It was soo funny. Very good. I liked it alot. Alot, alot. They were all very good. The only bad part was this witch of a usher. She was a meanie.

See, me and Brooke were getting there right as it was about to start so I was just going to step over the back row to sit down but she shouted at me: “DON’T CRAWL OVER THE SEATS!” I was like OK! Don’t freak out! So we went around and sat down. Then the next show we went to she was still there and I saw a whole bunch of people crawling over and she didn’t say anything!! Hello!! It was ridiculous. She needed to take a chill pill!!

Well; the new job is going smashingly!! Having fun. I went shopping the other day with Candace and bought a whole bunch of new clothes!! Had fun. Big time. I guess that’s about it. I love you ALL


“Where’d ya go? I miss you so.” Ft. Minor. Some guy from Linkin Park and, get this, Holly Brooke!! Funny, isn’t it?

I bought that CD today and listened to about seven tracks before I got home. I got it at Target for those who are wondering why it took seven tracks to get home. Anywho… Target I was in the checkout and it was taking forever and I was looking at the gum and I saw this gum that said it was “engergy gum.” So I was like, “I’ll try it.” So I bought it and when I was in the car I was chewing a piece and OHMYGOSH!!!! It was horrible!!  I couldn’t chew the piece any longer; I spit it out. Blah. How can they market that crap?? So, anybody want some gum??

Who’s getting excited about X-Men 3?? I want to go see it now. But I guess I will make it till it starts actually playing at the theater! I really can’t wait till Pirates 2! Who is coming to the first showing with me??? Everybody better be saying yes!!! I mean it. I really do. I will hunt you down and drag you there whether you want to go or not.

So, guess what!?! I have a job. I didn’t look very hard at all. All I did was go and visit Bobby and Judy and told him I was looking for a job. He whipped out his phone and called some guy in the hotel biz. But then we started talking and he was telling me that he needed a personal assistant and I practically fell from my seat!! I am soooo amazing of an organizer!! I knew my serious OCD would come in handy some day!! Oh yeah baby! I am going over to his tomorrow to check things out!

Next Wednesday is Madyson’s tonsilectomy. Everybody pray for her!! When she tells somebody about it she looks so serious. So I told her I would come and visit her and I would bring her a big balloon!! So now I have to find a big balloon. And one for Taylar. But I was at Wal Mart today and I was looking for a stuffed animal to tie the balloon to. There was like none! I was shocked. So I found this cute little Aristocats (Marie) purse. It will work perfectly!! I miss Mady and Taylar soooo much! I hope everything goes good. I’m sure it will.

I re-organized my closet! I moved my dresser from the left side to right side and my tv stand from the right side to the left side. That may sound easy, but believe me, it is NOT!! I had to take all the books off that tv stand and I had to remove clothes from the dresser! Man alive, I didn’t think I would finish. But through it all I watched the Bones finale and American Idol. It looks good though!

So about this show American Idol; any fans out there? I will admit that we have voted. Twice. For the same guy. Same night. That’s it. I can’t believe that were hooked on it. It really isn’t that exciting. But oh well. It’s usually right before House. So might as well watch it. I can’t believe Katherine didn’t get the boot tonight. I want Taylor to win. But I’m sure slutty-McPhee will win. Enough for tonight. I love you ALL


“We are strong. Heartache to heartache. We stand tall. Love is a battlefield.”

Is it Pat Bennatar? I believe so. I only put that up today because I listened to that CD yesterday. It’s got five songs from Blondie and five from Miss Bennatar. All their good songs that everyone knows like: Heart of Glass, the one above, One way or another and so on. I got it from Target; it was on sale for $3.48.

So yesterday was my birthday as you all know!! I woke up at eight am. Not sooo groovy but we (Adam, Candy and me) had set out some balloons and flowers and a card for mom. I wanted to make sure I was awake to see her see them. She was still in bed so I crawled in there with her. (Yes, I can still sleep with my mommy!) I think I fell back asleep for another hour and then we got up and she went out there. The first thing she saw was the pictures that she had been wanting for awhile. She was quite happy.

Then I got to get my present. Mom handed me a notecard with a riddle on it. I had to go somewhere else and find another card and that led me somewhere else. I think five more places and I went to my car and there was my present!! It was a set of luggage. It’s what I wanted so I was very pleased!!

Candace had to go to work so we didn’t go out to eat until six pm. We met Brooke at Bahama Breeze and the wait was very long! It was a little over an hour which I guess wasn’t too bad. So we finally got a seat and our drinks ordered. Our waiter, Ron, was funny and nice. He made sure our drinks were never empty!! There wasn’t a very wide selection of food but we all got something yummy. We ordered this cheesecake for dessert and our waiter put a candle in it and my family sang Happy Birthday to me. I was a little bit embarrassed because Candy chose to sing quite loud!!

It was a really good day. I can’t believe that I am officially 24 now! It’s crazy.

Today I drove into town a little early to drop some papers off at the lawyers. I got there and they said it would be about five to ten minutes. So I sat down and it seems like thirty minutes passed before they said that Nina (who I needed to see) was in negotiations with Geico and she wouldn’t be able to see me. So I have to call later to ask the questions I wanted to ask.

After that I went to Arby’s to meet mom and Cheryl for lunch. But mom couldn’t get out while I had time so we ended up not seeing each other. Anywho…..I got my food and sat down and started to eat when I heard my name. I looked up and there was Javier and Joanne! I went over and ate with them but then I had to leave to go vollunteer.

Sylvia was already there. She is the sweetest lady in the entire world!! I mean it. She called me on my birthday to wish me a happy one. Sweet! I always volunteer with her because she is sooo funny too. We always end up laughing the entire time. So anywho….we were there with this other lady today who kept on clearing her throat. AAAGH! I wanted to get her some water. It was that sick, pleghmy (?) sound. It was gross. She didn’t help us much anyway. So we have to come back tomorrow and straighten everything up because some bigwigs are coming to give them some kind of grant. So we have to “clean house.” It should be funny because Sylvia will be there!!

Well, I guess I’ve written enough for one day. I suppose. Everyone pray for me to get this personal assistant job!!! I love you ALL


“$50.00, $30.00, $20.00, who’ll give me $5.00??”

We went to the auction this past Friday over in St. Cloud. We had sooo much fun. We actually bought quite a few things. Adam got a recliner (fake leather) for 30 dollars. I got a set of China (for 8) for only twenty dollars. Oh yeah!!

This is my second set of really nice plates I’ve bought and my mom was saying that I collect shoes, purses and dinner plates!! But this is real china. I’m very very excited about it. I want to go next week too!

There were these Star Trek plates there; real collectible items. I was telling Adam about them (since he didn’t go) and he got all excited and thought maybe they went for like 70 dollars or something. I told him they all went for a total of: 15 dollars!!

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. And Lynn’s. And someone else’s. And Mother’s Day. But most importantly: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe I’m going to be 24. Can we stop the clock now. I don’t want to get any older. I’m done. Finished. Finito! I guess not. It’s depressing. Blah.

The best thing so far is the china I bought. Live long and prosper. I love you ALL


“You might be a redneck if you go to a family reunion (memorial service) and look for a spouse!”

 Jeff Foxworthy

Great Grandma’s memorial service was good. Saw a lot of family that I don’t know. Lot’s of family that I haven’t seen since I was a little girl. It was just a memorial service so “she” wasn’t there. It was just one of her nephews speaking and a niece, I think, singing. No cute cousins to talk of but Candace and I were joking about that redneck thingy. There was a next door neighbor that was kind of cute there. But no hot relatives!!! Kind of dissapointing since this one cousin I thought was a hottie when I was younger isn’t so hot now. I guess prison does that to you!

Afterwards we all ate some killer chicken and scalloped potatoes. Oh yeah!  That’s my great grandpa on the right. It’s a five generation picture. Isn’t that cool??


The drive up there was crazy. We left Thursday after mom got off work. We didn’t technically leave until seven I think. When we hit Indiana it was morning and we were all ready to be there!!

Once we got up to Indiana we dropped dad off at his brothers house and we drove to my moms mom’s house. Wendy, sister in law, had gotten Kaylee a trampoline for her birthday so while she was at school we put it together. Mainly Adam put it together. I was soooo tired from not sleeping the night before. So I sat in the box it came in and occasionaly I would flip it on it’s side to lay down!! It wasn’t too bad. Kind of comfortable. Not saying I want to go be homeless and live in one full time.

All in all it was a really good trip. Way too short. So hopefully we’ll go up for Thanksgiving. Hopefully. AND REMEMBER: MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP MAY 14TH!!!!          I love you ALL




“They added some water on that ride!”

This was said by me yesterday at Universal on the JAWS ride. I sat in the front row far left. And ohmygosh I was soaked at the end of the ride. I don’t remember ever getting THAT wet! So yesterday we went to Universal instead of IOA. We wanted to see the Horror Make Up show. We’ve seen it before, but someone was telling us about it so we had to make sure we’ve seen it before. Anywho…’s the same.

My mom told me two days ago what my great grandfather had told my grandma. Let me back up a little. My great grandfather is the one who found my great grandma (dead, not lost) and he got my grandma. And he said that he saw two people in the room. My great grandma leaned over my great grandpa and gave him a kiss and then they left. Isn’t that awesome?!?! My great grandpa saw an angel!!! How cool is that. I just wanted to share that with everyone.

So as you know, or may not know, we are driving up there this weekend for the memorial service. We leave today and I’m soooo excited. Indiana here we come!! It’s been over two years since I’ve been up there and longer since mom’s been up there. Crazy, isn’t it? 

I need to get off of here. Candace and I are going to YMCA to take a Pilates class at 10:30 and then we have to wash my baby. (car) I didn’t get many responses to the whole lisence plate thingy: Thanks alot! I love you ALL