“Let’s smoke another joint.”

I heard this on the radio the other night and this is the only part of the song that is stuck in my head. I hear Tom Petty sing it over and over and over again. I cannot for the life of me think what words are right in front of those. “Let’s get to the point.” So, there ya go. Blonde at work. Stand back. These things come from nowhere. Or anywhere. I don’t know. I had to go to Poinciana the other night spur of the moment to pick up some “medicine.” That whole thing made that day very crazy. Let’s just say that Lake County does not know what they are doing!! Any who. I went to Poinciana and visited Tally and Audrina since mom and dad were both at work. I stayed there till I had to leave for band practice. I got there in really good time and I made it there early. Choir practice is first and that was fine. Were singing this Sunday so we ended up practicing that song like five times. Which I guess is good, so we know we have it now. Hopefully.

Last night we went to a BBJ concert. “We” are friends with the band and I say it that way because I married into being friends with them. They are nice guys but just not my type of music. Hard core metal. Almost screaming……….ok. They do a few cover songs like Pantera and Rob Zombie. Not at the top of my CD’s to buy list, I’ll tell you that. So, it actually wasn’t bad because they asked me to video them while they played so I didn’t have to sit around. I put my beautiful purple ear plugs in and video-ed away. We didn’t get out of there till after midnight and we were starving; and the place didn’t have any food. So we went to Dennys at one in the morning and ate some food and came home and went to bed. Rick was sweet and got up at eight to take the whining dogs out and I stayed in bed till much later. I figured I needed my beauty sleep for the big charity ball tonight.

I was quite excited about going up until about an hour ago. I got out of bed, well it’s been more than an hour, and I came down to say good morning to Rick who was busy working. As we were talking he went to grab his tea and it spilled all over the place and some got on his keyboard. His beautiful Apple keyboard. (A little back story: I’m kinda moody a.k.a. emotional this week………..if you don’t get it too bad.) The first words out of his mouth, well right after oh crap, were well the day was going good. So me, in my emotional state, go straight to thinking that it’s my fault for his day going bad and I know that’s not what he meant at all but any who……. That’s why I’m not too excited about going tonight. Because right now he’s trying to fix his keyboard and he’s talking that he might have to buy another one. It’s hard to be excited about something now………… I’ve been waiting and very excited about this for a whole month and now I don’t even know if I want to go. I take that back. I still want to go.
Anyway this blog is just going downhill. I love you ALL


Sunrise Service

“He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!”

Ellis and Erica (or whatever her name is) said this multiple times this past Sunday morning. We went to the Easter Sunrise service at Sea World again. It was fun. We got up at four forty five to leave at five fifteen. Adam and Danielle didn’t go because they had to drive to south Miami for a wedding. Seriously who get’s married on Easter? Crazy people. So it was mom and dad, Candace, John, and me and Rick. We took dads truck and that was fun because Candy had to sit in the front and there isn’t a seat there so she was leaning up against my knees. How enjoyable!! It actually wasn’t bad so I shouldn’t complain! But I will if I want to because this is my blog. That’s right. If you think this is yours you are way way wrong. So, the picture isn’t of this year. It’s from last year. Like you could tell? None of us brought a camera. The sun was actually already up once the speaker was speaking. Last year the sun didn’t come up till he started preaching. A little different this year. That’s ok though. Change is good. Any who….. The speaker was amazing. Steve Brown is sooo cool; I love him! His voice is groovy. So deep. His sermon was pretty good. He joked about being up at ungodly hour. Very funny guy. Last year a few rows down there was this guy who kept on standing up and raising his hands and saying (loudly) Hallelujah! Jesus! All the time. During the songs and during the speaker. This year it was just during the songs but me and Candy heard him as soon as he did it and we looked at each other. Funny stuff.

We got to go home for Saturday night and that was awesome. I miss “home.” I miss it all! Audrina is huge. As huge as she was last week! Tally is just the cutest dog in the whole world and I miss her so much. You know something, I didn’t see Dedimona at all this past trip there. We got to the house at around six thirty I think and we had to leave at like noon. We may have left a little earlier. It was a fun trip. On Saturday night before Candy got there we got out the egg coloring kit and that was fun. I had a rule that you couldn’t have a mono colored egg!! I kept on yelling it. Mainly at Adam because he didn’t seem to be getting it!!! John was taking too long but his eggs did look nice. See, I don’t have the patience to keep them in the color for too long!! All my eggs are pastel because of it!

On Sunday night after we spent time with Ursula me and Rick went to Michael’s new house. He’s Rick’s acupuncturist. He just bought a new home and he’s quite excited about it. I was too. It was beautiful. It wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small. I think it was only three bedrooms but it was a nice size. His back yard is amazing. Really big. He was telling us all his new plans for everything. It’s cool. He has a giant Schnauzer. Wow, I have no idea how to spell that. Let’s just say he’s huge. His name’s Cowboy and he is so well trained. He just got a new dog too and her name is Harley. He got her from a shelter and she’s such a cutie. I have no idea what she is but Michael told me twice what she is. Any who. We had a really great time there but we were sooooo tired. So we left and went home and watched some Axe Men and went to bed. I guess that’s it for now. I love you ALL


“She said: I’ve been to the year 3000. Not much has changed but they live under water. And your great great granddaughter is doing fine.”

Who doesn’t love the Jonas Brothers? I’m sure there are actually quite a few people that do not enjoy them. Well, I like them. I will admit it. Your just crazy if you don’t! And they were on tour with Hannah Montana!! Holy cow. What a ticket. Wish I would’ve gone to see them both! Oh well….maybe I’ll catch them in a few years. When VH1 does a Where are they Now concert! It crazy out there. In band world. I guess. I’m just taking a stab in the dark right now. I have no idea how it goes for bands. Anywho. I’m working, take that back, was working. And now I’m typing on here because it seems like it’s been weeks since I’ve written. Well, Rick is working and he has the radio on and that song came on and now it is my quote for this xanga posting. (It’s showing that I spelled Xanga wrong. Isn’t that weird; couldn’t they have manipulated spellcheck into thinking that xanga was a word?? Rick keeps on telling me how to fix the problem and now he’s telling me that xanga is a proper word or name or whatever and it should be capitalized and I am not going to do it! So there!!

We went to the chiropractors today. Been needing to. It has been two weeks and I sure felt it. We both got Dr. Paul today. He is so freaking hilarious!! His jokes are funny. It took me a minute because after he said something I had to do this like double take and figure out if he had just said what I thought he had said. And he had. So I laughed a little late. That’s me: the blonde who doesn’t get anything!! He looked at my x-rays and said I needed decompression or whatever. I already knew that but Dr. Paul kind of invented some new techniques I guess and that’s what he was talking about. So I headed to the “back.” It’s not that bad. Well, actually it is. I am sore now, but apparently I will be fine. (I have no curve in my neck. That is a big bad thing.) They had me sit down in a chair and they put this rope thingy around my neck with a weight on it on a pulley. So it was pulling my neck forward and then they put this head brace thingy over my head that had a big weight pulling my head back. It was the most uncomfortable thing in the world. And Dr. Paul said that this stuff wasn’t made for comfort. He was right. I will never doubt him again! But I was only in this contraption for a few minutes but they said they work me up to twenty minutes and then they change the weights and go up again. Yikes.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone. I am wearing my fancy dancy four leaf clover scarf I got in New York. Chinatown I think. I really can’t remember. I know I got one for Candy and one for me. It’s nice. I have it in my hair. It’s to take the focus off my un-brushed hair. See, I forgot my hairbrush at mom and dads house this past weekend. So, I have no brush at the moment. Yikes again!

Obviously we went to mom and dad’s house this past weekend as if you couldn’t have guessed, right? Rick had a really relaxed weekend and that is good. On the other hand I had a stressful weekend because I was so scared that his cell phone was going to go off and we were going to have to drive all the way back to Clermont for some emergency. So I was thinking about that the whole time. But it was a good time. We went to Old Town on Saturday and me and mom were going to go on the Sky Coaster but we met Danielle and Adam for dinner and after that we were so full we just drove home and relaxed. Adam and Danielle came over and brought the Wonderful Wii and we played some Ray Man Bunny something or other. Funny stuff. That is a fun game. I think we went to bed at twelve thirty and then at two thirty Rick woke me up and I was in a bad mood. We had to wake up at six something and that put me in a worse mood, so needless to say I was unhappy going to church. Grrrrr. One of the singers, Mark kept saying bible verses to me and tried to make me feel better and it did. He is such an encourager. I love playing bass at church. I have so much fun. I just wish I didn’t have to go to practice sometimes!
Well, I feel as if I wrote enough. I love you ALL


“Are you hungry Dewey??”
I just asked Dewey this. He didn’t answer me so now he has to wait!

I just finished the last piece of a chocolate Santa that I got for Christmas. Don’t judge me. I needed some chocolate! It was nice and tasty after all of these months. Quite tasty. And just in time too. Easter coming up and all!! Nice chocolate bunnies. And those yummy eggs with the cream inside; which I can’t think of the name right now. I will in about a paragraph or two. I’m sure of it.

This past weekend was Pig on the Pond. I’m pretty sure I talked about it. Well, I know I mentioned that it was coming up. It came. I went. I did get a t-shirt. Oh yeah. And a funnel cake. Actually two. Got some popcorn. A nice sandwich. Sprite. Deep fried Snickers. Oh yeah again. Good times. Sort of. To start at Friday morning you would find me trying to sleep and Rick waking up telling me he doesn’t feel well. And he’s calling someone about when we should be over at the office to help take things to the park. Finally at like ten we made our way over to the Chiropractors office to load things into the Expedition. I’m grumpy. He’s grumpy. The whole world’s grumpy!

Rick was telling Dr. Paul that he had some congestion and Paul told him the best cure he knew of was to go home and have some ……………………………. (Sex was in there.) Rick told me I couldn’t write that. What a party pooper. I thought it was hilarious! It was funny hearing Paul say that. That put is in a better mood. That he said it, not that we did it. Anywho. Got things loaded up and we headed out. The tent was already set up and the main project was putting the banners up. What a challenge that was. It was very windy and trying to lift big metal poles and hold them up was a little difficult. The other guy helping us got pulled down with the wind. And let me tell you something, he’s a tough guy. He works at the gym and is quite muscular. I went around taking pictures and that was fun. I got some good shots.

We had to leave at six thirty because we had to go home to change clothes so we could go to Kissimme to go ice skating. That was fun. Rick didn’t skate but I did!! Fun, fun!! At one point the electric slide came on and we all got out in the middle of the floor and we tried doing it! It had to be the most hilarious thing in the world to see. After that song Cotton Eye Joe came one and some of the group tried it. That was funny too. I wish we had a camera out there. Funny stuff. We went for Candy’s 22nd birthday. I was going to get her a tu-tu but I didn’t. Completely forgot!! I think it was a good birthday. I guess I don’t know, it was hers; not mine. Well, I had fun there so that’s all that matters! Got cold. I think we ended up leaving there at ten thirty. Somewhere around there. It was pouring outside when we left so we ran to the car and jumped in! Rick was yelling at me “I’m not opening your door!” I was like “ok!” The rain was sooo bad. We have Rain-x on the window and I think it’s crappy. I would rather use my windshield wipers. I think they do an awesome job. Anywho. Got home finally and went to bed. Before that we had to run the dogs and feed them. Those dang dogs! I hate responsibility!!

The next day we were supposed to be at the park at like eight or nine and we didn’t get there till like ten-ish. I was upset since I didn’t get the hot chocolate I was promised! The day went ok anyway. Well, besides a huge mishap. See, the gym put on a demonstration of a class they offer. It was kickboxing. The guy in charge, who shall remain nameless, was a complete moron. Or at least that’s my take on him from only seeing him once! He put the music for the demonstration on his Ipod and didn’t bring a connector; or whatever. So Rick drove home and got back with one but they had already found one. So Rick is like soaking wet and he’s sick so he’s complaining about that and it’s funny and horrible at the same time. I don’t know how to explain it.

Mom and dad came and that was awesome. I miss seeing my mom everyday. So they came and we walked around to every booth they had and had some junk food and some fun. Once they left they went to some swing dancing thing and me and Rick left shortly after they did. Went home and chilled. Watched a movie and went to bed early. On Sunday we both felt yucky. Rick felt so bad he didn’t go to church and I didn’t stay all of second service. Once I got home though I went straight to bed and slept for awhile. Whew!

This upcoming weekend me and Rick are going to mom and dad’s house for the whole weekend. I cannot wait. I know Rick’s excited as well as mom! I’m going out to lunch with her tomorrow. That’ll be good. It always is. Oh, and this weekend is Yazmine’s fourth birthday party. I’m excited about that one because, Danielle hold your breathe!, it’s at Chuck E. Cheese’s!!!
I’m gonna go get ready for bed! I love you ALL


“I want action tonight. Satisfaction alright!”

That is not meant to be dirty or anything dealing with married life. I’ve been listening to my best of Poison CD and that’s like the first song that’s on there and the last one I heard before I left the house.
I got home from work today at the normal time of seven pm. Rick called me and let me know he was going to be at the Chiropractors office doing work. I was like ok and set to doing a load of laundry and picking up the kitchen. I didn’t really “pick it up.” I merely washed a couple of dishes. That’s all. Then I set to changing my clothes so I could do a little pilates. Got my DVD out and went to work, working out my core! It’s been awhile and boy oh boy did it feel good!! Afterwards I decided to make myself a sandwich and I did. A nice turkey and cheese. Provolone cheese. I know you all were dying to find out which cheese I used on my sandwich!

Rick called me at nine or nine thirty and asked me to bring over some food for him since he was still over there and was going to be for awhile. I drove over there (here actually) and brought him some food. We are still here. He is still working on the computer over here and I’m starting to go mad. I don’t feel good; haven’t for a few days. So that’s not helping my tiredness. I’m tired because it’s midnight!!! And also because I had to wake up at eight thirty to help Rick with something and we hadn’t gone to bed till one am. I am sleepy. I want to go to bed. But I don’t want to go home because I know that if I go home I’ll have to take the dogs out and I don’t want to do that. I will sit around and wait for Rick to get home because I won’t be able to get to sleep without him there. Every noise I hear, I’ll probably jump up and think that he’s pulled up only to find out that it’s some car at Sonny’s (which is like right next door!). So I am stuck here in the office waiting for him to finish up working. I think I might leave soon though. I’m starting to droop…..

It seems like something happened today and required a nice xanga posting but now I can’t remember it. Isn’t that always the case? I swear that happens to me all the time! Anywho, I shall think of something. Oh, this weekend is Pig on the Pond. Isn’t that an exciting title to a weekend? Well, I’m sure that you all are thinking to yourselves “what’s that?” Well, I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I’ve never been. But from what people, mainly just Rick, have told me it’s like a festival. They have tents with stuff going on, and booths where people will be selling stuff. There’s going to be a BBQ cook off or something like that. Other things too. I guess. I just know that I’m going to be helping out with a lot. Apparently. Fun thing is that I’ll get to take some pictures. That’ll be the best part.

That’s what I was going to write about. This past weekend was such a great weekend. What a awesome time we had together!! On Saturday we went to the park and took the camera and I learned how to use it. I had such a fun time. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Of course not. I make things out to be more difficult than they really are. Well, sometimes at least. Not everything. But boy, oh, boy was taking pictures fun. There not of any people, just nature and things. More artsy fartsy pictures than anything but some of them look nice. At least I think so and Rick said he liked some but he has to say that whether or not he likes them!!! So, that’s all that matters.

On Sunday we went to a local church where some friends had invited us to go to with them and I didn’t have to play bass this past week so it was the perfect time to go. The service didn’t start till eleven fifteen and that was awesome!! Normally on Sundays we have to wake up at six or six thirty so we can leave the house by seven. We have to be at CCC at eight so I can practice and then we don’t leave till noon. Anywho it was great to be able to sleep in!! We got to the church a little bit earlier. About fifteen minutes and we walked into the worship center. Well, we got in and sat down and soon realized that we were incredibly early for the next service and quite late for the last service!! The preacher was finishing up his sermon so we just sat there for the rest of it! The worship was ok for the next service. The leader was spanish or mexican or puerto rican or whatever and he had the biggest accent of anyone ever! So it was hard to understand him and his singing. The other two singers up there were crazy. The girl was so soft you could barely hear her and when you could it sounded like she was too high for the songs. The other guy was a black guy (and I’m not being racist here, but) he was all like dancing around and singing different things than what everyone else was singing. I can’t explain what it sounded like without being racist so I won’t say it! The songs on the other hand were amazing. I knew them and they were some of my favorites! The sermon was ok. The preacher was kind of rude to us after church. Some of it, I understand. Like people coming up and saying hi and goodbye but I don’t get how you can’t focus for two minutes on saying hi and introducing yourself to new people from friends that go to your church? Did that make any sense? Anywho, that was a rambling on me being frustrated!!!

I guess I wrote more than I thought I would. I think I’m going to go home because I’ve made so many typo’s and I keep on going back and trying to fix them. I hope I get them all….but if I don’t, please forgive me!! My eyes are getting blurry and my fingers are feeling numb! I love you ALL