“What goes around, goes around, goes around……comes all the way back around.”

I really like this CD. I’m glad I bought it. I like listening to it with the windows down and blaring. Oh yeah……..ok. Back to my wonderful trip to New York. I am obviously back from there.

Tuesday we went on the Subway and went to Union Square. We went through Chinatown and SoHo. I bought Adam and Danielle’s presents here. (I haven’t given them to them yet so I can’t say what they got!) Not too exciting.

Wednesday we went Canal St. (More of Chinatown) And we also visited Little Italy. Didn’t find it too exciting either.

Thursday I actually went to “work.” Filing and organizing and working hard. Didn’t leave till late. We went to a great South African restaurant. Really really good. Had some Durban Bunny Chow. It’s good.

On Friday I was back to exploring the city and the first place I went that day was the Lock Musuem. Oh yeah! Bring on the excitement. Actually it was quite exciting. I had fun looking through them all. I went back and chilled for a little bit at the hotel and then I went to the Museum of Modern Art. It’s free on Friday nights and the line is long. It is crazy to see what is considered “art!” I took a couple of pictures. Woo-Hoo!! It started snowing and got pretty bad in the night.

Saturday me and Yazmine went to the St. Patricks Day parade. I got a nice picture of Rudy Guiliani. Pretty cool. Yazmine was freezing and whining so I didn’t stay for the whole parade. Bummer. It was awesome. What I saw!

Sunday we went to Christ Tabernacle. They were recording a live CD/DVD. It was fun. I want to buy it when it comes out so I can try and find myself!! It was really nice. A good church. When we were leaving the church I was standing by the curb and this car splashed muddy water on my WHITE tights!!! We ate at this awesome steak house and Bobby and his friend ordered these humungous steaks. They both finished them. Crazy.

We walked to Central Park on Monday and it was cold!!! Yazmine saw a squirell and thought it was Scrat from Ice Age!! She kept on yelling at it to get out of the tree! Saw the Zoo and the Sea Lions.

Tuesday was a chill day.

Wednesday was boring!! We walked to the park again but we stopped by the Disney Store and walked around. It was crazy looking at the Disney stuff. They have pirate stuff that we don’t have down here! I was in shock!!

On Thursday we woke up and left kinda late. Around twelve thirty. We drove to see some of their friends and then we drove to Century 21 in Long Island so I could find this really nice Puma bag I wanted. Didn’t find the right one but I found one that is quite nice. After that we went to Bobby’s moms house and said our goodbyes. Then we went to the airport. The check in lady was incredibly mean and Judy got really mad. After finally getting to our gate I had to go to the bathroom and so did Yazmine. The line was sooooo long but the ladies in front of me let me go in front of them because of Yazmine!! Oh yeah; the kid worked!

When we got back to the gate Judy went to buy some sandwiches for the plane and as soon as she left they started boarding. Once she got back they were still loading and we got on. Found our seats and loe and behold my little tv in front of me didn’t work. So I watched Judy’s and ate my sandwich and tried to fall asleep. Didn’t work. I was sooo tired when we got in.

Mom and Danielle weren’t there since we got in early; a half hour early! So we were getting our baggage when they showed up. I ran to mommy and gave her a big hug. Got ALL of our luggage and drug it to the car. Dropped Danielle off at college and then Judy and Yazmine at their house. Excitement of the night was when we dropped them off Judy hadn’t paid her electricity bill and all the lights were off!!! Crazy.

So I got home and went to bed. Woke up way too early and didn’t get to bed till later than I wanted to. Jeez laweez. I’m gonna go. I’ll get pics on here soon. I love you ALL


“This ain’t a scene…..it’s a dead horse race?”

Is that what they say. They being Fall Out Boy. That’s what Candace says but I have my doubts. Though it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve thought lyrics were weird.

I am in New York. Oh yeah!! Or as Yazmine has started saying: “Boom Baby!!” I’m sure she’s heard it from yours truly! Oh, out of the mouth of babes.

This blogs gonna be a little long. Maybe. I’ll try to write as much as I remember. Hopefully I can. I’m gonna have to go back to last Thursday the 8th. When we left for New York City!!
Me and Yazmine were on the eight o’clock flight and everything was hunky dory until we started to land and I think Yazmine’s ears were popping. She started crying and everyone was looking at her and they just gave that look that was like “ooooooooh that poor little girl!” We got off the plane and I swear I thought we were in a third world country. (A bad 3rd world country. Like Haiti.) I felt like I was in Haiti. We finally found the right baggage claim and got our bags. (Someone explain this to me: When the screen says that your bags are on carousel 15 and there are only 4 carousels which one is that?)

Bobby and Frantz(his cousin) were there to pick us up and we drove straight to Bobby’s mom’s house and chilled for probaly fifteen minutes!! Yazmine stayed with “grandma” while I rode around with Bobby and Frantz. First order of business: get some food. So straight the nearest Deli to get some grub. Had some nice bacon, eggs and toast and learned a valuable lesson about delis. There apparently all owned by the Greeks. Good to know.

Picked up Ya-Ya, went into the city and dropped all of our bags off at the hotel. Went to rent a car and went back to the airport to pick up Judy. Went back to the hotel and went to bed. The next morning Yazmine woke up way too early. Friday. We went and were at Bob’s mom’s house all day. Went shopping for Yazmines b-day party. Saturday was the party so all day was spent setting up, straightening food up, pouring drinks, cleaning up, doing a little country line dancing and then cleaning up some more!!!

On Sunday we slept in and lounged about. We walked to Times Square and ate at the Hard Rock. Nice; got some cool cups so I can drink my pina coladas at home in style!! Went to the tippy top of the Mariott Hotel and saw Times Square from there. Once we got back to the hotel Judy called a friend of hers and we went to go see her since she was leaving the next day. After we saw her we had to pick up somebody else at the airport. Needless to say I was exhausted. Slept like a baby. Especially since Judy bought me a mattress topper for my fold out couch bed!!!!!

Judy and Bobby went to “work” on Monday and that meant me and Yazmine had the day to explore!! We started of going to Macy’s and the Manhattan Mall. We walked around over there and saw lots of cool stuff. I chickened out about eating somewhere “different” and chose Arby’s!!

I’ll have to consult my journal about what we did the rest of the week and then I’ll write some more. Since I’m at our “office” and nowhere near my journal I guess this is it. I’m qute tired now anyway. Let me just say that I have been staying up till past midnight every night!!! And waking up at an un-godly hour every morning!! Thanks Yazmine!! Oh the joy of kids!
I love you ALL


“I’m a boss……..I’m bossy.”

Yazmine cracks me up when she sings this. She knows it by heart. Is that not the craziest thing in the world?? Anywho…..

Thursday, along with being Candy’s birthday, I am going to New York. And I am going with Yazmine. Me and Ya Ya on a plane for two hours. Oh the joy that shall be! I’m sure it’ll be fine. Judy has a DVD player I’m taking with us so she can watch her movies.

While were up there we are definately going to see Wicked. I cannot wait. I am soooo excited. I am looking forward to it soooo much. Bobby says that he wants to take us to see more but we’ll see. Time flies when your having fun. I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

I’m not coming back till the 24th. Oh yeah. I’m going to miss Tally!! And mom. That’s about it. Hee, hee.

I’m too excited to sit here any longer and type. I love you ALL