I like to think of myself as a thankful person. I mean, I am thankful for lots of things but sometimes is it just out of routine?
Kind of like when people say “sorry” all the time; is that how I say “I’m thankful,” or “thanks?”

Yesterday Rick and I had to travel a few hours away. We had to get up early and get ready and I’m never very good with mornings; but that is another blog….. a one less read. Once we got on the interstate we were both content. Him, listening to his music, me, playing some Farm Heroes (and not well either). Enjoying time together… when I look up and see no cars coming from the other side.

That piqued my interest and I’m craning my neck to see where all the cars are and why every car in our three lanes are hitting their brakes. Then we see it. A wreck. “Thankfully” on the other side of the road. As we get closer I get the phone and start snapping pictures (yes, I am that person…and I know I’m strange. I like wrecks. That’s in the other blog too….The one less read!). I don’t think you fully see everything passing by, even as slowly as we were. We kept going on our way and that was that. I looked at the pictures again and tried describing everything to Rick as he couldn’t look at it.

There were only two cars. One a pickup truck and the other a half semi. Both of them were white. The half semi (didn’t have as long a trailer as the “normal” ones,) looked like it had jack-knifed and the trailer part was smooshed (technical term there- watch out!). It was behind the truck facing back towards the traffic it was stopping. As I looked at the pickup tuck I could tell the driver did not make it. The cab was squooshed (another very highly educational technical term), and you knew there was nothing that could be done…

On the side of the road I could see a lady leaning over someone and this person had their knees up so I automatically thought that they were “fine.” There were people walking all around the site and it was so fresh there were no cops, no firemen, and no paramedics. Once we were a few miles down the road cops, and fire trucks, and ambulances roared by towards the site.

As Rick and I were driving by I kept on praying to God to be with everyone involved and that it would be ok. Also for the driver who we knew did not make it that he was a Christian and his family would be filled with the Holy Spirit during this horrific time.

It also got me thinking about Abby J. and Jonah…..

I sent some pictures into a local news website and one of them was published. A few hours after the accident Rick was checking the news site to look for my picture and we were able to read what really happened earlier. The semi truck was traveling North and probably just trying to get to point B. His front left tire blew (not sure why) and he lost control and jumped the median and landed in on-coming traffic. Right into the white pickup truck; also just trying to get to point B. Right into it.  No warning. Turns out there were two people in the pickup truck. The driver was killed instantly but the passenger they were able to get her out and there on the side of the road she died… The big truck driver was in very serious condition yesterday as people got him out of his truck and he’s in the hospital.

When I read through it my thoughts were just running wild. I was praying that they knew who Christ was and believed in Him and I “thanked” God that it wasn’t me and Rick in the wreck….. I know I’m going to heaven when I die. I believe whole-heartedly in that. All I could think about was Abby J. and Jonah.

In a blink of an eye it will happen.

I’m thankful it wasn’t me. I’m thankful that I get to live another day. (Hopefully a few more.) I’m thankful for Abby J. and Jonah and my family. I’m thankful that God sent His Son for me. And I’m thankful I believe! I’m thankful. For lots and lots and I don’t want to ever not be.

The picture :

The wreck that started the thinking.......

The wreck that started the thinking…….