“I can fly!”

“He can fly!”

“He can fly!”

I think everyone knows where this is from. Last night we had a “family night.” After church me, mom, Candace and dad went to AMC Pleasuer Island to watch a movie. No movies that were worth watching didn’t start until nine thirty-ish so we waited around in Virgin.

I was looking for this CD that had Reverand Run on it but I couldn’t find it. So I asked one person and she didn’t even know who Reverand Run was!!! Holy cow. So she had no clue about the CD. So I went and asked another person and (what a shocker!) she didn’t know anything either. Isn’t there some kind of pre-requisite to work at a MUSIC STORE!?!!? I was shocked at their stupidity.

So I didn’t get the CD and I was ticked off! So we went and walked through Pleasure Island. There were people on stilts and everything was decorated for Mardis Gras. It was cool.

We went back and went into the theater to wait for the movie to start. We watched “Doogal.” Not the greatest of movies. But funny. Some good voices. Chevy Chase, Kylie Mynogue, Jimmy Fallon (I just pooped in my pants!), Jon Stewart, William H. Macy, Whoopi Goldberg and Ian McKellan (?). Some good times.

About the quote of the day: they were playing that song while we were walking by McDonalds and I spread my arms out like in the movie. I started “flying” around and Candace joined me. It was funny. I’m sure everyone who saw us thought we were already drunk from P.I. Anywho……
I love you ALL



Am I prejudiced?

Yesterday we watched Freedomland. What did you guys think this movie was about? From the previews I saw it looked kind of spooky; kind of ghost like. Did you guys get that kind of vibe from it? DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!  Julianne Moore plays this lady who claims that her car was jacked and her little four year old boy was sleeping in the back seat. The cop, Samuel L. Jackson (who has a white partner; but don’t worry. The black people love them both.) doesn’t really believe her because she sounds like she’s lieing.

So they get the help of these ladies who help find missing kids and they look for the little boy. The cop, though, has already talked with these ladies and he wants them to go to this particular place: Freedomland. An old abandoned childrens home out in the woods. So they are looking around and the main lady is sitting next to Julianne Moore and she’s talking about her kid and how she wants to know he gets a proper burial. She doesn’t want to think about him somewhere in the woods in a shallow grave and when she says that Julianne Moore throws up. (That is the only thing about Freedomland! The only stupid thing.)

So they figure that she’s killed the kid and they take her to the spot where she buried him. They find him and she says she did it all by herself. Turns out the kid drank a bottle of cough syrup and she was sleeping with one of the black guys (who happened to be married). But at one point in the movie they’ve locked down the ghetto neighborhood and the SWAT is there and there’s a line of black people and the line of cops and the black people are antagonizing the cops. ALL OF THEM! All the black people. And then when one of the black kids goes and hits a cop and the cops start hitting back (with sticks!) ALL THE BLACK people ran!!! Like little babies. If your gonna taunt the cops you deserve the beating. Big time in my book. Yes, the black people didn’t deserve some of the treatment earlier. Only some of it. They deserved alot more to my thinking!  

On the way home me, mom and Cheryl were talking about being prejudiced. I don’t think I’m prejudiced at all. (My mom and Cheryl don’t think they are either, but this is about me.) In the movie it’s really all about the poor black people. I’m not exaggerating. 

Last year in Daytona Beach there was this event called “Black College Reunion/ Black Bike Week.” I’m sure there was alot of drinking and alot of partying. (As the “white” people do as well.) Well the black people did so much damage that they were asked not to come back again. So right away they go on and on about how they got TOLD not to come back because “there black.” Yeah, that’s why you stupid idiots! I don’t think I’m prejudiced at all against black people. I think I’m prejudiced against STUPID PEOPLE! And if they happen to be black you better believe I dislike them greatly!

I don’t like WHITE people who are welching off welfare and have no plans to get a job and just keep on popping out kids. Yes I dislike them greatly. Heck yes. How can some people be sooooo stupid. It’s not like we discriminate like they do. I think black people discriminate more than white people. Way more. Look at the Negroe College Fund. Do “white” people get that? Nope. Not a dime. Why? Because were white. That’s right. Discrimination. Right there. AND NOBODY SEES IT! Wake up people.

I’m getting really fired up about this so maybe I should stop and go get a drink (of tea). I love you ALL and I hope your having a super day.


“I thought you didn’t believe in God?”
“I do now!”

I am addicted to House. Way addicted. As is Candace and mom and John. So at least I’m not the only one. This is from last night’s episode about the model who turned out to be a girl and a boy! Woo-hoo. What a show. Anywho…..a major part of the show was about House taking the models “gonads.” Because that was her issue and they had to remove them so she could live. Good times. Very interesting.

So after the show Candace poked me or assaulted me in some way and I yelled at her to “stop or I’ll take your gonads off!” So now, today, that’s our favorite saying. I’ve said it a few times. Candace has said it a few times. It’s fun. Say it to somebody. Laugh. Be happy!  I only wrote about this to make Candace mad! She didn’t want me to write that.

I got the Brother’s Grimm this past weekend so I watched that and laughed a bit. Candace and I had seen it in theaters so I knew it was pretty darn funny. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger work so well together on screen. I love them both. They are great actors. Don’tcha think?

Me and Candace got some fish. Mom knows this lady and she brings mom fish almost every time she comes and sees her. So awhile ago she brought one and I declared it MINE! I named him Rainbow Bright and yes I did say HIM. So the next time the lady saw mom she brought three fish. Two for Candace and another one for me. I named my other fish: Mr Fish. Candace named her’s: Liberace and Shenanigans. Rainbow Bright is in a big vase and Mr. Fish is in an sun tea pitcher. Good times.

Everyone who remembers my good friend Michelle from when she was down here needs to go to her site and say congratulations because she is pregnant!!! (They are happy!) www.xanga.com/Chell_DeHart

I went and saw my orthopedic doctor and all is GROOVY!!  My foot is doing great and I don’t have to see him for three more months. And I am discharged from physical therapy!! Yeah!! Well I love you ALL and I hope your week is going super!!!!


“Will you be my Valentine?”

This is what I’m sure millions and millions of people are asking of others today. Go Hallmark! They are truly geniuses to come up with this holiday. I guess it would really suck to be allergic to chocolate around this time of year.

I was thinking today after I woke up(since I don’t think much before that!) about Valentine’s Day. I got up and opened my door and there on the floor, what could it be? But a cute little cuddly thing from my little sissy poo! A cute little pink panther. You don’t need a Valentine on Valentine’s Day; just someone who is kind. I mean you don’t need a guy to be happy today. You know what I mean. Well, if you don’t, oh well.

Back to my thinking. Earlier I was day dreaming about love and all that mushy stuff and I think every girl dreams of her perfect guy showing up at her doorstep (preferably on a white horse!) and dropping to one knee and saying that he’ll love her forever. Wouldn’t that be the most awesome thing on Valentine’s Day? I’m such a dreamer!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and to those who think that they don’t have a Valentine today; don’t worry. I’ll be your Valentine!
I love you ALL


“I can’t get no satisfaction!”

The Rolling Stones. Did anybody enjoy half time? Honestly?
After watcher two hours of superbowl, I wanted to hear something good. Why did Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have to go and ruin it for everyone? I ask you: WHY? Can we take them out back and beat the tar out of them? Can we? I certainly wish we could.
So obviously you can tell that I watched the SuperBowl. Diana and Kayte came over. Along with John (for part of it) and Adam and Danielle. Candace had to work. She thought she had it off. Superbowl Sunday should be a holiday or something!

So, not alot new going on with me. Therapy is literally killing me. My feet are hurting soo bad. I want to do nothing at all for a week or two or three! Carole really pushed me on Monday but I think I tried things a little too hard. I was working like a mad woman! So other than me hurting (big surprise) I’m bored. I’ve been sucked back into Roller Coaster Tycoon. I’m addicted again. I just got my fix before I made myself get online!

I guess I’ll end things here. I’m watching all my “home movies” that I made at CIY. Trying to organize them a little. I love you ALL


“Please stand as I sing the National Anthem.”

Ohmygosh!!! My life is complete! Smackdown and RAW were awesome. Totally awesome. I have never had soooo much fun in my life. (I don’t think.) We got there right as they were starting welcoming everybody. They said how they were going ot film and the order of the shows. Smackdown was going to be recorded first (for Friday night) and then RAW would be live!!!

It was soooo exciting to see all those wrestlers. I didn’t know a few of them but some of them were very very funny. There were these two who kind of were Chippendales!! Oh yeah! First though, came Rey Mysterio in a low rider with hydraulics!! Holy cow! It was awesome. And Randy Orton came out. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!  I had a smile on my face the entire time.

When RAW was recorded we couldn’t hear the commentators. That was the only down thing about that night. And Jerry “the king” Lawler’s partner wasn’t there. That was a little dissapointing too. But it was cool because we may have made it on camera. We’ll see. My older brother was supposed to record it and send it to me……we’ll see. I took pictures but Adam has the card so these will have to do.

This is of Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels: The Heartbreak Kid. Old as dirt and a Christian. Woo-hoo!

This is the Big Show and Kane taking down Carlito. I have a great little video of their pyro. You have to see it. It’s soooo great!

Carlito: need I say more?? His slogan? “I spit in the face of those who don’t want to be cool!” Yup, you read that right.

This is John Cena (“You can’t see this!!”) holding and spinning Edge. Lita (the girl running away) just hit Edge (her boy toy) with his own championship belt!

ROB VAN DAMME. He’s really a bird trapped in the body of a wrestler. It’s tragic, isn’t it?

I FORGOT SOMETHING!!!! I saw THE UNDERTAKER!!!!! Best part of the whole night! Well I will post more photos when I get them back from Adam. Hopefully he won’t forget them this weekend. Well, I love you ALL