“Please stand as I sing the National Anthem.”

Ohmygosh!!! My life is complete! Smackdown and RAW were awesome. Totally awesome. I have never had soooo much fun in my life. (I don’t think.) We got there right as they were starting welcoming everybody. They said how they were going ot film and the order of the shows. Smackdown was going to be recorded first (for Friday night) and then RAW would be live!!!

It was soooo exciting to see all those wrestlers. I didn’t know a few of them but some of them were very very funny. There were these two who kind of were Chippendales!! Oh yeah! First though, came Rey Mysterio in a low rider with hydraulics!! Holy cow! It was awesome. And Randy Orton came out. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!  I had a smile on my face the entire time.

When RAW was recorded we couldn’t hear the commentators. That was the only down thing about that night. And Jerry “the king” Lawler’s partner wasn’t there. That was a little dissapointing too. But it was cool because we may have made it on camera. We’ll see. My older brother was supposed to record it and send it to me……we’ll see. I took pictures but Adam has the card so these will have to do.

This is of Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels: The Heartbreak Kid. Old as dirt and a Christian. Woo-hoo!

This is the Big Show and Kane taking down Carlito. I have a great little video of their pyro. You have to see it. It’s soooo great!

Carlito: need I say more?? His slogan? “I spit in the face of those who don’t want to be cool!” Yup, you read that right.

This is John Cena (“You can’t see this!!”) holding and spinning Edge. Lita (the girl running away) just hit Edge (her boy toy) with his own championship belt!

ROB VAN DAMME. He’s really a bird trapped in the body of a wrestler. It’s tragic, isn’t it?

I FORGOT SOMETHING!!!! I saw THE UNDERTAKER!!!!! Best part of the whole night! Well I will post more photos when I get them back from Adam. Hopefully he won’t forget them this weekend. Well, I love you ALL


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