“I can’t get no satisfaction!”

The Rolling Stones. Did anybody enjoy half time? Honestly?
After watcher two hours of superbowl, I wanted to hear something good. Why did Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have to go and ruin it for everyone? I ask you: WHY? Can we take them out back and beat the tar out of them? Can we? I certainly wish we could.
So obviously you can tell that I watched the SuperBowl. Diana and Kayte came over. Along with John (for part of it) and Adam and Danielle. Candace had to work. She thought she had it off. Superbowl Sunday should be a holiday or something!

So, not alot new going on with me. Therapy is literally killing me. My feet are hurting soo bad. I want to do nothing at all for a week or two or three! Carole really pushed me on Monday but I think I tried things a little too hard. I was working like a mad woman! So other than me hurting (big surprise) I’m bored. I’ve been sucked back into Roller Coaster Tycoon. I’m addicted again. I just got my fix before I made myself get online!

I guess I’ll end things here. I’m watching all my “home movies” that I made at CIY. Trying to organize them a little. I love you ALL


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