Am I prejudiced?

Yesterday we watched Freedomland. What did you guys think this movie was about? From the previews I saw it looked kind of spooky; kind of ghost like. Did you guys get that kind of vibe from it? DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!  Julianne Moore plays this lady who claims that her car was jacked and her little four year old boy was sleeping in the back seat. The cop, Samuel L. Jackson (who has a white partner; but don’t worry. The black people love them both.) doesn’t really believe her because she sounds like she’s lieing.

So they get the help of these ladies who help find missing kids and they look for the little boy. The cop, though, has already talked with these ladies and he wants them to go to this particular place: Freedomland. An old abandoned childrens home out in the woods. So they are looking around and the main lady is sitting next to Julianne Moore and she’s talking about her kid and how she wants to know he gets a proper burial. She doesn’t want to think about him somewhere in the woods in a shallow grave and when she says that Julianne Moore throws up. (That is the only thing about Freedomland! The only stupid thing.)

So they figure that she’s killed the kid and they take her to the spot where she buried him. They find him and she says she did it all by herself. Turns out the kid drank a bottle of cough syrup and she was sleeping with one of the black guys (who happened to be married). But at one point in the movie they’ve locked down the ghetto neighborhood and the SWAT is there and there’s a line of black people and the line of cops and the black people are antagonizing the cops. ALL OF THEM! All the black people. And then when one of the black kids goes and hits a cop and the cops start hitting back (with sticks!) ALL THE BLACK people ran!!! Like little babies. If your gonna taunt the cops you deserve the beating. Big time in my book. Yes, the black people didn’t deserve some of the treatment earlier. Only some of it. They deserved alot more to my thinking!  

On the way home me, mom and Cheryl were talking about being prejudiced. I don’t think I’m prejudiced at all. (My mom and Cheryl don’t think they are either, but this is about me.) In the movie it’s really all about the poor black people. I’m not exaggerating. 

Last year in Daytona Beach there was this event called “Black College Reunion/ Black Bike Week.” I’m sure there was alot of drinking and alot of partying. (As the “white” people do as well.) Well the black people did so much damage that they were asked not to come back again. So right away they go on and on about how they got TOLD not to come back because “there black.” Yeah, that’s why you stupid idiots! I don’t think I’m prejudiced at all against black people. I think I’m prejudiced against STUPID PEOPLE! And if they happen to be black you better believe I dislike them greatly!

I don’t like WHITE people who are welching off welfare and have no plans to get a job and just keep on popping out kids. Yes I dislike them greatly. Heck yes. How can some people be sooooo stupid. It’s not like we discriminate like they do. I think black people discriminate more than white people. Way more. Look at the Negroe College Fund. Do “white” people get that? Nope. Not a dime. Why? Because were white. That’s right. Discrimination. Right there. AND NOBODY SEES IT! Wake up people.

I’m getting really fired up about this so maybe I should stop and go get a drink (of tea). I love you ALL and I hope your having a super day.


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