“I thought you didn’t believe in God?”
“I do now!”

I am addicted to House. Way addicted. As is Candace and mom and John. So at least I’m not the only one. This is from last night’s episode about the model who turned out to be a girl and a boy! Woo-hoo. What a show. Anywho…..a major part of the show was about House taking the models “gonads.” Because that was her issue and they had to remove them so she could live. Good times. Very interesting.

So after the show Candace poked me or assaulted me in some way and I yelled at her to “stop or I’ll take your gonads off!” So now, today, that’s our favorite saying. I’ve said it a few times. Candace has said it a few times. It’s fun. Say it to somebody. Laugh. Be happy!  I only wrote about this to make Candace mad! She didn’t want me to write that.

I got the Brother’s Grimm this past weekend so I watched that and laughed a bit. Candace and I had seen it in theaters so I knew it was pretty darn funny. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger work so well together on screen. I love them both. They are great actors. Don’tcha think?

Me and Candace got some fish. Mom knows this lady and she brings mom fish almost every time she comes and sees her. So awhile ago she brought one and I declared it MINE! I named him Rainbow Bright and yes I did say HIM. So the next time the lady saw mom she brought three fish. Two for Candace and another one for me. I named my other fish: Mr Fish. Candace named her’s: Liberace and Shenanigans. Rainbow Bright is in a big vase and Mr. Fish is in an sun tea pitcher. Good times.

Everyone who remembers my good friend Michelle from when she was down here needs to go to her site and say congratulations because she is pregnant!!! (They are happy!) www.xanga.com/Chell_DeHart

I went and saw my orthopedic doctor and all is GROOVY!!  My foot is doing great and I don’t have to see him for three more months. And I am discharged from physical therapy!! Yeah!! Well I love you ALL and I hope your week is going super!!!!


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  1. Me….Impact?….Mua-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-…
    You’re joking, right? No, actually I didn’t go.
    School? What’s school? Oh, you mean that thing when my mom yells at me to get my big butt out of bed in the morning?
    Yeah, it isn’t fun.

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