“Focus baby. Focus!”

This is also from the Beetlejuice show at Universal. Yes, I have become obsessed! I now have it on tape! Yes, you heard it right! I went and taped it. Now I have to go back and get a better tape of Dracula! I got the one that lisps! He’s hilarious. I seriously cannot stop laughing. I’m watching it now and I can’t wait for him to sing his solo!!

Bobby told me he got Miami Vice for me. So that’ll be cool. Can’t wait to see that.

In my car I have this Dry-erase board. It changes sayings every few days or few minutes! Well, now it has on it: Wanted: Dracula Impersonator
Must provide own cape and fangs
Make-Up optional

I thought it was funny.

Tally didn’t hear me come in the house today and I was looking for her since she wasn’t waiting for me. I was in the living room and I heard the doggy door open and Tally walked in and turned to see me and jumped. I’m serious. She was scared!!!!

I guess I don’t really have anything else to say at this particular moment. I love you ALL


“If you want to see me possess these monsters say “Oh yeah!” Better yet say “Heah yeah!””

This is, you guessed it, from the show at Universal. The one and only Beetlejuice show! He says this near the end. It’s hilarious. Of course I think so. Candace does too. She loves the whole thing too. Don’t let her fool you. I’ve turned her to the dark side. Hee, hee.

Great thing about yesterday: Went to Universal. Whoopee, you say? Well, keep reading. We went and saw the show. Don’t stop reading!! Were singing and I’m mesmermized by Dracula and at the end of the show when Beetlejuice is saying clap for: Frankenstein and all the others; he says Dracula and Candace screams really really loud and he looks at her and lifts an eyebrow and shakes his head. All in a good way!! A great way! I told her I was going to tell everybody he did that to me since I love him. I said it happened to whoever gets to xanga first!!!

Did I mention we were in the front row? Well, we were. Oh yeah.

So today my neck is killing me. Maybe I’ve gone on the Mummy one too many times?!

I have to go take a shower and wake up! I love you ALL


“Ya ever dance with the devil by the pale moon light?”

The Joker (Jack Nicholson) says that in Batman. The greatest one there is with Michael Keaton as the big bat himself!! I love that one. Kim Bassinger as Vicki Vale (what a name!!). Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman. He’s just the greatest. Some people think Sean Connery is a hot older man (gag me!) but not me. I think Michael Keaton is the real hottie!! Majorly.

So I went to IOA and Universal with Adam and Candy today. Some special event was going on so they closed Universal early. Some band. Yesterday they said Bill Gates was coming today. So who knows?

Yesterday Candy and I got our caricature drawn. It’s sooo funny. It does look like us. That’s good. The artist was making us laugh the whole way through. I think Candace was just flirting with him!! He was actually funny. I will give him that. And I guess he can draw. Have to give him that!!!

Tonight Danielle arrives at Orlando International Airport at 11:50pm so I am going with Adam to pick her up. She’s coming back from the motherland……well, her motherland: Puerto Rico.

Tomorrow were having company over. The childrens minister from mom and dad’s church so everyone knows what that means, right?? You guessed it: CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. Like we have a messy house or something? I mean honestly! So I had to clean the bathroom. Oh, fun; I know. Candace did was the mirrors and sink. But I got stuck with the toilet. More fun; I know.

I bought some new Karaoke CD’s so I’m going to have some people over to sing: NILS!!!

Oh, humungous news!!!! I am getting Pirates 2. Yes. You read correctly. I will have a party. You all must come. (If you do not understand this you can email me and I will tell you. Maybe.)

So I was only going to write like a paragraph and now it’s turned into a few paragraphs. Oh well. I’m sure you read every word. Thank you very much. I love you ALL


“Pour some sugar on me…….Sticky sweet….from my head to my feet.”

I heard that song on the radio on the way home from work. The cars in front of me were all going extremely slow!! 45 in a 55! Hello!!! What is the deal? If I can do 55 I am going to do 55!

So I have still only seen Pirates twice. Gotta rectify that!! My boss got me another t-shirt and two Pirates pins!!! Ohmygosh I love them sooo much!! They keep on getting me things. I feel sooo awesome working for them! I might be going to Las Vegas!! Holy CRAP! Oh yeah!!

Ummmm….tomorrow were going to Universal. Bobby and co. might be coming as well. We might meet up with them. That’d be interesting. Cool. Can’t wait to go. I love that place. Gotta watch that show.

That Beetlejuice show!!!! I love you Dracula…..Count Dracula! I’m coming!! Did I tell you guys about that Dracula who obviously was new to wearing the fangs??? He was lisping everything. I couldn’t stop laughing!! He was singing and it was sounding like: “Sthe sthook me all nigsth long.” I seriously could not stop laughing!!

Mom just said something hilarious and I am laughing again……funny stuff!!!! Ask me about this in five minutes and I will have no clue what she said!!! It’s already lost. I don’t remember at all! Dang it!

So I’m going to bed. My stomach is aching and my head hurts and I have to go to the bathroom! Oh the life of me! I love you ALL


“Meet me in the mall…..it’s goin’ down.”
I don’t know who sings this but it’s on the radio now so that’s why I chose it.

Can’t type much. At work. Don’t have anything to do at this particular
moment. So anywho…sorry I haven’t written in like a month. Feels like
it at least. So much has happened to everyone. I hadn’t checked my
email in like two weeks so I had literally twenty xanga subscriptions
to read!!! I finally just finished reading them. Whooo!

I’m busy, busy, busy.

Saw Pirates 2 twice now. Opening night with Kate and Candace (some
friends were babies!!). Saw it again last night with Nils (Happy
Belated Birthday to you!) and Adam and Danielle who are officially
engaged now!! Woo-Hoo. We had to sit in the second row so that was a
little freaky but the movie is awesome. Great. Super Duper. Brilliant.
Stupendous. And all those other adjectives.

I love Johnny Depp. Need I say more??

Judith(Bobby’s wife) works at Disney so she brought me their newsletter
that was full of Pirates stuff. She also bought me two Pirates
shirts!!! She is soooo sweet. I am sooo thankful that I work for Bobby
and her. Good times.

I guess I need to get back to work. I love you ALL