“Well you got caught with a flat, how bout that? Now babies, don’t you worry.”

Me and mom have been working on the garage maze quite a bit these past two nights and our music of choice is of couse my Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack! Over and over and over again. If I didn’t have it memorized before I do now. Well, actually, there is one part in this one song that messes me up every time. It’s when Janet starts singing: “In the Velvet darkness….” I keep want to say Velvet hour….and then if I think it’s velvet darkness I’ll talk myself out of it and sing velvet hour. Craziness, I know!

So, the maze is pretty much complete. Two more braces have to be drilled into place but other that that I think were set. The maze is going to be awesome!! We have John coming along with Nils and Matt. Candy is of course coming down and Adam is coming too. Were going to miss Danielle, but someone has to work in their family!!JK. We got way way too many boxes. If you read my last post you know all about the cardboard box issue, well, now it’s an issue that we have too many!! Anybody need any??

Dad has to work tonight and that’s a bummer because he was going to dress up like Dog the Bounty Hunter!! And mom was going to dress up like Beth!!!!! If you have no idea what I’m talking about you need to go to his website (I’m sure he has one) and see what they both look like. It would’ve been hilarious. Mom may have scared some kids away though. She still may!! Hee, hee. My costume, amazingly, has been done for weeks. Go mom!! I’m going to be the corpse bride. I won’t look exactly like her but similar. How bout that? Close enough is good enough!

I can’t believe tonight is Halloween night. Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! I love you ALL


“Well, I’m just 7 hours old, and truly magnificent to behold.”

Mom has had this song stuck in her head all weekend and therefore it has been stuck in my head. All weekend! Holy Cow, will the insanity ever stop? Now, for those of you who have no idea what song this is from, let me tell you that you probaly won’t ever see the movie it’s in. I can’t recall the name of the song. I’ll have to look once I get home now but the movie it’s from is: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rocky sings this at the end during the “floor show.”

Since we’ve seen the tribute show so many times mom has had to watch the actual movie to remember it. Now she has become addicted, what those in the Rocky Horror Picture Show world like to call “freaks!” She is one of them. She is actually starting to like the tribute show people better too. I mean, I know RiffRaff in the tribute show is way way way better. No one can hit the note like him! But now mom is saying the Tim Curry is better at the tribute show. That is treason!! How dare you mom! Anywho……

Halloween Horror Nights was way lame this year. WAY LAME! The best part of it was the tribute show. Seriously. So if you don’t like Rocky Horror, then you wouldn’t like HHN this year. That’s just the way it is. My favorite house this year was Dead Silence (I have to see the movie now.). It was awesome. Second was definately Vampyr. That was good. I’ve been slammed into the wall in both of those houses! Thank you so much Candace.

So this Wednesday is Halloween. I can’t wait. Were way behind but it’s all good.

We got cardboard boxes last night at FCC. That’s First Christian Church, not FCC. Me and mom helped at the Harvest Hoedown. I wasn’t going to but dad had to work and I took his place. Kinda boring. Not gonna lie. I was at the “Pluck a duck” in the little kids section. Oh the joy. I actually had more break time than mom did at the bounce house!! Anywho….about the cardboard. They had a maze with fridge boxes and other types. So we asked Eric if we could haul them home and he said sure. So afterwards were tearing boxes apart and this lady comes over and asks if she can have a fridge box and mom says: We are taking all these boxes!! She says it loudly too. But the guy who’s helping rip boxes says: Yeah, anyone who wants the boxes can take them. To which mom says: We already asked Eric if we could have them and he says we could. Now this goes on for a little bit. This guy is telling the whol crowd (not really) to take a box and my mom keeps on repeating how Eric said we could have the boxes.

Long story short we end up with ALL the boxes in the back of the truck!! Oh yeah. Rock on!!
Interesting point last night: Eric was on the news. Channel 2 was doing something on trick or treaking and they showed up and I saw Eric on the news. It wasn’t till eleven that he was on but I saw him and I’m sure if you looked really close to the screen you could see me and mo standing in the background. Mom wanted to walk behind him and wave!! I held her back…..

Gonna go. I love you ALL


“A baby.”

This is my major line in the Christmas play at my church. Ok, maybe not the major-est, but close. I say “baby” six times I think. Were obviously talking about Jesus when he’s born but I keep on repeating this like a retard. Ok, maybe not a retard, but I feel like it. It’s actually a funny play. Everyone who’s reading this had better come and see me in it!!! I’m serious.

Practice is tomorrow night and that should be fun. Were supposed to have all of our lines memorized and I do pretty much but it’s getting them in at the right time! I’ve only practiced twice!! I’m good, aren’t I? I’m a genius. Truly a genius. I’ll get it. I will.

Halloween is coming up. I really cannot wait. We haven’t started measuring the garage or anything. You might be asking yourselves what for? Why the heck are you measuring you garage? Well, for all the real retards that don’t know anything, we make a haunted house every year. I say every year and by that I mean for the past two years! We all have so much fun….has it only been two years? Or three? Now I can’t remember. Anywho….we have fun with it. We jump out and scare kids and all that. But we have to measure the garage so we can make the frame of the maze. I can’t wait.

Mom finished m costume like three weeks ago. Yeah for mommy!! DANIELLE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE??? Other than Danielle!!!!!!! I think everyone knows what they are going to be. I think.
I gotta go…..ADHD’s kicking in. Gotta move. I love you ALL


“It’s just a jump to the left……
and then a step to the right….
Place your hands on your hips…
Bring your knee’s in tight…
It’s the pelvic thrust…
That really throws you insaaaan.

Going to Halloween Horror Nights again tonight. I’ve missed it. Mom and me haven’t gone every time we could’ve. We’ve only been going when Candy can come with us. Aren’t we nice?? Actually, it’s just funnier when Candy comes because mom wants to scare Candy and then Candy wants to ride piggy back!! It’s very funny. And waiting in line……watch out for the finger! (That sounds really bad and weird, but rest assured it’s not either! It’s just mean!)

Bought Transformers yesterday…or Tuesday. Whenever it came out. In the special two disc transformer case. Awesome blossom!! It’s really cool. I transformed it and I was moving him around. I turned it on for Yazmine to watch so she could leave me alone. Isn’t that mean?

I found this awesome music channel on tv the other day. I turned to what I thought was top forty. Well, I’m listening to it and listening to it and they keep playing these really great songs but some of them are kinda old. From the eighties and early nineties. I go look at the tv to see what it says and it says ADULT TOP 40. I was kind of in shock because I was listening to an “adult” station. It was just funny.

My phone has a voice recorder on it and occassionally I’ll say something so I’ll remember it later. Before auditions I was singing into my phone so I could hear how I sounded. Well, the other day I thought of something to say so I recorded it. I don’t remember why or where I was when I recorded this, but I was thinking about our Christian faith. What I said was that our faith is kinda like a stick shift car. Getting the car is like when you first become a Christian, and your just learning how to use it. You have to remember to keep your foot on the clutch as you switch gears. You have to slowly release the clutch as you press the gas………just right. Kinda like you have to remember to read your bible and pray and then you have to release your past life as you embrace your future (and present) one with God.

Kind of deep, I know. Anywho….it brought me to remembering when I went to Venezuela. For a few days before we left we went to “training camp” in Florida. There were groups going to Peru, Africa, PA, and Venezuela along with some others I can’t remember right now. There was this one guy, really tall, who’s name was Bungee. Seriously. That was his real name. (Strange fact about Bungee: Hair did not grow under his arms!) Well, anywhoo. He could think of an anology about faith with anything. We went to the beach one day and we were swimming too close to the pier. The lifeguard was blowing her whistle and blowing while we kept on swimming. We thought she was talking to someone else. Turns out it was us that she was talking to so we moved over. Bungee said that it was kind of like when God tells us to move away from something, we don’t want to. Or we think he’s talking to someone else and not about us.

Thought it was awesome. Felt the need to share. I love you ALL


“Lord of all creation. Of water, earth and sky. Heavens are your tabernacle. Glory to the Lord on high.
God of Wonders beyond our galaxy. You are Holy. Holy. The Universe declares you majesty. You are Holy, Holy.
Lord of heaven and Earth……Lord of Heaven and earth.
Early in the morning, I will celebrate the life. When I stumble in the darkness, I will call your name by night. God of Wonders beyond our galaxy.You are Holy, Holy. The Universe declares your majesty. You are Holy, Holy.
Lord of heaven and Earth……Lord of heaven and earth.
Hallelujah to the Lord of heaven and earth
Hallelujah to the Lord of heaven and earth
Holy, Holy…….
Precious Lord, reveal your heart to me.
You are Holy, Holy……”

Today has been crazy. Emotionally and mentally. Very straining.
At a little after three the dog got cold and started shivering. It was sleeping right next to me so when she would shake I would feel it and it woke me up. I tried warming her up but she kept on so finally I gave up and rolled over to my side and put the covers over my ear. As soon as I did I heard “Hello!” I pushed the covers back sooo quickly. It sounded like it had come from inside my room. I got out of bed, looked around; even out the window. I got back in bed, telling myself I made it up and I got all snuggly in the covers when my phone went off.

One of my friends was calling me and when I answered, they didn’t talk. I said hello until finally I said “are you drunk?” I said their name and they said “my names not ……., It’s darkness.” I knew right away that they were possesed. I asked if they were alright, and “darkness” just laughed. It was a different voice. I said “in the name of Jesus leave their body Satan.” They just laughed and said I’m not Satan. I asked what their name was and he said it was Darkness. So as I’m saying “leave his body Darkness,” Darkness was laughing at me and told me to “pray little girl, pray.” I kept on repeating myself and repeating myself.
Darkness finally said that his name wasn’t Darkness, it was something else. I told them to get out of his body. They said I wasn’t ready for this; I “wasn’t prepared.” They said I had abandoned them and they knew all that was in my heart.
I told them that Jesus was in my heart and that’s all I needed and that’s all they needed. Over, and over again I said this and they just kept on laughing and telling me I couldn’t save them. Then they said that they wondered if a few of my friends (who were on their way to them) would be able to save their soul. They told me to go ahead and cry my tears, even though I wasn’t crying.
All of a sudden they stopped talking, and laughing and I started praying over the phone: “Lord send your angels. Protect them.” Over and over again.

I finally hung up and called someone and I went over to their house. I told mom what was happening and she started praying. We waited and waited for a phone call from someone. Finally at around six thirty they called and said that they had tried talking to them but they had gotten in their car and driven away. So far, noone’s heard from them and I’m praying that they are asleep, safe at home. I’m praying that at least. So PLEASE PRAY. For them, for everyone dealing with that issue.

So, I have had little sleep. I have been crying almost non stop. Everytime I think about it. It will be rough tonight. Mom asked if I was going to be grumpy and tired tonight at Halloween Horror Nights. I just gave her a “look.” I’ll be tired, but how can I be grumpy at HHN?? (I can…..I’m just saying…..)
I love you ALL….everyone one.


“Barry dropped me!”

This is from Strictly Ballroom. A great movie from Australia. Thank you mates! Got it from NetFlix and I had to watch it by myself because mom and dad watch everything without me and they wanted to send it back so I had to watch it. I loved it. It was pretty funny. The first fifteen minutes are hilarious. With the mom crying about what her son’s done….come to find out he made up some fancy footwork on the dance floor. Funny. You have to see it to get it I geuss.

But anywho…..the main charachter’s dance partner leaves him because she doesn’t like the footwork and she goes on to dance with the biggest guy in dance their is. But he ends up dropping her for another girl. And that’s what she screams at the competition, I think. Again, funny.

Me and mom have now been to Halloween Horror Nights three times. The first two times we only got through five houses and three shows. Candace, mom and John went last night (I met up with them later since I had band practice) but all in all they went through six houses and two shows!

I missed going through the houses with Candy. Mom is fun, but Candy is funner!!! I always go first through the houses. Always! And mom was hanging on my shirt through the first house. Someone jumped out and scared her she’d pull my shirt up. Someone else would scare her and she’d pull my shirt up further! On and on. Second house she grabbed my belt loops. I think you can guess what happened. No, she didn’t break my pants. She gave me a huge wedgy!

Now, with Candace she hangs on to my arms. The first house I go through with her she’s pushing my forward and the people in front of us are going sooo slow. I’m locking my feet down to hold her pressure!! This one time this guy came out of nowhere and she lifted me up and threw me against the wall. (Small exageration there.) I was telling mom later that it was like in RocketMan where he says mom’s have super strength. That’s what Candy had. She literally threw me against the wall!! I have the bruise to prove it. But it was hilarious. I wouldn’t trade my bruise for anything!! Maybe a million dollars…..maybe less….

When we went through the Dead Silence house she did something else that was funny. I’ve never seen the movie but apparently it’s about puppets and their psycho maker. Some crazy old lady. She cuts out tongues or something.Anywho…They have people dressed as her everywhere. Near the end your going through a hallway and up ahead is a small room where you turn left. But on the wall ahead you see her. You think she’s going to come right at you but it’s actually a mirror!!! And she’s right beside you!! I tried telling Candy this but when your scared to death you don’t hear much apparently. Anywho, I’m trying to turn the corner when out pops Mary Shaw!! Candy tries to run ahead and jump at the same time. So she ended up kneeing me in the butt instead of jumping on my back!!! Hilarious. Good times. I can’t wait till next week.

But I didn’t even mention the best part of the whole night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute Show! Hot guys. Hot Hot guys!! The Tim Curry look alike was amazing. Those legs!! That corset!! Oh my gosh. We all jumped up and did the time warp. Everyone except John, who’s a RHPS virgin. Hilarious. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!! Me and Candy were singing to every song much to the dismay of the people in front of us!!
So that’s it for now. I love you ALL