“I want to go home!” This was said by Madyson today while we were out shopping. We had just gone into the first store at the outlet mall when she started saying that. And then once I told her we weren’t going home yet she started to say she was hungry!! It was funny.

I ended up buying a bunch of shirts at Gap Outlet. Good times. Michelle only found one shirt and that was about it. I didn’t find much after that. It was a good day in all. I got a dress/cover up at Steve and Barrys in Pointe Orlando. Groovy.

Thursday night Javier gave me and Michelle tickets to see the Magic play the Heat. The Heat of course won. I mean hello! Does anybody think the Magic are good players??  I mean except Drew (who wouldn’t know a good basketball team from anything!). We had a blast. I almost got lost but I didn’t. That was fun! We sat next to some boring people. They didn’t clap, they didn’t move the entire game. The kid behind me kicked my sit for a long time. I kept on looking back and whenever I did his mom was smacking his legs. I wanted to scream at her “apparently that’s not working!”

Next Wednesday night the Magic are playing the Pacers!! I can’t wait. We have tickets for that one already! Danielle and Candace are going so it’ll be a girl’s night out! Should be fun. I think it will be. I just have to find a Pacers jersey or a hat or something. I already have the shorts. The only that sucks about this game will be that Reggie Miller won’t be there!! We went and saw them last year and I actually have a picture of Reggie Miller. That was good times.

Tomorrow were going to the Florida Mall and that will be awesome. More shopping!! I can’t wait!

Sunday we’ll probaly go to Halloween Horror Nights. I know I talk about it all the time but I love it so much. I wish that I could buy everyone a ticket so you all could see how cool it is. I want everybody to go!! Then on Monday it’s Halloween!!! I really can’t wait for that. Mom finished my costume; just about. Just needs a little something something. Candace’s is done too and Michelle’s is almost done.
I’ll try to write more.
I love you ALL


“That guy just kicked my butt!” I mean that literally! That was said by yours truly. This guy on stilts whose name is Inferno (which I thought he said Inverno?) was posing for a pic with me when he kicked my gludius maximus! What can ya do? I just laughed it off as I told Brooke.

But actually driving to IOA last night was more exciting than anything else! I was at a stop light in the left lane hoping to pass this guy that was in the right lane. It was a red light and I was eating french fries and I looked at Candace and I said “hold my fries, I need both my hands!” Hilarious. I passed the guy of course. Did you think I wouldn’t make it? Oh yea of little faith!

When we were on 535 before International Dr. we passed this Jaguar with the liscence plate that read: IAM ACN. (I think I have that third and second letter wrong but oh well) What do you think that means? Well Candace thought it said that he had acne! So at the stoplight Candace rolls down her window and I get the guy to roll down his window (because Candy is a chicken!) and I ask him what it says. I know what it says but that’s what comes out of my mouth! He tells me the letters and I’m like I know what it SAYS, I meant what does it MEAN? And it’s some company. I told him though that we thought it meant he had acne. We laughed and pulled up so we couldn’t see him anymore!

We got into IOA just fine and dandy. We went straight to Dr. Doom and rode that and then went and saw the Bill and Ted show. We sat FRONT ROW!!!! I was so close to them it was awesome. Zorro danced right there in front of us and looked at us. As did Brad Pitt!!!! Don’t worry, I got it on film! Candace says I got too much on film. I think I recorded Willy Wonka the entire time this time! I’m serious too when I say that. I watched the tape again and I did!

Well we walked around; got scared a little bit. Heard some guys scream! Rode Dueling Dragons and were behind some weird people. After that we went back to watch the show again but it was still going on so we went and rode Dr. Doom again. After that we went and saw the show and we sat fifth row, left side, TOUCHING the middle stage!! Holy cow! It was awesome. I have that on film too if you don’t believe me.

So I know there was something else I was going to write about but right now I don’t remember what it was! Oh how blonde of me. I’ll have to write about it some other time because I’m going to go now. I love you ALL





“I’m a treasure hunter.” OHMYGOSH!! If I had but known what would’ve come of saying “oh really” to this guy I would’ve run away!! Let me back up a little and start at the very very beginning.

Candace met me at Javier’s yesterday afternoon so we could go to Denny’s like normal but since nobody picked us up we ended up walking to the bus stop. Actually I called mom from Walgreens and asked her to pick us up at Subway because Candy and I had decided to grab a sub. So we got over to the bus stop and there was a guy sitting there so we sat down and spoke in Creole whenever we talked so he wouldn’t understand. The bus comes and we stand up and loe and behold there’s another guy sitting there too! Where did he come from? We hadn’t seen him come so we were a little shocked to say the least. Well, we rode the bus to Subway and got off and walked in and got in line. A long line with only one girl  (who was obviously new) working behind the counter!

Somehow we start talking about bread and how many calories are in it and this guy behind us tells us that he used to be a bagger. We politely look at him and say “those must have been the best years of your life!” He then procedes to tell us that he’s a treasure hunter. He has a boat and he looks for treasure in the lake. WOW. So I say “oh really,” and he continues to tell us all about it. What he’s found; that it’s in a museum. So there’s a pause in the conversation and me and Candace look down, around, anywhere but at him. He then out of nowhere, since were not looking at him, says “I’ve written a script.” Me and Candy looked at him and smile; kind of. He tells us all about his “script.” It’s about a treasure hunter (like himself) who is about his age (45-50?) and he meets this girl (about 23-26). She’s a conservative girl or whatever and he’s a liberal. Whatever he said. They eventually fall in love. And then as I’m ordering my sub he says “yeah, I think the guys will really love the scene when there on the front of the boat and he’s oiling the girl up.” OHMYGOSH! Can this guy not take a hint???

I was honestly waiting for him to ask us if we model? Or if we wanted to be in his movie! As soon as we got out of Subway we walk towards Publix (mom had gone to WalMart for something) and hide behind a pillar. We waited there until the creepy “treasure hunter” had left and then we walked back to Subway and waited for mom. What an eventful evening!!

Oh, when we got home I put on Bill and Ted’s Halloween show and watched the whole thing!! I think it’s the sixth or seventh time I’ve seen it in a few days!! I’m a psycho; watch out! And guess what? I’m probaly going to watch it again tonight. So there.

Some friend sent me this website so I’m sharing it with you. I don’t remember if I sent anybody an email about it or not so here it is: www.wayn.com
Well, I shall end things here. I love you ALL


“Excuse me……you can’t record that!” This was said to mom as we were coming out of Cold Blind Terror (scary house). Apparently your not supposed to record inside the houses!! Let’s just say that video is soo funny. It’s pitch black and then stobe lights and then soap suds!! Craziness! Me and Candace are screaming all the while and you can hear me faintly saying sorry for bumping into the guy in front of me! So much fun. So much.

Were going to go back Thursday and then were going to try to sneak Michelle in there. Well not really sneak her. I’m going to let her use mom’s ticket since mom won’t be there. I should be able to choose who gets my ticket and all that jazz. That doesn’t make a lot of sense but it does to those who know about what I’m talking about.

Michelle comes this Sunday. I can’t wait!! It’s been over a year since I’ve seen her and so much I’m sure has changed. One thing being she’s married now! Wooo-hoo!

I’m in love with Johnny Depp. Is that new news? I think not but I wanted to write it anyway!! Ya know, I’m almost to the obsessed fan but not quite. We were watching the Bill and Ted’s show (obviously!) and the first time I recorded it I was on nothing but Willy Wonka. Now I know that it really wasn’t Johnny Depp up there but just thinking that Johnny Depp had played that charachter I was excited!! Is that psychotic? Anybody know? Well my mom thinks I’m crazy already because I hear voices!!! (ask her) I love Johnny Depp. Had to type it again. (the voices told me to!)
I love you ALL


Candace and I went to Halloween Horror Nights last night (my fourth time). Here are somet things that were said while we were there. Not necessarily from either one of us!! And if you don’t understand all of them then oh well. It wasn’t meant for you to understand.
” Bravo-India-Tango-Charlie-Hotel!”
” Did you not see my arm there!!”
” Is this the start of the line………Randy!?!”
” He’s really weird!”
” The tall man’s talking!”

Ok, I guess that’s enough. Some of them are hilarious to me since I was there and I know everyone that reads this wasn’t there except Candy so I’ll try to explain a few of them.
*The first one was said to Candace while we were passing a girl in line because the attendant called for a group of two and apparently the girl that said it didn’t want us to cut?
*The second one was said to me as I was leaving a haunted house. I was trying to walk by these people and this girl stuck her arm out in front of me and I kept walking and I pushed her arm out of the way.
*The last one was said by me when I realized that one of the guys on stilts had a microphone and was talking to people. I was excited!

So as you can guess I had a blast. I took my cameracorder with me and I recorded just about the whole Bill and Ted’s show. I got some good stuff. You’ll have to ask Candace about “the rock” dancing for her!!! I got some good shots of Napolean Dynamite and Willy Wonka!! Some good good times.

So I’m chilling today. Relaxing. When a couple of guys….they were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood. Wow, had a moment there!! I think I’ll chill tomorrow too. I don’t think I have anything to do tomorrow. Maybe mom and me will try to find some garage sales so I can find that sleigh bed I’ve been looking for!! Doubtful but hopeful!

My friend is coming soon. I can’t wait. The 23rd!! It’s coming! Closer and closer. I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!
Well I love you ALL


“My name is Inferno!” This was said by…..well…..Inferno. Last night we got to City Walk and we were walking by the stage and this guy on stilts starts singing “Time Warp” (which coincidently Candy and I had just been singing) so we stop and listen and sing along like we’ve had a few too many (we were probaly the soberest? there!).

So this guy on stilts brings out these apparitions, I can’t remember what he called them. That wasn’t it but it was something like that! He told us to follow him and we did!! We walked up right in front of Pat O Brians and they all performed. It was pretty entertaining. We stayed the whole time. Tonight I am bringing my video camera so I can see tape them.

Once we got into IOA last night we went straight for Bill and Ted’s Hallween Adventure show. The show was going on but they let us line up for the next one. There was only about twenty five people ahead of us. So once the doors opened we ran (literally!) and we got almost front row seats!!! It started with these girls talking. We couldn’t see them well but what they were saying wasn’t too good. Crude stuff. So they strip down to school girl uniforms and are dancing with some men. It was pretty bad. I was like…yikes!! But all of a sudden mom leans close to me and says: “That’s Lorraine!” Lorraine used to sing at church eons ago. But boy oh boy was she shaking what her mommy gave her! She was by far the sluttiest girl up there! It was crazy.

Besides that the show rocked. They had everybody in it! Willy Wonka……Batman…….The Fabulous Quartet!……and even Napolean Dynamite!!! I almost screamed! He danced so close to us. Today I’m wearing my N.D. shirt so hopefully he’ll see it and laugh!

We rode some rides last night. Actually less than last time because we were so tired. We only went through one scary house last night too. And that was only because Candy hadn’t seen it yet. So I went first and Candace is jumping at everything. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!!! She’s using my hands as a karate chopper and it was hilarious.

Surprisingly I’m not tired today! I woke up at six forty five to shower but I had dreamed that I had already woken up and showered so it wasn’t that good for me. I gotta take care of baby Jay so I’ll write more later! I love you ALL


“Your quoting alot of Democrats.” Dubya Bush said that on Tuesday morning. He was in LA building a house with Habitat for Humanity and Matt Lauer was kind of interviewing him. It was ridiculous because (did anyone see it?) Matt was asking if this was just a publicity stunt and stupid questions like that. Matt was saying that there were a lot of cameras around….that’s why he asked if it was a publicity stunt. I mean HELLO!! The President can’t even go walk his dog without cameras going with him! I hate Democrats. They are soooo stupid. Among other things.

So to get away from all that…..tonight Candace is joining us at Halloween Horror Nights. It’ll be fun. I forgot my camera so I’ll have to take it tomorrow with us! Were going straight after work so we won’t stay as late. It’s open till two a.m. but I don’t think if we stayed that late any of us would be able to get up the next day. Well…..I wouldn’t be able to! I’m really excited. I’m going through everything I want to do tonight. Yippee!

My friend Michelle is coming down for a month soon. She comes in on the 23rd of this month and is leaving mid November. I’m sooo excited. Her husband’s still in Navy Basic so she’s coming down to visit. Were going to go see the Pacers kill the Magic on November 2nd. I am sooo looking forward to that! Ya know, today I was just thinking of Larry Bird and those Lays commercials where everyone was singing I wanna be like Mike and it shows Larry and he just looks at the camera and says I don’t wanna sing! Anybody remember those commercials or are they a figment of my imagination??
I love you ALL