“I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

This stupid song is in my head and it shouldn’t be. This is not a good song to burst out in anywhere!!! Let alone in front of your husband who will then look at you questioningly and ask what the heck you just said!!

Today I went to a job fair but the drama before was so much more exciting than the fair itself! We woke up at the butt crack of dawn, and that time is six twenty. Way too early to be up!! Rick and I got dressed, took the dogs out and left for a Kiwanis meeting. Seven thirty for a meeting is just a bit too early for me but Rick wanted me to go with him. We went and everyone was like so happy to see us. They just saw us less than a week ago at the Wine Festival?!!!?! Anwyho…..

 Ate breakfast there, sat through an awfully long talk about future charity events that they want to do and then finally we headed home! There I decided to pick my outfit for the day. Or more decidedly for the job fair. In Orlando. So, I have a pair of black dress pants and a pair of brown dress pants. I tried them both on and decided that the “black” ones weren’t really black any more so I thought the brown pair would be good. I tried on my white shirts and none seemed to fit just right so I got upset at that too!! I finally decided on wearing a sleeveless white shirt and tuck it in ever so slightly. Then when I put my brown jacket on, it wasn’t the same brown. AAAAGGGGGHHHHH! I was so frustrated so I went down to see what Rick thought and he said he didn’t even notice the difference. So I started crying because I was so mad and frustrated and whatever else too!!
 After I calmed down I realized it didn’t look too bad and I got my shoes on and we left for the hotel that it was in on International Dr. We got there and I had to go to the bathroom. Ohmygosh!! The stall was soooo tiny I could barely make it in there and close the door and then when I was trying to get out I forgot how I got in and I had the door half open and I was trying to get out and there was another girl at the sink and she saw me struggling. It ended up funny because she told me she had a hard time getting out of there too and she was a skinny minny. So that made me feel good. Rick and I walked to the convention room and we waited in line to sign in. There were a lot of people.

 One guy was like “this is a joke.” He had just come out of the room and he saw us looking at him and he told us that there was only like four vendors in there and they only wanted sales reps. Well, that is certainly not my area of expertise so I was like, let’s just go in and look around and then we can leave. So we went in and it was almost true. There was I think six companies and the lines just to get to the tables were about twenty people long. Holy cow. So we walked around and then left. Since we were in Orlando I talked Rick into going to the Mall at Millenia. We went to the Apple store and almost walked out with an Apple TV. We then went to Bath and Body Works to get the free lotion and then we went upstairs to eat.

 Rick had never eaten at FireHouse Subs so we got a sub and gobbled that up and went to the Humae Society right near there. We looked at all the dogs and then we walked around the cat section. We played with a kitten that was so energetic!! Then this one cat looked at me and I wanted to take him home right then and there!! His name was Gizmo and he was just the cutest looking thing in the world. He was like a chubby Wally. (Adam’s old cat)

After that we came home and Ursula came over and we talked for awhile. She took Dewey home with her since Tippy is in heat and that is good for us because he started marking places yesterday. So…….our baby boy is off to grandma’s house. And don’t tell her that because she hates it when Rick calls her grandma!!!

That’s enough for now!! I love you ALL


“Here comes the sun. Da. duh. da. da. Here comes the sun and I say…….”

It’s a lie. That’s what I say. It’s a big fat lie. The sun has gone away. It’s never coming back; the rain hasn’t stopped all day!! Maybe for a few minutes, but that was it!! Stupid tropical whatever Fay is giving us rain, and although good, it is being annoying. Tippy did enjoy looking out the window when we opened the blinds in the living room. Dewey did not. He wanted to hide in the bathroom, and he did! He’s been a pain in the behind lately.

Well, I’m doing a broadcast tonight.  http://www.picturepacket.com  I haven’t done one in two weeks. Danielle had a baby and then I skipped it for band practice! So, I shall resume my Holly’s World show and try to do a good job. There will be a few Olympic stories and that’s obvious since the news is full of them right now since there still going on! I’ll try to talk about other things too!

Were going to an Army retirement ceremony tomorrow afternoon. Don’t know how that’s going to go since it’s raining and will probably be raining tomorrow too. It’ll be inside I bet. Why wouldn’t it be? Anywho. What do you get for a retiring Army guy? Something cheap I might add! Then right after that we’ll have to run back to Clermont where the Kiwanis club is having a wine gala. Rick is setting up something for it so he has to be there to make sure it goes ok. I will be heading to Kissimmee to see mom and dad and the baby. Yeah for me! Then on Sunday I’m going to church to play. That will be really weird since Rick won’t be there and that will be the first Sunday he won’t be there with me……

Well, that’s it for now. I love you ALL


“It’ll only take an hour; that’s if it’s bad.”

This is what my wonderful husband said to me earlier this morning. It was around nine ten.

First to start off, Danielle called on Wednesday afternoon and told us she was going to be induced at seven pm. So I got everything ready and I headed over there by myself. Got there at eight and they were still admitting Danielle. A few minutes later mom came out and told me I could go back to see her. They hadn’t started to induce her yet. They had to do something else first but I won’t go into that here since it involves adult content. It’s funny. Mom was talking about it while Adam was video recording it, so everyone can watch and laugh at that!! She was crampy and since they give her a pill and then have to wait three hours we sat down for the long haul. Three hours later they said it wasn’t good, so they had to give her another one. Three hours later, things still weren’t working properly so another one!! Four total. So twenty four hours later (with maybe an hour of sleep dispersed among many hours) Danielle was discharged. Me, Candy and mom were at Target buying long sleeve shirts since it was so cold in there. We headed back to the hospital and picked her up and went to Arby’s to eat. As soon as I was finished I headed home and the traffic was annoying!!

As soon as I got home Rick was like “I have big news” and like my husband he made me walk into the studio where he was streaming and then he told me. Danielle had called not five minutes before I walked in the door. They had all gotten home and Danielle’s water broke as she was getting out of the car. So Danielle was taking a shower and mom was too and then they were heading back to the hospital. So, I changed clothes and got things ready to go. Rick came with me and we all now he acts. (You can tell can’t you that I’m angry right now!!) So since he was coming I had to get things ready for him and make him a sandwich so he wouldn’t complain about how he didn’t have any food. I drove and we got up the elevator and there was Danielle in a wheelchair waiting to get in. They were overbooked for the night and she had to wait. Finally she got a room and Candy, Rick and me went downstairs since the upstairs was very very crowded.

We went to the second floor where surgeries are. We waited in the front room and then after an hour I had to go to the bathroom and I found a second waiting room where there were chairs that reclined. We couldn’t go in there because it was wet paint. So after about a half hour a guy walked by and I asked him if we could drag a chair into the waiting room and he said no but there was a bigger waiting room further down the hall. So, we moved all our stuff to ICU’s waiting room and we all got a bit of sleep. Mom and Candy switched places and Adam too. I went up there and as I left she was getting an epidural.

I knew Rick had an apointment to go to today and that it was in Orlando. He had to be there at ten. He then said it was by the airport. He asked me if I wanted to go with him and I said no. Because I would be antsy and anxious and wish I was back at the hospital. He looked dissapointed and said it was only going to take an hour. And that was if it was bad. So I said I would go with him and we could stop by Dunkin Donuts on our way back to get some hot chocolate. So we left at nine thirty. Got here at ten. Not what time is it?? 12:48. Do you think I’m happy?!?!? Heck no. I am so ticked off; I want to leave Rick here soooo bad and make him walk back to the hospital. Because Candy called and said that it looked like the baby would be here between three and five. So that means I want to be there now! Right now. Not later, not at three and certainly not at five!! I am ticked off and Rick thinks that he’s stressed right now………He has no idea.

I’ll end it now before I start ripping things apart on here. I love you ALL


“Sorrow in my soul; because it seems wrong really enjoys my compnay.”

Rhianna’s song Unfaithful. It just happens to be playing right now on iTunes. It’s on shuffle so I don’t know what will be next! I just put the Broadway cast of Mama Mia. It’s pretty good. Of course it is, right? I listened to that whole CD through today. That took awhile.

Not a lot going on. I just started a Twitter account.http://www.twitter.com/hollysworld. I only started it because of my Ustream.tv site. It’s such a good site for people who have no life!!

Well, I can’t write much because Ursula is coming up here with a microphone that we need for the studio. This Thursday night at nine thirty. Be there!!!! http://www.picturepacket.com

Love you ALL